Squeezed Middle.
Mum wants to buy a million-pound flat - that's not fair, right?
By Alice O'Keeffe - 26 September 7:00

Alice O'Keefe's "Squeezed Middle" column.

New Statesman
It’s downhill all the way at the moment
By Nicholas Lezard - 19 September 12:08

I can’t even get my poetry quotations right.

New Statesman
The fine art of a thrifty kitchen
By Felicity Cloake - 19 September 8:53

Eating the last of the Sunday roast with fried rice on Thursday or freezing cheap berries as a winter treat feels, in a small way, like beating the system.

New Statesman
Will Self: Intermittent fasting can do things to your head
By Will Self - 19 September 8:46

Will Self's "Real Meal" column.

Lez Miserable: "I’ve never been turned on by a vagina picture from a stranger"
By Eleanor Margolis - 10 September 11:33

Perhaps mystery is overrated - the LGBT sexting/Snapchat instant sexual gratification craze can only lead to more gay sex, which can only be a good thing.

Women in a Berlin nightclub
Can a feminist ever support the sex industry?
By Sarah Ditum - 05 September 15:11

Everyone who sells sex should be safe, says Sarah Ditum, but what kind of society is it that makes that a rational choice for women?

Bed full of books.
The shame of waking up in bed with the succubus Mistress Motivator
By Nicholas Lezard - 05 September 12:50

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out" column.

A clean, empty bed.
You need to start asking questions when a quiet, empty house is your idea of heaven
By Alice O'Keeffe - 05 September 10:35

Alice O'Keeffe's "Squeezed Middle" column.

The EuroPride parade makes its way down Oxford Street in 2006.
Lez Miserable: "Is a lesbian coup about to hit Britain?"
By Eleanor Margolis - 04 September 8:34

Welcome to the Sapphic Republic of Great Britain.

A missing trick: Non-alcoholic beer
By Irfan Allana - 02 September 9:19

Why non-alcoholic beer could be a golden market in the UK’s capital.

Chronic boredom is like the dull itch of a pair of Seventies school trousers
By Nicholas Lezard - 30 August 10:58

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out" column.

Couple in bed.
"I want a fur coat and a villa and a cat": The art and agony of the English marriage
By Richard Davenport-Hines - 22 August 11:00

Using details from the huge Mass Observations archive at Sussex University, a new book "The English in Love" charts the changing meaning and reality of marriage since 1945.

Whose stupid idea was couples therapy anyway?
By Alice O'Keeffe - 15 August 8:40

Alice O'Keeffe's "Squeezed Middle" column.

Mother and child.
Birth stories: how science is changing parenthood
By Rachel Bowlby - 15 August 7:00

Over the course of the 20th century, children became more of an active choice than a post-marital expectation. Rachel Bowlby explores the influence science has made in offering a new range of parental types.

How many teenagers are using Ask.fm to self-harm?
By Hazel Robinson - 14 August 11:25

Some of the young people experiencing online abuse will be sending it to themselves, writes Hazel Robinson. That doesn't make their pain any less real - but it should inform how we approach the subject.

Depression is not the same as "being sad", Giles Fraser
By Glosswitch - 10 August 11:46

Casual “let’s not pathologise sadness” musings don't contribute much to the debate about medication for depression.

Squeezed middle.
At what point do I tell my child that life just isn't fair?
By Alice O'Keeffe - 07 August 10:00

Alice O'Keeffe's "Squeezed Middle" column.

Lez Miserable: Unleashing your inner aggro-dyke
By Eleanor Margolis - 06 August 10:12

Aggro-dyke is more than “angry lesbian”. It’s a smarter, more subtle concept.

Don't be too quick to knock sugar-pink, prince-free, Disney-style princessification
By Glosswitch - 29 July 12:56

It’s not true empowerment, but if this is the only imaginative space that is on offer to young girls, perhaps we should let them play. Soon enough, they'll grow up into a world where female self-realisation is still a fairy tale.

Clubbers queuing outside a nightclub.
In Buenos Aires, nights out start with pre-drinks or "previa" at 1am
By Elizabeth Yentumi - 27 July 12:05

Elizabeth Yentumi on nightlife in Argentina, which differs from the UK on more than just the time.

Lez Miserable: Ten online dating mistakes to avoid if you don't want to die alone
By Eleanor Margolis - 23 July 11:19

For starters, never describe yourself as "bubbly" or "normal".

New Statesman
Maximum efficiency at maintaining professional standards
By Alice O'Keeffe - 18 July 8:30

Alice O'Keeffe's "Squeezed Middle" column.

As a mother, I've learned that the phrase "as a mother" is divisive and indulgent
By Glosswitch - 16 July 9:29

Motherhood-as-kneejerk-opinion-former reduces mothers, these diverse, thinking individuals, to one indistinct mass, functioning on entirely predictable emotional responses.

An Open Letter To HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge
By Michael Moran - 15 July 13:52

Women are devoting increasing amounts of time to their "birth day" appearance. Please don't give in to the trend, ma'am.

Why are politicians still pretending Ireland is an abortion-free wonderland?
By Anna Carey - 12 July 14:24

While our legislators bask in their moral superiority, thousands of Irish women have to travel to the UK in order to have an abortion, says Anna Carey.

28 Dates Later by Willard Foxton: Part Twenty-Six, The Video Gamer and the Zombies
By Willard Foxton - 11 July 16:13

In which Willard goes on a date that involves hiding in a barn from some zombies.