Welcome to Erotica: Britain’s Gulag of desire
By Laurie Penny - 28 November 18:35

If you had to build a prison for human pleasure, it would look like this.

Happy days are gone again
By Michael Brooks - 25 November 15:02

In late October 2009, Stephen Fry quit Twitter after someone called him boring. In late October this year he did it again, this time taking umbrage with journalists.

A hipster’s paradise
By Mark Greif - 18 November 12:47

In the late 1990s, a down-at-heel ’hood in New York’s Lower East Side became an enclave for rich whi

I am never knowingly understood
By Nicholas Lezard - 18 November 12:27

There are times, composing this column, when I feel like King Midas's barber, the possessor of forbidden knowledge.

Take the gondola for a ride, Aunt Phoebe
By Will Self - 11 November 12:56

My aunt Phoebe - bless her - is obsessed by sell-by dates.

Trying to catch up like a mad man
By Mark Watson - 11 November 12:47

As I struggle to keep up with the world, I'm forced to cast my suspicions on an unlikely culprit: lo

How porn blunts moral boundaries
By Sigrid Rausing - 11 November 7:32

The popular attitude to pornography is that it’s fine as long as the kids don’t see it. But this mis

Make mine an Armani and cheese
By Will Self - 04 November 12:25

My wife told me recently that "panini" is a malapropism, being the plural rather than the singular.

It’s more of a dump here than ever
By Nicholas Lezard - 04 November 12:14

So, the weather turns and the days get shorter and the money gets tighter. Still, it's not quite enough. What could be done to make things really miserable? Getting dumped tends to do the trick, so that's what's happened.

Cop killers and the law
By Will Self - 28 October 12:11

Arguably a crowd comprising 59 men (and, perhaps, the odd - very odd - woman), between them carrying 109 guns, is about as mad as it gets, especially when they're all milling about the elegant terraced houses of Chelsea.

Where everybody knows my name
By Mark Watson - 28 October 12:03

Are you staying in a hotel? Do me a favour. Go round the room and check all the plug sockets for chargers - phone chargers, computer power packs, anything that can be plugged into a wall.

Getting my teeth into Alain de Bum-Bum
By Will Self - 18 October 9:22

A weird, piratically themed Cornish pasty takeaway outlet has mounted a sustained assault on English railway terminuses and high streets.

Waiting up at the heavenly hovel
By Nicholas Lezard - 18 October 9:14

Life in the Hovel continues to be mind-expanding. The first time I was asked what it was like living with two women in their early twenties (is it demeaning or sexist to say "girls" instead?

Politicians aren’t your friends
By Will Self - 14 October 9:28

I listened to Ed Miliband's speech to the Labour party conference while at stool the other day.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 14 October 9:22

The Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir recently described Ed Miliband as "dweebish".

Sleepless in Toronto
By Rob Brydon - 14 October 9:13

Friday 10 September

Goodbye to social cohesion
By Alice Miles - 07 October 8:09

The Tories’ changes to child benefit rules will do nothing but widen the wealth gap in Britain, pena

Razors traded in for younger models
By Nicholas Lezard - 05 October 9:24

By the time you read this, Razors will have gone. How long he will last in New York is anyone's guess - Americans are not the tolerant, easygoing people they once were - but I wish him well.

How to avoid a communication breakdown
By Victoria Brignell - 04 October 16:13

In the fourth part of her series on social care, Victoria Brignell highlights the importance of good

Nothing Toulouse by going Rouge
By Will Self - 04 October 9:23

For the Tragus Group, the company that owns the 117 branches of Café Rouge scattered across our green and francophile land, the map is emphatically not the territory.

Miliband must be the man for the middle
By Alice Miles - 04 October 9:11

The very poor and the rich will not lose their homes in the Tory cuts to come — but a safety net is

Greetings from Down Under
By Mark Watson - 28 September 9:55

I've been in Australia all week.

Left to my own devices
By Will Self - 27 September 12:13

From time to time, I succumb to one of the great delusions of the modern world: namely that a gadget or device will allow me to do something I've been doing for years faster and more efficiently, thereby gifting me more of the

Laurie Penny: The use of "curvy" models is hardly progress
By Laurie Penny - 23 September 9:58

This does not make it one jot easier for troubled young women to live in our own skin.

Currying favour with the old-school Thai
By Will Self - 20 September 9:13

My friend Ian's girlfriend Cindy has opened a Thai restaurant at Tollcross in Edinburgh.

Man, I’d like to judge the Booker
By Nicholas Lezard - 17 September 9:15

I have just come back from lunch at St John, the splendid restaurant in Clerkenwell that serves up bone marrow and other bits of animals that the English normally eschew.

Three years in the Hovel
By Nicholas Lezard - 14 September 8:55

I write this on the third year, to the day, of my arrival at the Hovel. How am I going to celebrate this auspicious anniversary? At the moment I'm thinking of clearing out the fridge.

Plastic’s not fantastic
By Will Self - 13 September 8:23

A rustling and puckered moment at a convenience store somewhere in the switchback of streets skirting Edinburgh's Castle Rock: I have placed a hand of bananas, a half-litre bottle of Volvic and three Mars bars on the counter;

By Sophie Elmhirst - 09 September 8:15

There's talk, predictably, of a civil war within the Lib Dems. Well, we all saw that coming. But the violent fate awaiting Clegg and his clan is just one example of a panoply of conflicts.

I refuse to lose sleep over this
By Mark Watson - 07 September 9:01

By the time you read this, I will be dead. Well, no, not dead, I'm exaggerating. Asleep. Yes, that's more like it.