Things that shout out in the night
By Nicholas Lezard - 12 July 9:01

When spirits are down and the pubs are shut, nothing quite lifts the heart like a game of night cricket.

In bread with my doner
By Will Self - 12 July 8:58

I often have a kebab, though not as often as I might.

Mired in a mancession
By Alice Miles - 08 July 1:11

The signs are that getting women into work creates growth and further employment . . . for other wom

Up and away
By Stephen Brasher - 08 July 1:11

In 1881, Walter Powell, the MP for Malmesbury since 1868, was lost when piloting the army balloon "Saladin" with a Captain Templer and a Mr Gardner.

Game, set, match, death
By Mark Watson - 05 July 9:50

This year's Wimbledon is nearly over, but one of its biggest and most enduring stories was written in the first few days.

Don't you know who I am? Apparently not
By Nicholas Lezard - 05 July 9:46

I am settling into a very sedentary, comfortable existence. Nowadays the big excitements of my quotidian life revolve around the London Underground.

By Stephen Brasher - 01 July 8:08

The early labour movement had a hostile attitude to Robert Baden Powell's Scout movement - suspecting it of imperialism - and often heckled his meetings.

Anything for a quiet life
By Mark Watson - 28 June 9:26

The weather's been delightful recently. I know this because I have to keep drawing the curtains so I can see the World Cup properly on my TV.

Portrait of the artist as a melancholy man
By Nicholas Lezard - 28 June 9:24

A call from my old friend Maria: Sebastian Horsley is dead. This is, to put it mildly, unwelcome news. I got to know Sebastian after reading and then reviewing his memoir, Dandy in the Underworld.

Forbidden fruit of the Orange sorority
By Nicholas Lezard - 21 June 9:15

Plop! On to the doormat lands a stiffy, inviting me to the party for the Orange Prize for Fiction. Further research teaches me that this is awarded only to women novelists.

Things that go bump in the street
By Mark Watson - 21 June 9:04

The borough of Islington, on whose boundaries I live, has been a recognised area of London for centuries. It grew up as a collection of small manors around the Great North Road, and served the City of London with water.

Good Idea: Keeping mum
By Alyssa McDonald - 21 June 9:02

Cover your eyes, Sun journalists.

I’m in eleven heaven
By Nicholas Lezard - 09 June 16:17

A rather excited message on the voicemail from John Moore, formerly of the Jesus and Mary Chain and Black Box Recorder, who tells me to call him urgently.

Theatre audiences are a poor show
By Will Self - 07 June 9:25

Peter Ackroyd, in his masterful biography of London, animadverts that the entire city is essentially a performance space, one in which the notorious actors fret and strut, while the London mob roils and moils through the stree

Hey, Sir Alan – leave those kids alone
By Nicholas Lezard - 07 June 8:51

I come back to the Hovel after a frugal evening out to find Razors watching Junior Apprentice on the telly. He works punishing hours - nine till five-ish - and so he's entitled to watch any old garbage he wants.

England fans are such losers
By Mark Watson - 04 June 9:10

Unless you dislike sport so much that you've been living under the sea in an attempt to avoid it, you'll be aware that the World Cup is imminent.

Here’s to more woman power
By Alice Miles - 03 June 8:07

All the evidence shows it: more female MPs = more childcare = more women at work + higher birth rate

Class Monitor: the cyclists
By Michael Hodges - 31 May 11:24

There is a hush outside the bar.

A car idles, a small child plays in a doorway as his mother talks quietly into her mobile, an elderly woman makes slow progress with a shopping basket.

The donkey and Miss Jones
By Nicholas Lezard - 31 May 10:22

All I can think about is Liz Jones, the Daily Mail columnist who feeds her 17 cats on cod (and, according to one report, organic Marks & Spencer prawns, but that can't be true).

I’m in the sky! I’m in the sky!
By Mark Watson - 28 May 9:33

I was recently in a rural part of Senegal, West Africa, when a rumour filtered through that the volcanic ash cloud had returned, and was threatening to shut down the UK's runways all over again.

The end of the nasty party
By Nicholas Lezard - 17 May 9:40

The Woman I Love decides we should hold a joint party. It has been some time since I have done this; I think I have to go back pre-children, which means 1995 or so.

How to keep calm and carry on
By Mark Watson - 16 May 18:27

I'm writing this as the last election results come in, but it will be published in the aftermath of those results, so I'm in the perplexing position of not being able to talk about the outcome of the election, even though it i

Happy birthday (war is over)
By Nicholas Lezard - 07 May 20:02

It's that time of year when all sorts of significant birthdays gang up together: my mother's, my sons', the Woman I Love's, and, indeed, mine (all cards and cheques can be sent to me c/o The Guvnor, The Duke of Wellington, 94a

Once more unto the breeches
By Will Self - 06 May 12:44

The other day I was walking with a brace of my children up the steep road that approaches Brighton Station from North Laine when I observed a long, dark, liquid rivulet flowing down the pavement, and then a young man, blind dr

Driven mad by the small print
By Alice Miles - 05 May 9:11

I have a good friend who is the chairman of West Sussex County Council.

Two old women
By Michael Hodges - 04 May 7:37

I see only one old woman on the Tuesday morning walk, the one that drives a mobility scooter. As my dog lets loose on the last of the daffodils,

Keep mum – she’s not so dumb
By Nicholas Lezard - 02 May 11:11

My mother's birthday. We have lunch upstairs at the Duke; very nice.

Nosy parkers and home-made jams
By Alice Miles - 01 May 11:41

An election might be taking place elsewhere in the country, but down here the big news is traffic wardens.

I’ve got a soft spot for MPs
By Mark Watson - 30 April 10:55

With this election being forced down our throats in an unprecedented number of ways - TV, Twitter, unusually open newspaper bias - we're finally seeing the truth about politicians.

Don’t kid yourself about Mumsnet
By Alice Miles - 25 April 11:01

It is always wise to approach with caution the subject of Mumsnet.