Give motorists a better deal
By Staff blogger - 04 March 12:00

Governments have been striving for 20 years to create markets where none can sensibly exist - in the provision of education and health, for example.

The New Statesman Essay - Mad, bad and dangerous
By Colin Tudge - 04 March 12:00

Whether it's the MMR vaccine or GM foods, people distrust what scientists tell them. And they are pe

Future looks good with 2020 vision
By Geoffrey Lean - 25 February 12:00

Forget about sleaze and spin, the proposals of the new energy report could change the world we live

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America, once more, is fighting in a country that it barely understands. Pankaj Mishra on a conflict

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By Mark Mazower - 04 February 12:00

Mark Mazower finds that the splendid principles enshrined in such documents as the UN Charter are no

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By Colin Tudge - 21 January 12:00

Religion can survive if it embraces the true spirit of science

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By Peter Kellner - 14 January 12:00

Socialism versus capitalism? Forget it. Go back to the pre-Marxist era and renew the battle between

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Gary Hart explains why America was caught napping on 11 September

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Richard Sennett on a growing gulf between the metropolitan elite and the rest

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Helen McCarthy argues that our unease about new technology makes it more urgent than ever to revive

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By Patricia Hewitt - 17 December 12:00

Citizenship tests? Yes, but let's first agree on our own values

The New Statesman Essay - "By 2020, the World Health Organisation expects depression to be the number one health problem"
By Oliver Bennett - 03 December 12:00

What with terrorism, the environment, social disintegration and rampant capitalism, pessimism is in

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By Ziauddin Sardar - 19 November 12:00

Hollywood uses it; so did the Nazis. Ziauddin Sardar on the world's most potent drug

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By Maria Misra - 12 November 12:00

Is a new, more cuddly version of imperialism the answer for "failed states" such as war-torn Afghani

The New Statesman Essay - The tyranny of Nicespeak
By Deborah Cameron - 05 November 12:00

Today, even academics are told how to answer the phone, and every hospital has a "mission statement"

The New Statesman Essay - The global policeman must play by a new set of rules
By Anthony Dworkin - 29 October 12:00

The CIA has been given the green light to assassinate Osama Bin Laden. This is merely the latest ind

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By Jason Cowley - 15 October 13:00

<em>War on Terror</em> - Two centuries ago, the great philosopher Immanuel Kant also envisaged a wor

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India's early contacts with the British were benign and mutually beneficial, argues Maria Misra. All

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Whatever happened to Will Hutton's vision of "a less degenerate capitalism"? <strong>Richard Roberts

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By Colin Tudge - 10 September 13:00

Is it really possible, as a new film suggests, that artificial intelligence like David (from <em>AI:

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By Tristram Hunt - 27 August 13:00

In the new Labour Party, the scarlet standard is out, the Union flag in; but ministers are still con

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By Sandy McCreery - 23 July 13:00

We should learn to love traffic jams, argues Sandy McCreery. Congestion is the essence of city life,

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By Peter Kellner - 09 July 13:00

Roy Hattersley is wrong, but Blair will be sunk if he fails to address his concerns, argues Peter Ke

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What matters is what works, ministers say. Wrong, argues Michael Jacobs. Means count at least as muc

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By Amitai Etzioni - 25 June 13:00

Far from being waffle, Blair's philosophy has a solid core: the market should support the welfare st

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By James Harkin - 18 June 13:00

The culture jammers tried to subvert the big brand names. But the smart advertisers now use guerrill

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Devolution is supposed to be a progressive policy. In reality, it has released the dragons of bigotr

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By David Marquand - 14 May 13:00

<em>Election 2001</em> - He may not be a socialist, but no Labour leader has ever been more anti-Con

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Is there a real danger that Britain will become a foreign land and the British a mongrel race? Micha

The New Statesman Essay - Should the world renounce meat?
By Colin Tudge - 30 April 13:00

In the wake of BSE and foot and mouth, vegetarians seem to hold the moral high ground. Colin Tudge,