When a mobile phone becomes "a terrorist article"
By Neil Clark - 31 March 13:00

When a mobile phone becomes "a terrorist article"

The foolish hopes of Washington's new Jacobins
By John Gray - 31 March 13:00

America's neoconservatives have the same utopian ambitions as the revolutionaries of 18th-century Fr

Germ rights
By Michael Barrett - 31 March 13:00

Smallpox: the fight to eradicate a global scourge

David Koplow <em>University of California Press,

NS Essay - 'Envy was the midwife of social justice; now, it reduces the happiness of those who have little to complain about'
By Richard Reeves - 31 March 13:00

Richard Reeves argues that, if we really want people to be more contented, we should think of how we

The first liberal imperialist
By Pankaj Mishra - 24 March 12:00

The great Mughal emperor Akbar believed in religious tolerance and reason. But his quest to achieve

NS Essay - 'The white working class see newcomers leapfrogging over them to join the national elite'
By Geoff Dench - 24 March 12:00

New Labour despises old community values and puts meritocracy first. Recent migrants, as well as tho

The wrong blueprint for Baghdad
By Mark Almond - 24 March 12:00

The Balkans are hailed as proof that western intervention improves native lives. Wrong, reports Mark

The house Jack couldn't build
By Edward Miliband - 10 March 12:00

Observations on liberalism (US definition)

NS Essay - The secrets of happiness
By Richard Layard - 03 March 12:00

Despite growing affluence, the average Briton is more miserable than ever. Why? Because when people

America - Andrew Stephen exposes a real space shuttle disaster
By Andrew Stephen - 03 March 12:00

It is now emerging that the Columbia space shuttle had serious problems on 20 of its 28 flights, and

The perils of cheap energy
By Staff blogger - 03 March 12:00

If what scientists tell us about the dangers to the planet's climate is really true - and the government's white paper on energy, issued last Monday, opens with some thoroughly alarming charts and statements, including the possibility that the Gulf Stream could soon be switched off - it demands

Milton Friedman lives again
By Stephen Pollard - 24 February 12:00

Observations on gurus

A Modest Proposal
By John Gray - 17 February 12:00

A Modest Proposal For Preventing Torturers in Liberal Democracies From Being Abused, and For Recogni

The end of the space age
By Marina Benjamin - 10 February 12:00

Even science fiction no longer tells tales of voyages to other worlds. Travel beyond earth ceased to

How Blair stitched up Robin Cook
By John Kampfner - 10 February 12:00

The fiasco over Lords reform shows how the PM has become an old-fashioned machine politician, who wi

The doubting self
By Frank Furedi - 10 February 12:00

Respect: the formation of character in an age of inequality

Richard Sennett <em>Allen Lane, The Pe

Chalked up
By Kathryn Corrick - 03 February 12:00

Technology - Kathryn Corrick on how the internet has returned public art to the streets

Pay any price, bear any burden?
By John Lloyd - 03 February 12:00

Idealism and vision have returned to America. Why, ask some, should the Arab world, with a US-led dr

A talent to provoke. Richard Gott grapples with a revisionist's defence of empire
By Richard Gott - 27 January 12:00

Empire: how Britain made the modern world

Niall Ferguson <em>Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, 392pp,

NS Essay - 'American culture is animated by a heresy: that human nature is not inherently flawed but essentially good'
By John Gray - 20 January 12:00

The real danger of President Bush's plans for Iraq is that they are based on the belief that evil ca

Welcome, whoever you are
By Fay Weldon - 13 January 12:00

Fay Weldon, who once wrote a novel about a cloned woman, argues that we will eventually accept clone

Cristina Odone ponders the ethics of cloning
By Cristina Odone - 06 January 12:00

Scientists as well as cult leaders ignore the moral questions behind cloning

Oh Lord, log them on, but not yet
By Roger Ridey - 16 December 12:00

The PM promises broadband for every school by 2006. Roger Ridey asks what happened to an earlier pro

NS Essay 1 - 'The rulers of the United States have embarked on policies that violate the principles of open society'
By George Soros - 16 December 12:00

George Soros recalls how the writings of Karl Popper were the formative influence on his life, and a

The gods meet fire with fire
By Karen Armstrong - 16 December 12:00

The fundamentalists have hijacked religion since 11 September; and the secular fundamentalists are a

Conspiracy theories: a guide
By Johann Hari - 16 December 12:00

Even the Queen, according to the ex-butler Paul Burrell, thinks that we should watch out for "dark f