The New Statesman Essay - Let traitors flinch
By Tristram Hunt - 27 August 13:00

In the new Labour Party, the scarlet standard is out, the Union flag in; but ministers are still con

The New Statesman Essay - Don't just sit there, enjoy it!
By Sandy McCreery - 23 July 13:00

We should learn to love traffic jams, argues Sandy McCreery. Congestion is the essence of city life,

The New Statesman Essay - Yes, we still need meritocracy
By Peter Kellner - 09 July 13:00

Roy Hattersley is wrong, but Blair will be sunk if he fails to address his concerns, argues Peter Ke

The New Statesman Essay - Don't just act, talk!
By Michael Jacobs - 02 July 13:00

What matters is what works, ministers say. Wrong, argues Michael Jacobs. Means count at least as muc

The New Statesman Essay - The Third Way is a triumph
By Amitai Etzioni - 25 June 13:00

Far from being waffle, Blair's philosophy has a solid core: the market should support the welfare st

The New Statesman Essay - The logos fight back
By James Harkin - 18 June 13:00

The culture jammers tried to subvert the big brand names. But the smart advertisers now use guerrill

The New Statesman Essay - Scotland returns to the Dark Ages
By Tim Luckhurst - 21 May 13:00

Devolution is supposed to be a progressive policy. In reality, it has released the dragons of bigotr

The New Statesman Essay - Can Blair kill off Britain's Tory state at last?
By David Marquand - 14 May 13:00

<em>Election 2001</em> - He may not be a socialist, but no Labour leader has ever been more anti-Con

The New Statesman Essay - A sense of belonging
By Michael Dummett - 07 May 13:00

Is there a real danger that Britain will become a foreign land and the British a mongrel race? Micha

The New Statesman Essay - Should the world renounce meat?
By Colin Tudge - 30 April 13:00

In the wake of BSE and foot and mouth, vegetarians seem to hold the moral high ground. Colin Tudge,

The New Statesman Essay - The rule of the chimpanzees
By A C Grayling - 23 April 13:00

Authority is dead, killed off by television and tabloids. Politicians can now lead only if they also

The New Statesman Essay - A tide that cannot be turned
By Irwin Stelzer - 16 April 13:00

Irwin Stelzer argues that economic self-interest is a better guide to immigration policy than humani

The New Statesman Essay - Nationalism? What's that?
By D J Taylor - 09 April 13:00

John Bull had only a brief life. Wordsworth and Jane Austen didn't know him; Suez killed him off. Ha

The New Statesman Essay - How we let more mean worse
By Alan Ryan - 26 March 13:00

Alan Ryan argues that, by pretending that the second-rate is as good as the best, British higher edu

The New Statesman Essay - Trapped in the human zoo
By Ziauddin Sardar - 19 March 12:00

Celebrity is now the world's main currency, the key to success for good causes as well as for film s

The New Statesman Essay - We must learn to govern ourselves
By Tom Bentley - 12 March 12:00

Why has new Labour found it so difficult to deliver on so many of its promises? Because it relies on

The New Statesman Essay - Democracy can be bad for you
By Eric Hobsbawm and Jacques Attali - 05 March 12:00

All regimes pay lip-service to representative government. But can the "people's will" provide the so

The New Statesman Essay - Why science should warm our hearts
By Colin Tudge - 26 February 12:00

Scientists who present their subject as a set of arcane mysteries betray their own craft, argues Col

The New Statesman Essay - How history became popular again
By Richard J Evans - 12 February 12:00

Richard J Evans explains why even Downing Street now wants to hear what historians have to say

The New Statesman Essay - Bring back common sense
By Colin Tudge - 29 January 12:00

If we continue to heed experts, we shall have more disasters like BSE, argues Colin Tudge

The New Statesman Essay - A nation that believes it speaks for the world
By Ziauddin Sardar - 22 January 12:00

<em>The US Presidency</em> - What lies behind American arrogance? An ideology that proclaims the cou

The New Statesman Essay - Which doctor?
By Tim Kelsey - 15 January 12:00

Why we need measurement in the NHS

The New Statesman Essay - Markets 'R' Us
By Thomas Frank - 08 January 12:00

Business is the new religion; in an extraordinary historical reversal, those who oppose it are arrog

The New Statesman Essay
By Oliver Pauley - 25 December 12:00

Oliver Pauley, the winner of this year's Webb Essay prize, argues that, for all the bleating of the

The New Statesman Christmas Essay
By Roger Scruton - 25 December 12:00

<em>NS Christmas</em> - Don't fulminate against the redcoats on Boxing Day: animal lovers and social

The New Statesman Essay - When Tony wants and Gordon requires
By Peter Hennessy - 18 December 12:00

Peter Hennessy argues that new Labour's governing style raises profound constitutional questions

The New Statesman Essay - The press and the swinish multitude
By Geoffrey Wheatcroft - 11 December 12:00

Can those who look down on the popular papers really call themselves the workers' friends?

The New Statesman Essay - Blair's biggest U-turn
By Michael Jacobs - 27 November 12:00

This is the year that Labour went back to tax and spend. But can ministers convince a deeply sceptic

The New Statesman Essay - The wrong moral autopilot
By Janet Radcliffe Richards - 20 November 12:00

Our thinking about Mary and Jodie typifies our confusion on wider issues

The New Statesman Essay - The fall of civic culture
By David Marquand - 13 November 12:00

The new right's Kulturkampf has destroyed the values of the public domain. But does Tony Blair under