NS Essay - 'This is not the country it was when Labour returned to power in 1997'
By Jason Cowley - 29 March 13:00

What do we mean by multiculturalism? In Britain, it once meant embracing the diverse traditions of t

NS Essay - 'There will never be any other industry that can employ as many people as farming'
By Colin Tudge - 22 March 12:00

By 2050, six billion people will live in cities - as many as now live on the whole earth. At least a

Say it with semi-colons
By Ellie Levenson - 15 March 12:00

Observations on netiquette

NS Essay - 'The Tories will briefly return to power in 2010, but after that it will be Labour's century'
By Richard Reeves - 08 March 12:00

The Blair-Brown style, with its notorious control-freakery, is the result of too long in opposition.

A bus that comes when you want it
By Alexander Monro - 01 March 12:00

Observations on transport

NS Essay - The biomass of human bodies now exceeds by a hundred times that of any large animal species that ever existed on land
By Mark Lynas - 23 February 12:00

The century's big issue is not equality in the conventional sense. It is whether we can share with o

If it moves, test it and give it a grade
By Staff blogger - 23 February 12:00

The faults in the schooling of English teenagers have been clear for 30 years. Too many stop learning too early; in this respect, only Mexico, Turkey and Greece among OECD countries do worse.

Living doll
By Bryan Appleyard - 23 February 12:00

Growing Up With Lucy: how to build an android in twenty easy steps

Steve Grand <em>Weidenfeld & Ni

Everybody hurts
By Susie Orbach - 23 February 12:00

Exhibition - Susie Orbach wonders why we waste so much time trying to avoid pain

No dinner, but a nice box of chocs
By Brian Cathcart - 16 February 12:00

Observations on science and sexism

NS Essay - The best hope for animal liberation is that humans kill each other in wars
By John Gray - 09 February 12:00

The big threat to the welfare of other species is the unchecked expansion of "homo rapiens". Those w

NS Essay - When it comes to family, sex, food and booze, people hate being told what to do
By Richard Reeves - 02 February 12:00

Ministers should ignore the "nanny state" taunts. They may face opposition at first but, as drink-dr

How the English became obsessed with property
By Tristram Hunt - 02 February 12:00

The sense of individualism and fear of revolution gave rise to the cult of the home. Only now do we

America - Andrew Stephen explains why we won't go to Mars
By Andrew Stephen - 02 February 12:00

Bush's announcement of a mission to Mars is complete bunkum. The technology to get human beings ther

Icons of evil
By John Gray - 02 February 12:00

We do not know why people commit terrible crimes. While contemporary artists have responded with a m

The big squeeze
By Richard Cook - 26 January 12:00

Music - Richard Cook turns the tables on the latest gismo to transform the hi-fi industry

NS Essay - The public domain is a gift of history. Now it is at risk
By David Marquand - 19 January 12:00

Ideals of service, equity and civic duty that once counted even in private firms are all but gone. M

The underground men
By Jason Cowley - 12 January 12:00

Some find true freedom when they are confined; others, like Saddam Hussein, meet their nemesis. From

American dreams
By Geoff Dyer - 12 January 12:00

Comics - Geoff Dyer on how the comic-strip superhero has become a metaphor for self-transformation

Santa is green, really
By Mark Lynas - 15 December 12:00

Buried deep beneath the schmaltz and tinsel of this season of excess is a message for us about our p

NS Essay 4 - The US has rogue leaders, but that does not make it a rogue state
By Jennifer Rankin - 15 December 12:00

America has plenty to answer for, but the country itself set the standards by which we habitually ju

Some smells are heaven scent
By Ziauddin Sardar - 15 December 12:00

Modern, branded perfumes are as ubiquitous as junk food - and just as bad for you. Ziauddin Sardar r

NS Essay 3 - In defence of lust
By Simon Blackburn - 15 December 12:00

Simple desire gets a worse press than love because it really does make fools of men, even of preside

The bloggers of Westminster
By Gavin Sheridan - 15 December 12:00

Gavin Sheridan and Tom Wilson have a cautionary tale for MPs who don't keep up with technology

NS Essay 2 - New science, old myth
By John Gray - 15 December 12:00

From the Middle Ages through Marx to the free market, humankind has clung desperately to the idea of

My big conversation with the PM
By Helen McCarthy - 15 December 12:00

Helen McCarthy suggests citizens may use mobile technology to create their own forms of democracy

NS Essay 1 - People no longer have the confidence to follow their own consciences
By Frank Field - 15 December 12:00

Our big problem is not crime but yobbery and the loss of common decency. Police, schools and the wel