Is there really such a thing as a perfect way to raise your children?
Stay-At-Home Daddy and Breadwinner Mummy: guilt and the illusion of choice
By Glosswitch - 25 January 12:48

Traditional gender stereotypes belie the fact that almost everything about parenting is a compromise.

Roll Up For The First Annual Objectify A Man in Tech Day
By Leigh Alexander - 23 January 11:15

What if men writing tech journalism had to field compliments about their looks or sexual attractiveness any time they wanted to talk about issues of concern to their space? I’d love to find out.

An exhibit about male and female orgasm at the Amora Sex Academy in London
Sexual inequality: in search of the female orgasm
By Rhiannon and Holly - 21 January 9:04

Male sexual dysfunction is a multi-million pound business, while women are taught that scented candles and ylang-ylang should get them in the mood. There has to be another way.

A trip to the ballet is a battle with boredom for the boys
By Nicholas Lezard - 17 January 8:30

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out" column.

A scene from Count Duckula.
Fraggle Rock was as good as I remembered, but Count Duckula was much, much worse
By Bim Adewunmi - 11 January 7:49

CITV's Old Skool Weekend pricked the bubble of childhood nostalgia for Bim Adewunmi.

New Statesman
London welcomes men’s fashion week
By Charlotte Simmonds - 07 January 17:20

What weareth the modern man?

Girl power, loneliness and avoiding “the friendzone”
By Glosswitch - 07 January 12:01

How to deal with being single, without being a creep.

Actress Megan Fox
In defence of Megan Fox
By Louise Pennington - 20 December 10:28

Hiring a night nurse doesn’t make Megan Fox neglectful of her child – she’s just a woman trying to survive in the patriarchy like the rest of us.

New Statesman
The French might not be excited about Christmas but we'll be getting drunk
By Raziye Akkoc - 07 December 17:37

A YouGov study finds that Britons will be drinking whilst the French say Christmas has lost its "true meaning".

New Statesman
The future's bright, the future's Emerald.... (at least according to Pantone)
By Kamila Kocialkowska - 07 December 11:04

Pantone unveil their official colour for 2013.

Who needs Leveson when you’ve got lickspittles like me around?
By Nicholas Lezard - 06 December 8:04

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out in London" column.

Unamazing Grace
By Helen Lewis - 06 December 7:25

Grace Coddington's memoir is neither brutally honest nor amusingly bonkers. Thank God for the cat psychic.

William Beveridge
Leader: Beveridge 70 years on - the welfare challenge
By New Statesman - 28 November 16:13

The welfare state was much more than an artefact of one man’s genius.

One of the apparently controversial images from the Swedish toy catalogue.
Girls with toy guns and boys with doll's houses - what on earth is the problem?
By Glosswitch - 28 November 9:05

A crumb of comfort from Sweden on the aggressive gender stereotyping of toys as a manufacturer reverses gender roles in its catalogue.

Seriously, why does everything have to sparkle at this time of year?
Resistance is futile: the sparkles of Christmas fashion are coming to get you
By Rhiannon and Holly - 26 November 8:50

The only way to fight back against the yuletide bling epidemic is to include the male half of the population in it too.

A party like this one, obviously
Dear diary, please tell me why no one’s had a party since 2008
By Nicholas Lezard - 22 November 8:48

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out in London" column.

Club night themes often perpetuate the objectification and exploitation of women
Calling time on club nights that sexualise women
By Lauren Woods - 18 November 11:13

Why are women still expected to look a certain way?

A competitor in the World Beard and Moustache Championships
Moustache-growing is a lonely business, fraught with peril
By Nicholas Lezard - 15 November 9:34

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out in London" piece.

The state is still failing schizophrenia sufferers
By Francis Davis - 14 November 14:04

Rethink's Schizophrenia Commission shows how a technocratic system is letting patients down.

How did the John Lewis snowman pay for his gifts, eh?
Why is every Christmas TV advert like a nail gun to the tearducts?
By Steven Baxter - 12 November 9:46

We're looking at you, Coca Cola, John Lewis, Asda, Morrisons and Very.

Chantelle Houghton
In public break-ups, why is the woman always painted as the howling victim?
By Rhiannon and Holly - 05 November 14:46

Chantelle Houghton has provided the latest demonstration that the social media overshare is now the ultimate relationship no-no.

An engrossing read leaves me with egg on my face and fears about senility
By Nicholas Lezard - 01 November 6:06

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out in London" column.

A glass of Bordeaux being poured
I hear the chimes of noon in Soho and prepare to drown myself in drink and dim sum
By Nicholas Lezard - 25 October 13:15

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out in London" column.

The Southall Black Sisters demonstrate outside the Royal Courts of Justice.
"Intersectionality", let me Google that for you
By Ray Filar - 23 October 11:17

You don’t need an MA in Gender Studies to engage with feminist ideas, just an open mind and a willingness to learn.

In defence of Caitlin Moran and populist feminism
By Rhiannon and Holly - 22 October 9:41

Some educated women seem to want to keep feminism for themselves and cloak it in esoteric theory.

New Statesman
A little bird told me
By Ai Weiwei - 18 October 8:18

This autumn, Ai Weiwei asked his 170,000 Twitter followers what the future of China would be. Their answers create a fascinating portrait of the country.

Stay at home mums are women too
My new campaign: Feminists For Yummy Mummies
By Glosswitch - 17 October 10:11

If feminists are truly interested in representing all women, we can't just laugh at the idea of the "yummy mummy".

A sonogram
The age of the social sonogram - where does the oversharing end?
By Rhiannon and Holly - 15 October 10:48

The only way to cure the "too much information" epidemic is... too much information.

The world's top ten best (worst) fad diets
By Rhiannon and Holly - 01 October 8:56

Cabbage soup, tapeworms and imaginary food - all healthy and effective ways to lose weight, if you believe the women's magazines.

Students sitting exams.
Want to judge people on merit? Then ignore their exam results
By Ed Smith - 27 September 12:13

Ed Smith's "Left Field" column.