Napping offers a free cinema trip round my subconscious
By Nicholas Lezard - 12 December 0:00

I awake, not exactly refreshed but pleasantly woozy, after my first afternoon nap.

The NS Interview: Betty Jackson, designer
By Samira Shackle - 12 December 0:00

“Ageing women get axed from TV, so where’s your role model?”

Where the wild food is
By Helen Lewis - 05 December 0:00

Why foodies are getting excited about foraging

I have an atavistic urge to prostrate myself before the gentry
By Nicholas Lezard - 05 December 0:00

Well, you can't stay in London every single day of your life, you'd go mad, and so I accept an invitation to go to Perthshire with H -- . Not that

The world's first pop-up shopping mall
By Sean Carey - 03 December 9:24

Is clothes browsing inside refurbished shipping containers in east London as hip (and non-corporate)

Where the wild things aren’t
By John Burnside - 16 November 0:00

Leafing through the St Andrews Citizen the other day, I read a piece about plans to dig up a patch of wild ground - the local preservation trust described it as "an eyesore" - and make it into a "community garden".

These days I’m less Hunter S Thompson, more John Lewis
By Nicholas Lezard - 16 November 0:00

Sometimes I wonder whether my horizons are shrinking too much.

“I had some magical trotters on my wedding night”
By Helen Lewis - 16 November 0:00

The NS Interview: Fergus Henderson, chef at St John

What actresses eat, Herman's gaffes and why I’m turning into Batman
By Helen Lewis - 15 November 14:49

My column from the latest <em>New Statesman</em> magazine.

I am leaving the phone at home
By Steven Baxter - 14 November 13:19

What might it be like to wander around without anxiously looking at a screen every ten seconds? I wo

I don’t need to go to rehab, I just need cheering up
By Nicholas Lezard - 14 November 0:00

I emerge from five days without alcohol with a glossy coat, shining eyes and a tail thumping the floor with excitement and good, rude health.

The uses of role models
By Juliet Jacques - 12 November 9:55

Can inspirational LGBT figures help the victims of homophobic bullying?

Sure, I can go without a drink: there was that one week at university
By Nicholas Lezard - 10 November 14:49

I have in my hand a piece of paper: a prescription for a five-day course of Metronidazole, a heavy-duty antibiotic recommended for the treatment of (among other ailments) gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums.

The deceit that led to 9/11
By Robert Trivers - 24 October 1:00

Disasters are always studied in retrospect. We will not have an experimental science of the subject any time soon.

What a tangled web we weave
By Robert Trivers - 24 October 1:00

From using euphemisms such as “collateral damage” to faking orgasms, we practise deception all the t

Women have maxed out the job market, not just their credit cards
By Gaby Hinsliff - 24 October 1:00

In troubled times there is nothing women love better, so the age-old story goes, than a little retail therapy.

With some money in my pocket, I’m like a sailor on shore leave
By Nicholas Lezard - 13 October 10:52

Last week's plea for cash results in a flood of polite refusals from readers, but once again my great friend Toby steps up to the plate and the last few days of September pass without my having to sit outside Baker Street Stat

Why aren't women funny on TV?
By Helen Lewis - 11 October 14:05

All-male panel show line-ups are making me lose my sense of humour.

Ban on advertising aimed at children won’t end ‘compulsive consumerism’, says childhood expert
By Jenny Greenwell - 28 September 14:35

Leaked goverment document coincides with Unicef report that claims UK is 'obsessed with consumerism'

A life-changing encounter with Mr Baseball Bat
By Nicholas Lezard - 26 September 1:00

That first autumnal chill arrived early this year: I felt it, with depressingly little surprise, in August.

The NS Interview: Laura Bailey
By Samira Shackle - 26 September 1:00

“It would be silly to pretend that models aren’t tall and thin”

New Statesman
Patois and patties at Twice as Nice
By Will Self - 26 September 1:00

Y'know, me don' see dat David Starkey much down 'ere on me manor, seen, tho' wevver it am because he be chi-chi man or foo-foo racist man me don't know.

John Pilger: War and shopping – the extremism that never speaks its name
By John Pilger - 22 September 9:27

The Westfield Stratford centre, backed by a former Israeli commando and touted as the future face of London by the likes of Boris Johnson, makes a mockery of the East End’s history of productive work.

The modern speakeasy
By Felicity Cloake - 19 September 1:00

Felicity Cloake celebrates a new and sophisticated golden age of the cocktail

The Kenyan kidnap resort was a paradise on the edge of hell
By Alice Miles - 19 September 1:00

What were they doing there? Apart from the questionable decision to spend up to £500 a night to stay in a straw hut strewn with a bit of rustic decor, why there? Why go on holiday so near to the Somali border?

Going great guns for Gaddafi
By Rosamund Urwin - 19 September 1:00

Rosamund Urwin of the <em>London Evening Standard</em> on a week of whingeing bankers, trouble for t

Forget about looking for “The One” and have fun with the many, says Laurie Penny
By Laurie Penny - 15 September 10:45

The idea that everyone has a soulmate whom they are destined to love for ever is both implausible and cruel.

A one-way ticket to Palookaville
By Will Self - 14 September 16:14

At Motherwell Station, there is a reception committee awaiting me - or is it some sort of posse, with me in the Butch Cassidy role? One . . . two . . . three . . . no fewer than six ticket collectors bar my way. Golly!

The isolation of day-to-day life feels harder than ever to beat
By Graeme Archer - 12 September 12:41

Reaching out to other human beings ought to be the easiest thing. Why do I find it so difficult?