NS Essay -'If Beethoven had been subject to the EU working hours limit he wouldn't have got further than the Fourth Symphony'
By Richard Reeves - 30 May 13:00

Britons see work as more central to their lives than other Europeans - and this is assumed to be a b

World view - Michela Wrong learns a lesson about sleaze
By Michela Wrong - 23 May 13:00

What we can learn from the curious story of the noisy party, the irate First Lady and the World Bank

Death in the Baltic: the MI6 connection
By Stephen Davis - 23 May 13:00

Nearly 900 people perished when the <em>Estonia</em> ferry sank in 1994. In this exclusive investiga

Mark Thomas compares the UK to Kimberley Quinn
By Mark Thomas - 23 May 13:00

Despite the odd murmur about human rights, Britain remains the Kimberley Quinn of torturers and desp

The French keep it in the family
By David Lawday - 23 May 13:00

Many in Britain feel smug about France's vote on the European constitution. If the French say "no" on 29 May, it will save us asking the dreaded question. If they say "yes", doesn't that strengthen a British instinct to say no when Tony Blair picks a date for us?

There is no point in escaping any more
By Nick Cohen - 23 May 13:00

Europe once offered a route to the good life for dowdy Brits. As we contemplate a referendum, perhap

Israel's other war
By Daphna Baram - 23 May 13:00

The socialist foundations of the Jewish state are facing their final destruction

World view - Lindsey Hilsum wonders what Jack Straw does<br />
By Lindsey Hilsum - 16 May 13:00

What does the British Foreign Secretary actually do? In Iran, Palestine, Africa and elsewhere, it is

Why we owe so much to victims of disaster
By Andrew Simms - 16 May 13:00

At the G8 summit, Brown and Blair should think of our debts to Africans, not theirs to us. We have s

How Blair backed a loser
By Staff blogger - 16 May 13:00

Tony Blair's insistence he was right about invading Iraq looked increasingly absurd as the death tol

Let's face it - the state has lost its mind: John Pilger on election coverage
By John Pilger - 16 May 13:00

The media coverage of this past election was a pastiche. Our right to know what our rulers are doing must be preserved.

This time, please put Britain first
By Andrew Stephen - 09 May 13:00

Election: the future - Andrew Stephen on Britain and America

Now for an even newer world order
By Michael Meacher - 09 May 13:00

Election: the future - world views. Michael Meacher on oil and the rise of China

Chronicles of deaths foretold
By Michela Wrong - 09 May 13:00

Election 2005: the future - Michela Wrong on Africa

World view - Lindsey Hilsum explains why history won't go away
By Lindsey Hilsum - 02 May 13:00

The age of instant news has shortened our attention span, and blinded us to the pressing historical

This election, John Pilger asks we remember Blair's forgotten victims
By John Pilger - 25 April 13:00

By voting for Blair, you will walk over the corpses of at least 100,000 people.

America - Andrew Stephen smells White House corruption
By Andrew Stephen - 25 April 13:00

Strident, crass and sanctimonious, the scandal-ridden Tom DeLay, Republican leader of the House of R

America - Andrew Stephen reveals how Bush nobbled the press
By Andrew Stephen - 18 April 13:00

The new style of government here involves paying journalists and broadcasters to mention Bush polici

Faith invaders
By Cristina Odone - 18 April 13:00

As Britain's culture wars grow in intensity, and abortion and artistic freedom become hot issues, Cr

It worked for Bush
By Steve Morgan - 18 April 13:00

The Republican strategy was to get conservative voters to the polls by exploiting their "anger point

World view - Lindsey Hilsum pities a post-Mugabe Zimbabwe
By Lindsey Hilsum - 18 April 13:00

Dictators always ensure that what follows their rule will be worse. After Mugabe dies, South Africa

Blood of innocents on his hands
By Michela Wrong - 11 April 13:00

Pope John Paul II helped keep the continent of Africa disease-ridden, famished and disastrously unde

Mint tea with the terrorists
By Stephen Grey - 11 April 13:00

Under US law, it is an offence to give any "aid or counsel" to groups such as Hamas or Hezbollah. Bu

Inside Islam's ''terror schools''
By William Dalrymple - 28 March 13:00

Madrasas are Islamic colleges accused by the US of incubating terrorism and the attacks of 9/11. Fro

NS Profile - Middle England
By Joe Moran - 28 March 13:00

This land of Polo mint-suckers and Sunday car-washers, it is said, will decide who wins the election

As politicians blame the drugs trade, John Pilger names the real killers in Columbia
By John Pilger - 21 March 12:00

The UK government finds it convenient to blame Colombia's huge murder rate on drugs. But the true killers are closer to home.

America - Andrew Stephen reveals Gerry Adams's mistake
By Andrew Stephen - 21 March 12:00

Gerry Adams, once lauded as a man with a "delightful laugh", has burned his boats in Washington. Per

World view - Lindsey Hilsum predicts good times for Arab clerics
By Lindsey Hilsum - 21 March 12:00

Perhaps the Muslim world has to go through a new Islamist phase as the result of democratic change -

The future is to follow China
By Moeletsi Mbeki - 14 March 12:00

Africa special: trade - Foreign-owned companies operating in Africa and the rural poor are victims o

To save Africa we must listen to it
By Richard Dowden - 14 March 12:00

Africa special: the big picture - Their fault or our fault? The blame game doesn't help. More import