Dog days
By Sophie Elmhirst - 13 August 9:26

We're in them. Right now. The dog days are all around us.

Down with the masters in lab coats
By Susan Greenfield - 13 August 9:20

It’s time male scientists stopped hogging all the power in experimentation, funding and research and

The NS Interview: Colin Blakemore
By Sophie Elmhirst - 13 August 9:17

“It’s touch and go whether we humans will outlive the century” - Colin Blakemore, neuroscientist

How to remember Tony Judt
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 10 August 11:07

The historian’s career shouldn’t be defined only by his views on Israel.

What if . . . the Confederacy had survived
By Dominic Sandbrook - 06 August 9:10

With his visit to the United States overshadowed by his slip about Anglo-American relations in 1940, David Cameron will doubtless be hoping that his second visit to the New World, which begins next week, will be rather more su

By Sophie Elmhirst - 06 August 9:08

They're serious aren't they, surveys? The British Antarctic Survey, the Ordnance Survey, the British Crime Survey, the GP Patient Survey.

Visions of the good society
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 03 August 18:40

Stuart White on left-wing political philosophy.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 30 July 10:01

Have you seen the adverts for the new Marvel Super Heroes 4D experience at Madame Tussauds?

What if . . . . . . the Romanovs had been exiled
By Dominic Sandbrook - 26 July 8:56

The message could hardly have been more explicit. "Events last week have deeply distressed me," George V wrote to his cousin Nicky in March 1917.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 23 July 9:59

All in all, this summer has been pretty amazing so far, hasn't it?

The Books Interview: Marshall Berman
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 19 July 9:01

Jonathan Derbyshire talks to the author of <em>All That Is Solid Melts Into Air: the Experience of Modernity.</em>

Not the messiah
By Alain de Botton - 19 July 9:01

The French sociologist Auguste Comte attempted to reconcile suspicion of religion with sympathy for

Ayn Rand's novels are pictured
We the Living
By John Gray - 19 July 9:00

Ayn Rand's laissez-faire tracts have enjoyed a revival in recent years – Alan Greenspan was an early devotee. Her thinking continues to influence all levels of US finance and politics.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 16 July 8:51

We're drowning in gaffes this summer: linesman gaffes at the World Cup; Michael Gove's gaffe about school-building; Tony Hayward's glittering

Good Idea: Urban jungles
By Alyssa McDonald - 16 July 8:48

Who doesn't like trees? Nobody. Everybody likes trees. But some people really, really like trees. The staff of the Woodland Trust, for example.

Interview: Christopher Hitchens
By George Eaton - 12 July 9:36

How is your campaign to have the Pope arrested progressing?

The origins of social liberalism
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 12 July 8:54

Contemporary social liberalism has its origins in the New Liberalism of the early 20th century.

New Statesman
Being Christopher Hitchens
By George Eaton - 12 July 8:53

The author and controversialist Christopher Hitchens has cancelled all appointments and begun chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus. Shortly before this news, he talked to George Eaton about his life and his work.

Double Dip
By Sophie Elmhirst - 09 July 9:16

Once upon a time, in 1989, the Double Dip was a sweet. Not just any sweet. The bestselling sweet in Ireland.

Slavoj Žižek on "the idea of communism"
By Mike Sweeney - 07 July 17:51

The Slovenian philosopher in full effect.

Meditation rescued me from misanthropy
By Tim Parks - 05 July 9:36

Religion is an easy target for atheists, but, as Tim Parks discovered, there’s no escaping that ther

Beware those Black Swans
By Nassim Nicholas Taleb - 05 July 9:30

The bestselling economist Nassim Nicholas Taleb argues that we can’t make the world financial system

By Sophie Elmhirst - 02 July 10:00

What with the World Cup and the Budget and the Twilight: Eclipse premiere, everyone sort of forgot about the G8 summit.

Bad Idea: Heading south
By Alyssa McDonald - 02 July 9:40

Strange timing: just as the new government announced it would limit migration to the UK, the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, turned up in the Sunday Times to (quietly) recommend that those already livi

Narcissism and neurosis
By Cyrus Shahrad - 28 June 9:17

Cyrus Shahrad talked to Sebastian Horsley shortly before his death this month.

Extreme stories –– the cold war years
By David Caute - 28 June 9:13

From the Spanish civil war onwards, writers were forced to negotiate a perilous intellectual divide.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 25 June 10:28

So Piers Morgan is moving to CNN. Said a source to the Mirror: "He's set to launch into the stratosphere in the US." Ah, the stratosphere.

Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities
By Guy Dammann - 24 June 7:30

Fans of the campus novel keep a special place on their shelves for Morris Zapp, the cocksure protagonist of David Lodge's 1975 novel Changing Places.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 21 June 9:07

What's a Brit? "I'm pretty sure the Brits were supposed to win," said an American man in South Africa, stars and stripes draped across his shoulders, talking after the soul-sapping World Cup game against the US.

In the age of “peak book”
By Will Self - 21 June 9:04

I seldom work in libraries, for all the obvious reasons: you can't smoke, eat or drink, while the proximity of many lithe young bodies in tense repose inevitably tends one's thoughts to the sexual.