A helping hand from the state
By Michael Cross - 31 May 13:00

Broadband Britain is emerging thanks to some Nordic-style nurturing of networks to serve schools, ho

NS Essay - The belief that more education will create more equal opportunities has been proved wrong
By Richard Reeves - 24 May 13:00

Genuine meritocracy and greater social mobility are emerging as Labour's big ideas for the third ter

Towards a better Britain?
By Robert Colvile - 24 May 13:00

Broadband, people say, will improve the way we work, rest and play. Robert Colvile reports on the fi

NS Essay - Global warming: is it already too late?
By Mark Lynas - 17 May 13:00

A forthcoming film that shows New York drowning may be based on dodgy science. But as the world gets

Say it with flattery
By Bruce Anderson - 10 May 13:00

Observations on the BBC

The business - Patrick Hosking wonders about the Google floatation
By Patrick Hosking - 10 May 13:00

The creators of Google risk ending up like Anita Roddick, their ideals increasingly sidelined by com

NS Essay - We should have made it clear that we too were modernisers
By Roy Hattersley - 10 May 13:00

Roy Hattersley admits that Blair's critics failed to argue their own case for "modern social democra

To know the countryside, you must live in the city
By David Nicholson-Lord - 10 May 13:00

Country folk, tradition has it, are in tune with nature. Wrong. They have long shown woeful ignoranc

NS Essay - Military occupation is not the road to democracy
By Robert Cooper - 03 May 13:00

Democracies are not made by written laws which can be exported as a package. They depend on unwritte

Religion: Why do we still give a damn?
By Barbara Gunnell - 03 May 13:00

In one of the world's most secular societies, ministers tremble at an archbishop's words and give cl

Mark Thomas goes on trial for criminal damage
By Mark Thomas - 26 April 13:00

Together with three others, I was charged with criminal damage to a minibus. We were all acquitted,

NS Essay - The honesty of science is being compromised at every turn
By Colin Tudge - 26 April 13:00

Can we still rely on what scientists tell us? Alas, no. Their conferences and papers are sponsored b

Why Iraqis give thanks for Bush
By Orly Halpern - 26 April 13:00

In a country that was once divided, Shias and Sunnis are now as one, praying together for the first

NS Essay - Friendship is the invisible thread running through society
By Richard Reeves - 19 April 13:00

Friends can give you longer life and better health. But they can also be the basis for hierarchy, so

NS Essay - Babies have now to be trained in the Protestant work ethic
By Suzanne Moore - 12 April 13:00

As parents claim the credit if their child succeeds and professionals say there's something wrong wi

When men have lost their reason
By Colin Tudge - 12 April 13:00

Is the war on terrorism working? A scientific analysis suggests that it is not and that it has succe

Mark Thomas starts his own think-tank
By Mark Thomas - 12 April 13:00

My new think-tank will cure voter apathy: we will offer prizes and air miles and allow you to swap y

Sexual chemistry
By Edwina Currie - 05 April 13:00

Pandora's Breeches: women, science and power in the Enlightenment

Patricia Fara <em>Pimlico, 212pp

How to take Islam back to reason
By Ziauddin Sardar - 05 April 13:00

Far from being anti-science, as George Carey suggests, the Koran demands scientific study. Now Musli

NS Essay - 'This is not the country it was when Labour returned to power in 1997'
By Jason Cowley - 29 March 13:00

What do we mean by multiculturalism? In Britain, it once meant embracing the diverse traditions of t

NS Essay - 'There will never be any other industry that can employ as many people as farming'
By Colin Tudge - 22 March 12:00

By 2050, six billion people will live in cities - as many as now live on the whole earth. At least a

Say it with semi-colons
By Ellie Levenson - 15 March 12:00

Observations on netiquette

NS Essay - 'The Tories will briefly return to power in 2010, but after that it will be Labour's century'
By Richard Reeves - 08 March 12:00

The Blair-Brown style, with its notorious control-freakery, is the result of too long in opposition.

A bus that comes when you want it
By Alexander Monro - 01 March 12:00

Observations on transport

NS Essay - The biomass of human bodies now exceeds by a hundred times that of any large animal species that ever existed on land
By Mark Lynas - 23 February 12:00

The century's big issue is not equality in the conventional sense. It is whether we can share with o

If it moves, test it and give it a grade
By Staff blogger - 23 February 12:00

The faults in the schooling of English teenagers have been clear for 30 years. Too many stop learning too early; in this respect, only Mexico, Turkey and Greece among OECD countries do worse.