Slavoj Žižek on "the idea of communism"
By Mike Sweeney - 07 July 17:51

The Slovenian philosopher in full effect.

Meditation rescued me from misanthropy
By Tim Parks - 05 July 9:36

Religion is an easy target for atheists, but, as Tim Parks discovered, there’s no escaping that ther

Beware those Black Swans
By Nassim Nicholas Taleb - 05 July 9:30

The bestselling economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb argues that we can’t make the world financial system

By Sophie Elmhirst - 02 July 10:00

What with the World Cup and the Budget and the Twilight: Eclipse premiere, everyone sort of forgot about the G8 summit.

Bad Idea: Heading south
By Alyssa McDonald - 02 July 9:40

Strange timing: just as the new government announced it would limit migration to the UK, the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, turned up in the Sunday Times to (quietly) recommend that those already livi

Narcissism and neurosis
By Cyrus Shahrad - 28 June 9:17

Cyrus Shahrad talked to Sebastian Horsley shortly before his death this month.

Extreme stories –– the cold war years
By David Caute - 28 June 9:13

From the Spanish civil war onwards, writers were forced to negotiate a perilous intellectual divide.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 25 June 10:28

So Piers Morgan is moving to CNN. Said a source to the Mirror: "He's set to launch into the stratosphere in the US." Ah, the stratosphere.

Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities
By Guy Dammann - 24 June 7:30

Fans of the campus novel keep a special place on their shelves for Morris Zapp, the cocksure protagonist of David Lodge's 1975 novel Changing Places.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 21 June 9:07

What's a Brit? "I'm pretty sure the Brits were supposed to win," said an American man in South Africa, stars and stripes draped across his shoulders, talking after the soul-sapping World Cup game against the US.

In the age of “peak book”
By Will Self - 21 June 9:04

I seldom work in libraries, for all the obvious reasons: you can't smoke, eat or drink, while the proximity of many lithe young bodies in tense repose inevitably tends one's thoughts to the sexual.

Still lost in Austen
By Margaret Drabble - 21 June 9:03

Jane Austen’s literary heirs are innumerable –– and her readers are ardent to the point of hysteria.

An enlightenment fit for the 21st century
By Matthew Taylor - 21 June 8:52

The Tories’ “big society” challenges the people, and not just governments, to embrace change. To eff

The NS Interview: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
By Mehdi Hasan - 18 June 9:03

“Cameron is extraordinary. He’s the only thing we have left”

Multiple organisms
By Michael Brooks - 14 June 9:05

We don't have enough respect for bacteria. First, they prepared the planet for the arrival of we oxygen-breathers, and long after we are gone they will remain to clear up our mess. Including our oil spills, as it turns out.

War of the words
By John Gray - 14 June 8:34

Science fiction was once driven by a faith in human ability to change the world. These days, the gen

Laurie Penny: Hey Baby - The PC Game with a twist
By Laurie Penny - 10 June 2:17

Laurie Penny manoeuvres through a scenario that lets women strike back.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 09 June 16:27

As in a botch job, or Israel's botched flotilla raid. Sensitive politics aside, the one thing the British media seemed to agree on was that Israel's actions were "botched". The word was ubiquitous.

Bad Idea: Arrogant arguments
By Samira Shackle - 07 June 9:30

There is any number of things wrong with Building a Political Firewall Against Israel's Delegitimisation, a new report from the Israeli think tank

The many faces of Fabio Capello
By Tim Adams - 07 June 9:00

Thirteen ways of looking at the England manager as he prepares his team for the World Cup –– from bi

By Sophie Elmhirst - 04 June 9:12

I got thinking about stings because of Fergie, obviously. What a sting that was.

Being human
By Martha Nussbaum - 01 June 9:13

A liberal arts education is about much more than quick financial gain, as J S Mill knew –– it is a v

By Sophie Elmhirst - 31 May 10:37

I love a good heist. The recent theft of paintings by Picasso and Matisse (among others) in Paris has been labelled the "heist of the century" - a bold claim, given we're only a decade in.

The Books Interview: Attica Locke
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 28 May 9:41

Jay, the protagonist in your novel Black Water Rising, is a veteran of the American civil rights movement. Is he mourning the movement, or trying to forget it?

Return of Pac Man
By Yo Zushi - 27 May 18:48

The munching blob that captured the spirit of an era.

Academic staff suspended at Middlesex University
By Mike Sweeney - 25 May 16:02

Three philosophers have been banned from entering university premises or contacting students.

Bad Idea: The fat red line
By Alyssa McDonald - 24 May 8:55

US national security is at risk - we have been told that much already. But who knew the culprit was the humble hamburger?

The NS Interview: Malcolm Gladwell
By Alyssa McDonald - 24 May 8:49

“It was good to be right wing at 15 – I couldn’t do any damage”

By Sophie Elmhirst - 21 May 9:28

BP has released an underwater video of the oil leaking from the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico. I heartily recommend it.

Smile, honey, you’re on candid camera
By Chris Petit - 21 May 9:08

The film director Chris Petit looks back on images of surveillance on film and recalls how Britain f