New Statesman
A little bird told me
By Ai Weiwei - 18 October 8:18

This autumn, Ai Weiwei asked his 170,000 Twitter followers what the future of China would be. Their answers create a fascinating portrait of the country.

Stay at home mums are women too
My new campaign: Feminists For Yummy Mummies
By Glosswitch - 17 October 10:11

If feminists are truly interested in representing all women, we can't just laugh at the idea of the "yummy mummy".

A sonogram
The age of the social sonogram - where does the oversharing end?
By Rhiannon and Holly - 15 October 10:48

The only way to cure the "too much information" epidemic is... too much information.

The world's top ten best (worst) fad diets
By Rhiannon and Holly - 01 October 8:56

Cabbage soup, tapeworms and imaginary food - all healthy and effective ways to lose weight, if you believe the women's magazines.

Students sitting exams.
Want to judge people on merit? Then ignore their exam results
By Ed Smith - 27 September 12:13

Ed Smith's "Left Field" column.

New Statesman
A summer without basking or cricket has left me cheated
By Nicholas Lezard - 27 September 12:10

That’s the summer over, then.

Models on the catwalk at London Fashion Week 2012
Thinspiration and exploitation: why fashion is deeply uncool
By Rhiannon and Holly - 17 September 8:31

Is fashion a feminist issue? Of course it bloody is.

Early contact lenses
My contact lens has gone to the Zonules of Zinn – I blame our throwaway culture
By Nicholas Lezard - 12 September 16:22

Accidentally exploring the recesses of your eyeball.

Age shall not wither me, nor shaving foam stale my vague variety
By Nicholas Lezard - 05 September 10:57

Could one small pill would help me become a better-functioning adult?

Highgate Cemetery is like a radical fantasy cocktail party
By Sally Gimson - 29 August 16:14

Sally Gimson’s diary on life as wife to a Tory, the joys of Travelodge and turf wars in her ward.

Writing a book is admittedly a lot easier than when you had to use one of these
Hygiene has always been a challenge in the Hovel, but now we’re in hell
By Nicholas Lezard - 08 August 12:11

I’m a piles-and-piles-of-books-and-papers-around-the-place kind of person.

The BBC's new HQ in Salford
Tale of a city: Northern lights
By Stuart Maconie - 26 July 9:52

Stuart Marconie is tired of all the fuss devoted to a southern town.

Portrait by Leonie Hampton for the New Statesman
David Bailey: “I like George Osborne. He makes sense to me”
By Rebecca McClelland - 26 July 9:04

The photographer on politics, the East End and his time as a debt collector.

Russell Brand and David Walliams
True bromance: David Walliams interviews Russell Brand
By David Walliams - 11 July 12:30

Russell Brand doesn’t read the papers, now that he’s in them – but that doesn’t stop him having opinions on everything from the meaning of Britishness to the “spirituality” of socialism. David Walliams tries to keep up.

A woman looks at a selection of pornographic magazines
Is there any point in making porn for women?
By Rhiannon and Holly - 09 July 8:33

Perhaps if the choice weren't so limited, women would be a bit more interested.

Will Self
Will Self: Who is the baldest of them all?
By Will Self - 04 July 16:49

As we approach our middling years, we tip the other way on the fulcrum of delusion.

Kate Middleton and Kate Moss
Your choice of "wifestyle": be like Kate Moss or Kate Middleton
By Rhiannon and Holly - 02 July 9:28

According to Grazia, being like one of the Kates is the only way for a married woman to behave.

The Queen shakes hands with Martin McGuinness in Northern Ireland
The Queen’s handshake with the IRA and hilarity with Prince Harry
By Patrick Kielty - 28 June 11:13

The Queen makes yet another stop on her “Sorry one’s ancestors came” world tour.

Back in the marital home, I sleep in lonely vigil on the sofa
By Nicholas Lezard - 27 June 17:52

Coming up to the fifth anniversary of the eviction from the family home and I am beginning to wonder whether it is even a good idea to remember the anniversary, let alone mark it.

Does bisexuality exist? 400 women called Sarah say yes
By Samira Shackle - 15 June 10:43

Julie Bindel questioned the existence of bisexuality. But 400 women called Sarah disagree.

God's Peculiar People
By Nelson Jones - 14 June 12:11

British identity is much less linked to religion than it used to be - where does this leave the established church?

Word Games: Noise
By Sophie Elmhirst - 13 June 18:00

Some brains need peace and quiet

Leader: Gay marriage and the clash of fundamental values
By New Statesman - 13 June 16:59

The value of marriage would be increased, not diminished, through its extension to same-sex couples.

The victim of a drone strike in Gaza
Drone attacks go against every human rights principle in the book
By Geoffrey Robertson - 13 June 14:52

There is a sense that international law has failed.

The NS Profile: Rangers FC
By Kevin McKenna - 13 June 14:07

Glasgow Rangers FC represented everything that made working-class Protestant Scotland proud to be British. How was the football club reduced to this state?

The 2011 census.
Is there any such thing as British ethnicity?
By Samira Shackle - 13 June 10:31

Ethncity is officially "self-defined". Whether Cornish, Welsh, or Arab, you make a statement when you tick a box.

Refugees living in Britain celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
What does Britishness look like from the outside?
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 11 June 11:32

For those at the mercy of war, poverty, and global inequality, to be born in Britain is to be born powerful.