Why you should oppose war in Iraq
By Staff blogger - 02 September 13:00

In some left-wing quarters, a seductive argument is taking root. If Henry Kissinger, the American military, the Turkish government and the Saudi royal family are all against an invasion of Iraq - to say nothing of our own Max Hastings - must there not be a case in favour of it?

A monster of colossal power
By Stephen Pollard - 02 September 13:00

Master of the Senate: the years of Lyndon Johnson, volume 3

Robert A Caro <em> Jonathan Cape, 1,1

Show trial: the left in the dock
By John Lloyd - 02 September 13:00

Members of the new Labour cabinet must answer to the charge, laid by Martin Amis, that too many Brit

Mugabe's shortwave resistance
By Edward Russell-Walling - 02 September 13:00

Observations on Zimbabwe

Transatlantic notes - Andrew Stephen clobbers a mugger
By Andrew Stephen - 02 September 13:00

A florist in East Sheen had a sign saying that people could send flowers to Holly and Jessica from t

The great Satan
By Ziauddin Sardar - 26 August 13:00

The Eagle's Shadow: why America fascinates and infuriates the world

Mark Hertsgaard <em>Bloomsbury

Magnum bogus
By Richard Gott - 26 August 13:00

Why is the Foreign Office sponsoring an exhibition of photographs depicting eastern Europe? Richard

Paving the way for the Red Brigades
By John Lloyd - 19 August 13:00

The economy is failing, unemployment is up. No wonder Italians are losing patience with Silvio Berlu

NS Essay - Happy to be handcuffed by the state
By John Gray - 19 August 13:00

Liberals refuse to accept that the greatest threat to freedom comes not from an over-mighty governme

NS Profile - Colonel Gaddafi
By Nicholas Pelham - 19 August 13:00

Britain's new friend struts about in fancy dress and throws dollars to the poor. But will the Libyan

The business of apartheid
By Bryan Rostron - 12 August 13:00

The role of multinational corporations and banks under South Africa's racist regime is finally comin

Fighting is a last resort
By A C Grayling - 12 August 13:00

Aquinas defined the just war. Few conflicts have ever met his criteria

Doves don't take on hawks and win
By John Kampfner - 12 August 13:00

Is Tony Blair flattering himself that he can rein in George Bush's lust for war? John Kampfner repor

The Wrong War
By Tony Lloyd MP - 12 August 13:00

If they are so sure that an attack on Iraq is warranted, why doesn't our government debate the issue

No longer just the bank
By John Kampfner - 05 August 13:00

Europe may have been subsidising the Palestinian Authority, but it has played an insignificant role

Union blues
By Jennifer Szalai - 05 August 13:00

State of the Union: a century of American labor

Nelson Lichtenstein <em>Princeton University, 298p

The secret partition
By Paul Moorcraft - 05 August 13:00

A plan to split Saudi Arabia gives the Saudis the holy sites and us the oil, George Galloway tells P

Finding the real Iraq
By Lindsey Hilsum - 05 August 13:00

In the shadow of their Glorious Leader, Iraqis are struggling with malnutrition and illiteracy. But

Americans see us as subordinates
By John Lloyd - 05 August 13:00

Anti-European feeling is running high in America - among the left as well as the right, as John Lloy

Let's send Dubya a dame
By Quentin Letts - 29 July 13:00

Observations on our person in Washington

America - Andrew Stephen flinches from West Nile fever
By Andrew Stephen - 29 July 13:00

West Nile fever has now spread from Africa to my own back garden in Washington, DC, and has killed m

The sweet voice of reason
By Scott Lucas - 22 July 13:00

Joe Klein's mission is to kick sense into Europe. By <strong>Scott Lucas</strong> and <strong>Barbar

A kindergarten for murderers
By Amos Oz - 22 July 13:00

Observations on the Middle East

America - Andrew Stephen on turmoil in capitalism's heartland
By Andrew Stephen - 22 July 13:00

In the heartland of capitalism, the captains of industry have now fallen below lawyers and even jour

A subaltern or a general?
By John Lloyd - 22 July 13:00

European leaders are as uneasy as their citizens about their role vis-a-vis the US. Soon, they must

In a faraway land, the left prospers
By Austin Mitchell - 15 July 13:00

Observations on social democracy

Self-assessment, warts and all
By Ziauddin Sardar - 15 July 13:00

Observations on Arabs

America - Andrew Stephen finds Americans too smug
By Andrew Stephen - 15 July 13:00

Americans truly believe in the manifest destiny of their country. "In God We Trust", it says on thei

Books, lies and videotapes
By Johann Hari - 15 July 13:00

In Yorba Linda, California, only the Nixon-lovers can hear you scream, as they buy gifts and even ge

Darcus Howe denounces a former ally
By Darcus Howe - 15 July 13:00

My one-time ally let moral and spiritual values go out of the window