Prétentieux? Moi?
By Tony Cartano - 19 March 11:48

<em>Tony Cartano</em>, de la maison d’édition Albin Michel, est sûr que le roman de notre rédacteur

The age of innocence
By Antonia Quirke - 26 February 16:23

A history of agony aunts recalls the days when "bottom" was a banned word

They want your sprogs
By Peter Wilby - 19 February 12:02

<strong>Consumer Kids: How Big Business Is Grooming Our Children for Profit</strong>

Ed Mayo and

Beg, borrow and style
By Alyssa McDonald - 19 February 12:02

Observations on frugal fashion

What's going on down there?
By Antonia Quirke - 12 February 10:29

A preoccupation with the male anatomy has swept the airwaves

The art of darkness
By Rachel Cooke - 12 February 10:29

This compelling period piece is far more sinister than its critics have argued

<strong>Mad Men</s

Time bomb in a ballgown
By David Smyth - 12 February 10:29

Lily Allen proves her staying power with an album of big, sunny pop songs

The trouble with Oxford
By Peter Wilby - 12 February 10:29

<strong>Maurice Bowra: a Life</strong>

<em>Leslie Mitchell</em>

Oxford University Press, 400pp

Diary: Zoe Williams
By Zoe Williams - 12 February 10:29

Celebrities, squirrels and . . . I forget

Degenerate sublime
By Hermione Eyre - 12 February 10:29

The Young British Artists were one of the Nineties' most visible cultural phenomena, a byword for ex

Stalking the teenager
By Cassandra Jardine - 05 February 10:09

<strong>Teenagers: a Natural History</strong>

David Bainbridge

<em>Portobello Books, 358pp, £1

Can we ever learn to love our bodies?
By Laura Tennant - 05 February 10:09

Thirty years ago Fat Is a Feminist Issue railed against dieting and the media's tormenting stream of

Another dirty book
By Alice O'Keeffe - 05 February 10:09


Charlotte Roche

<em>Fourth Estate, 229pp, £12.99</em>

Bohemians, farewell
By Harry Mount - 29 January 10:35

They were a peculiarly British breed: talented, intellectual, often alcoholic (but usually harmless)

Bringing up baby
By Richard Reeves and Sonia Sodha - 29 January 10:35

It's the quality of parenting in Britain, rather than the education system, that's really failing ou

Britain off the couch
By Alyssa McDonald - 29 January 10:35

Observations on therapy

Hard to care about
By Robert Hanks - 29 January 10:35

<strong>The Last Bachelor</strong>

Jay McInerney <em>Bloomsbury, 216pp, £12.99</em>

How the Wild East came West
By Anne McElvoy - 29 January 10:35

The London Evening Standard, for which I work, has a new Russian owner. There is some poetic justice in this for my generation, whose defining event was the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the opening up of the Wild East.

The revolution that wasn't
By Ryan Gilbey - 29 January 10:35

Sam Mendes has a very literal take on a novel about middle class aspirations


Glad to be grey?
By Robin Blackburn - 22 January 9:58

An increasingly large proportion of the world's population is living longer than ever before. The nu

Flushed with success
By David Flusfeder - 15 January 9:31

<strong>Holden on Hold'Em

</strong>Anthony Holden

<em>Little, Brown, 306pp, £12.99</em>

Organic Pharmacy Deodorant Spray
By Annalisa Barbieri - 06 January 17:21

I’ve never tested it to the absolute limit (ie I’ve not run a marathon in it), but it worked great f

Shea Bliss Butter Bath Melts
By Annalisa Barbieri - 06 January 17:13

Super useful if you suffer from very dry skin, have eczema or your child does, or you just want an e

Method Squeaky Green body wash
By Annalisa Barbieri - 06 January 16:56

The smell isn’t overwhelming, but nice and fresh and the product offers good value for money. I reco

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
By Annalisa Barbieri - 06 January 16:46

Skin is left feeling soft, clean but never dry. The plastic pump bottle is great for travel

Ecological Compound by Sisley
By Annalisa Barbieri - 06 January 16:39

I struggle not to use this every day. It is one of my top five products and I’m rarely without it

Shazia's week
By Shazia Mirza - 18 December 9:44

Liza Minnelli jiving like a panther on Ecstasy and Obama condoms - some bits of history can't be mis

Practically perfect
By Annalisa Barbieri - 18 December 9:44

Hello. Last year I peaked early and by the time Christmas came round, I was over it. Not that you can, of course, be over Christ's birthday, but the commercial part of it - well, I was numb to fairy lights and mince pies come 25 December.

Alchemy for beginners
By Robert Irwin - 04 December 9:39

<strong>Mercurius: the Marriage of Heaven and Hell</strong>

Patrick Harpur <em>Squeeze Press, 512

Darkness at noon
By Veronica Horwell - 04 December 9:39

I met a knot of Goths at night, posing through Smithfield Market on the Day of the Dead, youngsters whose artifice and formality was too much for this world: all dressed up and nowhere grave enough to go. Few crypts could have lived up to their aspirations.