Mehdi Hasan: Why is Blair, the peace envoy, so desperate for war with Iran?
By Mehdi Hasan - 19 September 1:00

Despite his catastrophic misjudgement on Iraq, Blair retains a strange superiority complex.

Now is the winter of Arab discontent
By Rashid Khalidi - 19 September 1:00

The UN will soon vote on Palestinian statehood – yet the
revolutions elsewhere in the region have

Israel, another view
By Gideon Barth - 18 September 11:21

Israel is a young democracy surrounded by many hostile nations.

After the dictators
By Sholto Byrnes - 12 September 1:00

Want to know what will happen in the Arab world after the fall of despots such as Gaddafi and Mubara

Under fire from Gaddafi’s tanks, we said goodbye to our families
By Alex Crawford - 09 September 14:31

There was a crackle of fire from an AK-47 and the rebel next to us fell down. He had been shot through the head and was dead before he hit the ground.

Perpetual warfare
By John Gray - 08 September 10:49

As the ruins of the twin towers still smouldered, the west plunged into a series of conflicts it could not win. Can it now confront its diminished place in the world?

Is anyone paying attention to the rise and rise of Qatar?
By Zamila Bunglawala - 05 September 16:05

The country's quick backing of the Libyan rebel council was the behaviour of a reliable internationa

It may be goodbye to Gaddafi, but it’s far from Mission Accomplished, says Mehdi Hasan
By Mehdi Hasan - 25 August 9:06

Those who suggest Libya could be a template for intervention are deluded. War should be a last resort.

The crisis in Syria is leading the Middle East into uncharted territory
By Olivier Roy - 24 August 18:48

The war by Bashar al-Assad on the people of Syria has created a civil impasse, and could lead to all

The Week So Far
By Staff blogger - 22 August 1:00

1. Europe

Mubarak on trial
By Tess Riley - 03 August 19:34

Remarkable footage of the former Egyptian president being stretchered into the defendants’ cage.

How Israel's left is missing the point
By Ben White - 31 July 12:53

A discriminatory law which bans Palestinians from joining spouses within Israel was extended without

Full transcript | William Hague | Libyan Charge d’Affaires | FCO, London | 27 July 2011
By New Statesman - 27 July 14:21

"The Libyan people can be assured that we will remain on their side for as long as it takes."

The NS Interview: Norman Finkelstein
By Jon Bernstein - 14 July 9:23

“I’d have to be certifiably insane to deny the Holocaust”

Israel/Lebanon, fault line of the Middle East
By Amos Harel - 13 July 9:33

The 2006 war left Israel feeling dangerously vulnerable, while Hezbollah’s leader in Lebanon vowed r

Cannon fodder of the Afghan killing fields: Mehdi Hasan on British casualites
By Mehdi Hasan - 07 July 12:48

Since the US/UK invasion in 2001, 374 British service personnel have been killed in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: fault lines in the sand
By Michael Semple - 07 July 12:48

The Taliban are just one faction in a long civil war which, thanks to international intervention, se

The long war between Sunni and Shia
By Olivier Roy - 23 June 12:39

East of the River Jordan, the defining geopolitical and religious schism in the Middle East pits Saudi Arabia against Iran.

The Libya war: in pictures
By Samira Shackle - 23 June 10:26

The government is expected to announce that the war has cost £250m. Here are images of the conflict

Assad wants to sound like he is listening -- but is he?
By Samira Shackle - 20 June 13:23

In his third speech since protests began, the Syrian president failed to offer a scheduled programme

The mystery of Amina Arraf
By Emanuelle Degli Esposti - 10 June 16:26

Questions have been raised about the identity of the Syrian blogger since news broke of her abductio

How the economic policies of a corrupt elite caused the Arab Spring
By Matthew Partridge - 07 June 13:47

Living standards in the region must rise if the political momentum is to be kept up.

Remembering Khaled Said
By Emanuelle Degli Esposti - 06 June 18:38

It is one year since the killing of a young Egyptian man helped trigger a revolution.

Yemen clashes: in pictures
By Samira Shackle - 30 May 13:48

At least 20 anti-government demonstrators have been shot dead today in the southern city of Taiz.

$680m of Libyan state cash held by UK banks
By Alice Gribbin - 26 May 14:22

Leaked report reveals major global banks held billions in Libyan assets.

Asma al-Assad is no reformer
By Nabila Ramdani - 26 May 13:13

Syria’s Chanel-clad first lady – rumoured to be hiding in London - has long played a double game.

Mehdi Hasan on the 535 Americans who are blocking peace in the Middle East
By Mehdi Hasan - 19 May 18:18

The US Congress is so in thrall to the American Israel lobby AIPAC that it more of a hindrance than a help.

Libya — Battle of the Arab Spring
By Xan Rice - 12 May 13:31

If Gaddafi is defeated, it will be through the kind of fighting now raging on the streets of Misurat

For Osama, there’s no hope of resurrection
By Olivier Roy - 12 May 13:31

With the killing of Bin Laden in Abbottabad, al-Qaeda is as good as dead. This was never a mass move