1066 and all that
By Richard J Evans - 23 January 0:00

Michael Gove argues that schools should teach children about kings, queens and wars. He's offering a

Notes in the Margin: Short, sharp shock
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 02 January 0:00

A couple of weeks ago, a colleague left a pile of slightly dog-eared pamphlets on my desk. They included Why Nationalise Steel? and Is This Socialism?

Never giving ground
By Jason Cowley - 02 January 0:00

The editor of the <em>New Statesman</em> reflects on the life and legacy of Christopher Hitchens.

Interesting times
By Michael Brooks - 30 December 15:30

It's a happy new year for science; it always is.

Preview: Richard Dawkins interviews Christopher Hitchens
By George Eaton - 13 December 13:11

Exclusive extracts from the writer's final interview.

“Science tells you that your opinion is worthless. That’s difficult”
By Helen Lewis - 08 December 11:50

The NS Interview: Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, physicists

The fretwork of bare trees
By Richard Mabey - 05 December 0:00

In the first of a new occasional series on nature and landscape, Richard Mabey prepares for winter i

Science, God, and the ultimate evolutionary question
By Andrew Zak Williams - 30 November 11:36

Until science proves the origin of the very first cells, many will wheel out God as the default expl

The Sunday Sermon: Karen Armstrong
By Alice Gribbin - 28 November 0:00

Alice Gribbin joins a secular congregation at prayer, and leaves with a warm glow.

Hitch’s Rolls-Royce mind is still purring
By George Eaton - 24 November 17:25

The great polemicist is certain to be remembered, but perhaps not as he would like.

Christopher Hitchens night: a review
By George Eaton - 10 November 15:11

Stephen Fry, Martin Amis, Salman Rushdie, Sean Penn and others unite to celebrate Hitchens.

Word Games: Occupy
By Sophie Elmhirst - 10 November 15:02

Some were never cynical about the Occupy movement, not even at the beginning. I wasn't one of them. Sometimes, being cynical comes too easily.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 24 October 1:00

What a month it has been for the fox. From the decline and fall of a cabinet minister (Dr Liam Fox) to the release of the unfortunately christened Foxy Knoxy (Amanda Knox), the humble fox has littered our headlines.

The deceit that led to 9/11
By Robert Trivers - 24 October 1:00

Disasters are always studied in retrospect. We will not have an experimental science of the subject any time soon.

What a tangled web we weave
By Robert Trivers - 24 October 1:00

From using euphemisms such as “collateral damage” to faking orgasms, we practise deception all the t

By Sophie Elmhirst - 11 October 15:11

September: the heart sinks a little, the light dims, evenings draw in and there is every reason to feel self-pityingly mournful.

Notes in the margin: Equal Opportunity
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 26 September 1:00

Dartington Hall, near Totnes in Devon, has a long association with left-of-centre thought and politics.

New Statesman
Patois and patties at Twice as Nice
By Will Self - 26 September 1:00

Y'know, me don' see dat David Starkey much down 'ere on me manor, seen, tho' wevver it am because he be chi-chi man or foo-foo racist man me don't know.

A tale of two theories
By Colin MacCabe - 26 September 1:00

Sacked by Cambridge University amid accusations of
heroin-dealing and terrorist links, he became t

Just think – parliament could have looked like a giant Essex pub
By Ian Martin - 19 September 12:16

This absurd building will be there long after the latest bunch of elected tossers has entirely faded

Think you chose to read this? Think again
By Michael Brooks - 19 September 1:00

What do you do when a few decades of science puts an end to thousands of years of philosophical debate? Answer: call a billionaire.

The suburb that changed the world
By Jaron Lanier - 18 August 10:53

In the 1980s, Silicon Valley was populated by lefties and hippies who dreamed of a computer revoluti

The Play of the Eyes
By John Gray - 15 August 1:00

The last volume in Elias Canetti’s memoirs published in his lifetime pulls away from theorising abou

The NS Profile: Tim Berners-Lee
By John Naish - 15 August 1:00

Tim Berners-Lee could have been a billionaire if he had sold his invention, the World Wide Web. Inst

Wilful blindness - why we ignore the obvious at our peril
By Margaret Heffernan - 08 August 1:00

The Murdochs have been accused of ignoring what was happening at News International. Their “wilful b

Toreador of the Test match
By Tim Adams - 13 July 17:34

Sachin Tendulkar, India’s “Little Master”, carries the hopes of a nation on his shoulders each time

Students are not consumers
By Jonathan Webber - 11 July 18:12

Treating them as customers does nothing to prepare them for the world of work.

The superstar messiah of the New Left
By Harry Conrad Cockburn - 04 July 18:48

"Don't underestimate how far ideology has penetrated our daily lives," says Slavoj Žižek.

As London lay smoking
By Juliet Gardiner - 28 June 15:21

On the 70th anniversary of its devastation in the Blitz, Lambeth Palace opens its archives on a brav

Game’s up for the soapbox
By Leo McKinstry - 27 June 1:00

Politics is riddled with sporting clichés. Yet often the metaphors they use are tired, unimaginative