The Post Office Tower is talking to me
By Nicholas Lezard - 22 March 8:11

I ask Razors if he still calls it the Post Office Tower. He looks almost hurt. "Of course I do."

It’s life, gym, but not as we know it
By Alice Miles - 21 March 9:18

I have always considered health clubs with deep suspicion. It comes, I think, from living in London for most of my life.

Class Monitor: Young Offenders
By Michael Hodges - 19 March 8:32

The wind whips at the figures on the hillside. The young offenders have screwed-up faces and shaved heads. One or two appear angry, but most are merely cold and probably not very bright.

Good idea: Pregnant pause
By Alyssa McDonald - 19 March 8:30

Here's a statement you don't often come across when British teenage pregnancies are the subject of conversation: "Numbers of teenage mothers are relatively small." Tabloid horror headlines might suggest otherwise, but as Jane

Bruni’s cyber bra brouhaha
By Sophie Elmhirst - 19 March 8:02

First Carla Bruni’s nipples sent the British press into a frenzy. Then a flurry of tweets had the Fr

My brilliant imaginary career
By Nicholas Lezard - 15 March 8:14

To Balham to see my friend Ella Montclare perform a set of unbelievably good trip-hop at the Bedford.

Stuck in the middle with youth
By Alice Miles - 15 March 8:14

It's a funny thing to worry about a statistics assignment after 20 years of writing columns for national newspapers.

God bless Wayne’s socks and metatarsals
By Hunter Davies - 12 March 8:19

I'm still in a deep depression over England. I was so pissed off by their display against Egypt, and even more so by the under-21s against Greece.

Dirty cash, I want you
By Nicholas Lezard - 08 March 9:30

It is time, I have decided, to become more corrupt. Print journalism may be in a terrible state, but I still know quite a few print journalists who are getting some excellent freebies.

The tragic roundabout
By Nicholas Lezard - 01 March 8:12

I sometimes wonder whether public transport in this country is secretly run by the Lord's Day Observance Society.

Armageddon out of here
By Will Self - 22 February 8:25

Conspiracy theories are articles of faith for the masses in an age of unbelief.

Fiddler in the roof
By Nicholas Lezard - 22 February 8:17

Time, I am told, to clear out the books from my study. After about two and a half years, it has been, I concede, long enough. Besides, not only is the ex-wife on my case, so is my daughter.

God botherers
By Mark Watson - 18 February 7:09

There's "probably no God", apparently. I read it on the back of a bus last year, courtesy of an advertisement paid for by the British Humanist Association.

Pretty fry for a white guy
By Will Self - 15 February 8:21

One of the most realest meals there is in the so-called developed world is a hotel breakfast. I say this for a simple reason: no one - unless they are close to expiring - refuses it.

Tipping up at A&E
By Nicholas Lezard - 12 February 9:28

To A -- 's and E -- 's for dinner. They are great friends of the Woman I Love, so I am mindful of the need to be on my best behaviour.

Food, Inc (PG)
By Ryan Gilbey - 11 February 7:09

A shocking, if preachy, exposé of the food industry.

Immaculate conception
By Mark Watson - 04 February 6:28

I'm going to film my son's birth and pitch it as a gritty, fly-on-the-wall piece to Channel 4.

The Books Interview: Barbara Ehrenreich
By Alyssa McDonald - 01 February 8:07

Why do so many people buy into what you call "the cult of positive thinking"?

The Class Monitor No. 14: The Regional Managers
By Michael Hodges - 28 January 7:06

Rod, Frank, Gus and Stuart just get through before the doors close on Stuart's briefcase.

Almost part of the furniture
By Nick Lezard - 28 January 7:06

Visitors to the Hovel are always amused - or appalled - by its eccentric features.

Keeping a low profile
By Nicholas Lezard - 25 January 16:31

Being too broke to afford even going to the pub, I am busy wasting some time on Facebook. I suddenly notice that someone suggests I become friends with L-, whom I already know well in real life.

Garbage into gold
By Sarah Lewis-Hammond - 25 January 13:45

New technology offers ever more ingenious ways to turn the detritus of life into valuable forms of e

Inspect your gadgets!
By Sian Berry - 25 January 12:52

Toaster catch fire? Printer making odd noises? Don’t just throw old stuff away, or hide it in the sh

From buttoned-up Britain to urine nation
By Will Self - 22 January 9:07

I've been putting it off, hopping up and down, tensing first one buttock then the other, waiting until the pain is insupportable . . .

Can’t dance, won’t dance
By Mark Watson - 21 January 7:37

Among the fragments of school history left in my brain is the phenomenon of St Vitus's Dance.

Bad idea: For better for worse
By Alyssa McDonald - 18 January 9:44

Only those already doing well are likely to gain from the Tories' marriage plans

Bad idea: Writing off reading
By Alyssa McDonald - 11 January 9:19

Contrary to the expectations of some, the internet has boosted the written word

The tyranny of the positive people
By Gaby Hinsliff - 07 January 6:30

After a decade of bingeing on self-improvement we could spare a little more anger for the injustices

Apocalypse soon . . .
By Mark Watson - 07 January 6:30

I've got my survival strategy: I'm going to get as close to John Cusack as possible.

Winning the web war
By James Crabtree - 30 December 6:16

Right-wing bloggers have been established for years, but the left is catching up and 2010 will be it