Knotty issues
By Annalisa Barbieri - 04 June 13:00

A man's choice of tie reveals how he wants you to see him.

Fair Isle's uncertain future
By Malachy Tallack - 04 June 11:43

What impact will climate change have on Fair Isle? Truth is, no-one really knows

East London meets Findhorn
By Jonathan Dawson - 01 June 15:36

Jonathan Dawson describes what happens when youngsters from East London come to Findhorn

All together now
By Mary Fitzgerald - 28 May 13:00

<strong>Karaoke: the global phenomenon</strong>

Zhou Xun and Francesca Tarocco<br /><em>Reaktion,

Wide open spaces
By Melissa Katsoulis - 28 May 13:00

<strong>The Cave of the Yellow Dog</strong>

Byambasuren Davaa and Lisa Reisch<br /><em>Virago, 160

A new Jerusalem
By Christopher Bray - 28 May 13:00

<strong>Austerity Britain, 1945-1951</strong>

David Kynaston<br /><em>Bloomsbury, 704pp, £25</em>

Size does matter
By Annalisa Barbieri - 28 May 13:00

Big pants are not only more comfortable - they're sexier.

How to deal with death
By Jonathan Dawson - 23 May 16:02

How people at Findhorn react to the passing of a community member

A rural retreat
By Vanessa Nicholson - 21 May 13:00

<strong>Our Farm: a year in the life of a smallholding</strong>

Rosie Boycott <em>Bloomsbury, 304p

A touchy subject
By Annalisa Barbieri - 21 May 13:00

Love them or hate them, skin creams really do work

Britain through the lens
By Julian Baggini - 21 May 13:00

A new exhibition of British photography sets out to explore "how we are", but the images show a thin

What about the women?
By Anne Perkins - 21 May 13:00

It's now an established fact the female vote decides elections. Gordon needs more than a make-over:

A girl's box of delights
By Annalisa Barbieri - 14 May 13:00

My mother's secret drawer was a source of childhood joy.

Wild at heart?
By Garth Cartwright - 14 May 13:00

Garth Cartwright finds the reality of gypsy life a far cry from the myth perpetuated by musicians an

The folly of youth
By Daniel Trilling - 14 May 13:00


Richard Milward <em>Faber & Faber, 208pp, £9.99</em>

ISBN 0571232825

An evening of effective democracy
By Jonathan Dawson - 10 May 16:18

Jonathan Dawson explains the going on of a mid-week meeting and what a "heart-keeper" is.

Bird brained?
By Malachy Tallack - 08 May 10:47

The incredible enthusiasm of birders and twitchers

Personal service
By Annalisa Barbieri - 07 May 13:00

Sometimes, even we experts need a little fashion advice.

The strange hybrid of Findhorn
By Jonathan Dawson - 04 May 11:45

How an intentional community can never be a world apart

The story of Lukki Minnie
By Malachy Tallack - 30 April 13:05

Malachy shares a piece of Fair Isle folklore introducing us to the Trow.

Paradise island?
By Melissa Katsoulis - 30 April 13:00

<strong>Coconut Chaos: Pitcairn, mutiny and a seduction at sea</strong>

Diana Souhami <em>Weidenfe

Think of a number, any number
By Andrew Martin - 30 April 13:00

If modern life is increasingly a question of remembering numbers, what's the danger of becoming one?

Their generation
By Rachel Aspden - 30 April 13:00

<strong>On Chesil Beach</strong>

Ian McEwan <em>Jonathan Cape, 166pp, £12.99</em>

Soya and dreadlocks
By Jonathan Dawson - 27 April 12:56

Jonathan rails against the stereotypes heaped on ecovillages by the media

Outing hypocrites is justified
By Peter Tatchell - 23 April 16:50

Last week a US magazine outed a number of well known people including an anchorman and an actress. H

The closet is a lonely place
By Brian Coleman - 23 April 16:35

Conservative London Assembly member Brian Coleman gives us his take on the controversial issue of naming people as gay in the process outing Ted Heath as a 'cottager'.

Clothes that time forgot
By Annalisa Barbieri - 23 April 13:00

Period dramas get their outfits wrong surprisingly often

The new is insistent but the old persists
By Sharmistha Mohanty - 16 April 13:00

Change is constantly perceptible in Bombay. But what is change, if it means you are no longer necess

Seamly behaviour
By Annalisa Barbieri - 16 April 13:00

The Queen Mother taught me how to sew beautifully

Working together
By Jonathan Dawson - 12 April 10:50

A key building in Findhorn needs repairing bringing about a sense of nostalgia for the early days of