Michael Brooks’s New Year’s resolution
By Michael Brooks - 29 December 8:36

I had a little taste of political activism in 2010, and I liked it.

Margaret Drabble’s hopes for the New Year
By Margaret Drabble - 29 December 8:34

1. I'd like the Milibands to become once more the best of brothers, remember the good old days at Haverstock Comp and unite to launch a campaign to remove the charitable status of public schools.

Hunter Davies’s New Year’s resolutions
By Hunter Davies - 29 December 8:33

To clear out my cupboard, boring, to lose half a stone, boring boring, OK, a whole stone, I know, don't go on about it, to get rid of my Amstrad PCW and the two Victorian printers and the three prehistoric fax machines, yes I

Alice Miles’s New Year’s resolution
By Alice Miles - 29 December 8:32

I don't understand the point of New Year resolutions. Why would you need to wait until the 1st of January to do something, or to stop doing something?

Roy Hattersley’s New Year’s resolution
By Roy Hattersley - 23 December 15:03

My hope, and indeed expectation, for 2011 is that Ed Miliband will set out the principles on which the Labour Party's policy is to be based and thereby re-create a genuinely social-democratic party of conscience and conviction

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas
By Bianca Jagger - 22 December 14:27

My fashion faux pas

Farewell: the final Crip's Column
By Victoria Brignell - 21 December 15:03

In her final column for the New Statesman, Victoria Brignell reflects on what it has meant to write

Fresh baking and the flour of our youth
By Will Self - 15 December 9:41

Within a Budding Grove, with its hint at the similitude of erectile clitoral tissue and burgeoning plant life, is the somewhat suggestive translation of Proust's À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs given by C K Scott Moncrie

Mystery of the disappearing women
By Nicholas Lezard - 15 December 9:39

A visit from this magazine's own excellent young writer Laurie Penny, who has come for a natter about what it's like being kettled and to watch me drink my customary bottle of Shiraz while she sips from a glass of cider and, l

Why the British Fashion Council must keep its grant
By Claire French - 09 December 19:34

The fashion industry contributes £21bn to the economy each year. It deserves government support.

Snow is like the Pussycat Dolls
By Mark Watson - 09 December 11:50

Snow is starting to get too big for its boots. It needs to be put in its place.

A Londoner’s diary
By Anne McElvoy - 09 December 11:47

Paternity is destiny, Blair battles, BBC’s men at the top, WikiLeaks . . . and what next for Peter M

Last days of the glee club
By Mark Vernon - 29 November 11:02

Happiness was all the rage among politicians, but attempts to measure the experience suggest it is f

Welcome to Erotica: Laurie Penny on Britain’s Gulag of desire
By Laurie Penny - 28 November 18:35

If you had to build a prison for human pleasure, it would look like this.

Happy days are gone again
By Michael Brooks - 25 November 15:02

In late October 2009, Stephen Fry quit Twitter after someone called him boring. In late October this year he did it again, this time taking umbrage with journalists.

A hipster’s paradise
By Mark Greif - 18 November 12:47

In the late 1990s, a down-at-heel ’hood in New York’s Lower East Side became an enclave for rich whi

I am never knowingly understood
By Nicholas Lezard - 18 November 12:27

There are times, composing this column, when I feel like King Midas's barber, the possessor of forbidden knowledge.

Take the gondola for a ride, Aunt Phoebe
By Will Self - 11 November 12:56

My aunt Phoebe - bless her - is obsessed by sell-by dates.

Trying to catch up like a mad man
By Mark Watson - 11 November 12:47

As I struggle to keep up with the world, I'm forced to cast my suspicions on an unlikely culprit: lo

How porn blunts moral boundaries
By Sigrid Rausing - 11 November 7:32

The popular attitude to pornography is that it’s fine as long as the kids don’t see it. But this mis

Make mine an Armani and cheese
By Will Self - 04 November 12:25

My wife told me recently that "panini" is a malapropism, being the plural rather than the singular.

It’s more of a dump here than ever
By Nicholas Lezard - 04 November 12:14

So, the weather turns and the days get shorter and the money gets tighter. Still, it's not quite enough. What could be done to make things really miserable? Getting dumped tends to do the trick, so that's what's happened.

Cop killers and the law
By Will Self - 28 October 12:11

Arguably a crowd comprising 59 men (and, perhaps, the odd - very odd - woman), between them carrying 109 guns, is about as mad as it gets, especially when they're all milling about the elegant terraced houses of Chelsea.

Where everybody knows my name
By Mark Watson - 28 October 12:03

Are you staying in a hotel? Do me a favour. Go round the room and check all the plug sockets for chargers - phone chargers, computer power packs, anything that can be plugged into a wall.

Getting my teeth into Alain de Bum-Bum
By Will Self - 18 October 9:22

A weird, piratically themed Cornish pasty takeaway outlet has mounted a sustained assault on English railway terminuses and high streets.

Waiting up at the heavenly hovel
By Nicholas Lezard - 18 October 9:14

Life in the Hovel continues to be mind-expanding. The first time I was asked what it was like living with two women in their early twenties (is it demeaning or sexist to say "girls" instead?

Politicians aren’t your friends
By Will Self - 14 October 9:28

I listened to Ed Miliband's speech to the Labour party conference while at stool the other day.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 14 October 9:22

The Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir recently described Ed Miliband as "dweebish".

Sleepless in Toronto
By Rob Brydon - 14 October 9:13

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