Silly Bunt
By Martin Bright - 10 July 11:21

Within Whitehall the terms of the debate on radical Islam have changed, but some on the left still d

Make the dossier 'revelatory' - Campbell
By Chris Ames - 09 July 18:59

Alastair Campbell's diaries show the Government decided it wanted a strongly worded dossier days bef

Willing to break the law?
By Mark Thomas - 09 July 18:35

Mark Thomas on the continuing saga of the government, BAE Systems and Saudi Arabia

July 2007: These are Brown's bombs, too
By John Pilger - 05 July 13:00

The July 2005 bombings were Blair's bombs. The 2007 potential bombs are Brown's too.

My fellow American Muslims . . .
By Andrew Stephen - 05 July 13:00

Muslims living in the US enjoy a better life than those in Britain, says new research. Can Bush teac

Iraq Flexes Arab Muscle
By Christopher Hitchens - 05 July 11:24

In 1976 Christopher Hitchens saw Saddam as an up-and-coming secular socialist who would transform Ir

Alan Johnston
By Ben Davies - 04 July 16:04

Delight the BBC correspondent has been released and other issues

A reshuffle that actually works
By Martin Bright - 29 June 13:17

It's difficult to find fault with Brown's first cabinet - however hard you try

A day spent with nature
By Alex Klaushofer - 28 June 13:00

Violence has hit Lebanon's fragile tourism again. Still, Alex Klaushofer discovered paradise in the

Political theatre at its soppiest
By Martin Bright - 27 June 14:34

Not a dry eye in the house -- except the press gallery

Democracy is good for you
By Martin Bright - 25 June 8:42

The deputy leadership race began in ridicule and ended in dignity

And then, remarkably, nothing happened
By Rageh Omaar - 21 June 13:00

Historic talks between Iranian and US diplomats have been ignored by the media

The new pariah state
By Zaki Chehab - 21 June 13:00

Hamas showed its strength in forcing Fatah from Gaza. But will it turn the desperate strip into a ne

Israel and Gaza and a summer of war?
By Haim Baram - 21 June 13:00

The creation of an Islamic Bantustan under Hamas is the result of Israeli belligerence, Palestinian

Waheed Pepsi, s'il vous plaît
By Sholto Byrnes - 21 June 13:00

Watching the glamorous, polyglot Lebanese enjoy the sun, I thought what an attractively sybaritic ra

Reprehensible Israeli policies and mistaken token responses
By Staff blogger - 21 June 13:00

Israel's policy towards the Palestinians has long been morally and politically reprehensible. But it

Hazy memories
By Elinor Cook - 14 June 13:00

<strong>Dreams of Water</strong>

Nada Awar Jarrar <em>Harper, 233pp, £6.99</em>

ISBN 0007221967

From dodgy deals to logo woes
By Owen Walker - 08 June 9:26

Blogosphere reaction to the BAE corruption scandal, David Cameron's grammar schools row and the new

The chance to move on
By Asim Siddiqui - 04 June 13:00

Observations on IRAQ COMMISSION

'Islam is a strange religion'
By Ajmal Masroor - 29 May 17:15

Ajmal Masroor challenges some of the preconceptions about his faith

Afghan secrets
By Hamida Ghafour - 28 May 13:00

<strong>A Thousand Splendid Suns</strong>

Khaled Hosseini<br /><em>Bloomsbury, 389pp, £16.99</em>

Gaza: The jailed state
By Zaki Chehab - 28 May 13:00

The world cannot afford to stand by while the Israeli army and Palestinian militias fight their unwi

Brown's new world order
By Jonathan Freedland - 28 May 13:00

The Inside Track with Jonathan Freedland plus <a href="">Kev

In the last six years, half of the 4,000 dead in Palestine have been children
By John Pilger - 28 May 13:00

As the Israeli army attempts to imprison an entire nation, it is the youngest who suffer most. 

Democracy and Islam at the Hay Festival
By Martin Bright - 27 May 23:37

Chairing a debate on radical Islam at the Hay Book Festival brought me face to face with Hamas

Women on the streets
By Helena Smith - 21 May 13:00

Observations on Turkey

Freedom, soldier
By Geoffrey Robertson - 21 May 13:00

<strong>Bad Men: Guantanamo Bay and the secret prisons</strong>

Clive Stafford Smith <em>Weidenfel

Lord Levy's 'persecution'
By Brian Coleman - 14 May 17:41

Millions have been spent on chasing e-mails ... but then Lord Levy like Dame Shirley Porter before h

The malaise of Israeli democracy
By Sam Hardy - 14 May 14:02

Rape charges against Israel’s Head of State, and bribery allegations against Ehud Olmert - is Israel

Europe's wrong call
By Caroline Lucas - 14 May 13:00

Observations on Palestine