What If . . . Reagan had lost in 1980
By Dominic Sandbrook - 15 December 9:42

Amazingly, it is 30 years now since the constitutional crisis that briefly left the United States without a president.

A graffiti image of Jesus. Photo: Getty
Jesus was a lefty
By Mehdi Hasan - 15 December 9:19

Conservatives claim Christ as one of their own. But he was the unemployed son of two asylum-seekers with all the personal traits of a modern revolutionary. 

Let the American anti-Quran pastor visit Britain
By Sholto Byrnes - 12 December 10:55

Theresa May is being urged to ban him. Free speech demands she shouldn’t.

Does the BBC really have a left-wing bias?
By Daniel Trilling - 12 December 9:53

If most of the corporation’s staff don’t vote Tory, that’s only a reflection of the country at large

The contempt for democracy
By Steven Baxter - 10 December 11:50

Think about this while you read press coverage of the student protests.

Last of the Irish rovers?
By Maurice Walsh - 09 December 11:48

Roger Casement made waves with his exposés of imperial abuses on the rubber plantations of Belgian C

Value of a soft cell
By Michael Brooks - 09 December 11:46

Stem-cell therapy is about to prove itself. Over the next few months, researchers will inject stem cells into the retinas of 12 people with a genetic condition that has slowly robbed them of their eyesight.

Sharing the pain?
By Jeremy Gilbert - 07 December 15:53

Why the coalition's cuts agenda draws on a masochistic streak in English culture.

Welcome to New Socialism
By Neal Lawson and John Harris - 02 December 15:22

After its defeat in May, Labour moved to elect a new leader. It was just the beginning of the overha

Memory and forgetting
By David Cesarani - 02 December 9:22

Twenty-five years after its release, Shoah, Claude Lanzmann’s documentary about the extermination of

Stretch of the imagination
By Nassim Nicholas Taleb - 02 December 9:11

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of the bestselling book on black swan events, delves deeper into the u

What if... Egypt had ruled over us
By Dominic Sandbrook - 02 December 7:58

Of all Shakespeare's plays, Antony and Cleopatra is my least favourite.

By Sophie Elmhirst - 02 December 7:22

You've probably read quite a lot about students in recent weeks, what with the protests, and the way certain newspapers (hello, Daily Mail) can't get out of bed without publishing a bevy of pictures of beautiful girls

"No one is going to do this for us, so we'd better get it right"
By Sofie Buckland - 29 November 13:35

Why the university occupations are giving students a crash course in political activism.

Of culture and anarchy
By Daniel Trilling - 22 November 10:01

The student protests were not an aberration but part of Britain’s rich history of dissent

The Memory Chalet
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 18 November 12:49

In 1998, in the introduction to The Burden of Responsibility, a book about French intellectuals in the 20th century, the historian Tony Judt made this observation about individuals and their pasts: "Except at moments of unusua

Death becomes you
By Ned Denny - 18 November 12:47

Ned Denny negotiates the perils of the ancient Egyptian underworld.

A hipster’s paradise
By Mark Greif - 18 November 12:47

In the late 1990s, a down-at-heel ’hood in New York’s Lower East Side became an enclave for rich whi

The NS Interview: James Ellroy, author
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 18 November 12:46

“If you’re an atheist when you’re my age, you don’t know shit”

Word Games: Thatcherism
By Sophie Elmhirst - 18 November 12:30

You know you've made it in life when you've got an ism. Marx, Buddha, Darwin. They're all ism'ed up to the gills.

The sound of things to come
By Tim Burrows - 14 November 11:37

The future of music is debated at the TEDx conference in Suffolk.

Yes, we are all in this together
By Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett - 11 November 13:04

Since it was first published, <em>The Spirit Level</em> has won admirers including Ed Miliband and D

Bible: the Story of the King James Version (1611-2011)
By Frank Field - 11 November 12:51

Next year is the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible. This landmark of the most loved book ever published in English will be marked in numerous ways.

Word Games: Bonfire
By Sophie Elmhirst - 11 November 12:49

Here it is - the night of overlarge fires that crisp up your face, wayward fireworks and anxious health and safety representatives trying to persuade neck-craning crowds to stay as far away as possible from anything hot or ali

The face of things to come
By Simon Garfield - 04 November 12:24

From the Nazis to the US presidential campaign of 2008, choosing which font to use has been anything

Word Games: Gamble
By Sophie Elmhirst - 04 November 12:17

There was a certain unity among the ladies and gentlemen of the press in their descriptions of George Osborne's Spending Review. It was, said voices from right and left, a "gamble".

In defence of philosophy
By Staff blogger - 31 October 13:43

Jonathan Derbyshire talks to Tariq Ali about Wittgenstein, Derek Jarman and the future of the humani

The coalition will produce a farce of fairness
By Sholto Byrnes - 31 October 8:36

Exclusive: the philosopher Ted Honderich calls for a general strike and mass disobedience to protest

Cop killers and the law
By Will Self - 28 October 12:11

Arguably a crowd comprising 59 men (and, perhaps, the odd - very odd - woman), between them carrying 109 guns, is about as mad as it gets, especially when they're all milling about the elegant terraced houses of Chelsea.

Thereof one must not be silent
By Rob Higson - 26 October 20:25

Derek Jarman's "Wittgenstein" is a poignant call to arms.