The Play of the Eyes
By John Gray - 15 August 1:00

The last volume in Elias Canetti’s memoirs published in his lifetime pulls away from theorising abou

The NS Profile: Tim Berners-Lee
By John Naish - 15 August 1:00

Tim Berners-Lee could have been a billionaire if he had sold his invention, the World Wide Web. Inst

Wilful blindness - why we ignore the obvious at our peril
By Margaret Heffernan - 08 August 1:00

The Murdochs have been accused of ignoring what was happening at News International. Their “wilful b

Toreador of the Test match
By Tim Adams - 13 July 17:34

Sachin Tendulkar, India’s “Little Master”, carries the hopes of a nation on his shoulders each time

Students are not consumers
By Jonathan Webber - 11 July 18:12

Treating them as customers does nothing to prepare them for the world of work.

The superstar messiah of the New Left
By Harry Conrad Cockburn - 04 July 18:48

"Don't underestimate how far ideology has penetrated our daily lives," says Slavoj Žižek.

As London lay smoking
By Juliet Gardiner - 28 June 15:21

On the 70th anniversary of its devastation in the Blitz, Lambeth Palace opens its archives on a brav

Game’s up for the soapbox
By Leo McKinstry - 27 June 1:00

Politics is riddled with sporting clichés. Yet often the metaphors they use are tired, unimaginative

Oh no, minister
By Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay - 23 June 12:40

Satire thrives on scandal, say Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay, writers of the 1980s sitcom <em>Yes Mi

The chosen ones — a brief history of Islam
By Lesley Hazleton - 23 June 12:39

The discord between Sunnis and Shias dates back to the years immediately after the Prophet Muhammad’

"In science, you've got to go against what the elders are saying"
By Helen Lewis - 09 June 14:41

The string theorist Brian Greene has grown from maths prodigy to physics iconoclast. Now he hopes to

Life at the Large Hadron Collider
By Emily Nurse - 09 June 14:41

The work of an international team of particle physicists is pushing back the frontiers of our knowle

The Science Interview -- Paul Nurse
By Michael Brooks - 09 June 14:41

“I’ve never felt this is owed me,” says the Nobel Prize-winning president of the Royal Society. He t

The New College is a business designed to profit from fear
By James Ladyman - 08 June 11:32

People are worried about the future of universities. An elite college stuffed with celebrities is no

The NS Interview: David Starkey, historian
By Sophie Elmhirst - 04 May 18:49

“From one queen to another. Oh, I’ve written my own headline”

By Sophie Elmhirst - 29 April 9:47

Untangle your bunting, unpack your Union Jack pyjamas, ceremonially position your souvenir mug collection on the freshly dusted windowsill, for it is here: the ro-o-o-yal wedding!

The formula of life: the maths behind a zebra's stripes, and a leopard's spots
By Ian Stewart - 27 April 12:45

Biology is undergoing a renaissance as scientists apply mathematical ideas to old theory. 

An interview with Sam Harris
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 25 April 16:52

The complete transcript.

Science and religion don't have to be enemies
By Martin Rees - 23 April 10:34

Richard Dawkins called him a "compliant quisling" for accepting the Templeton Prize. Here, Martin Re

The NS Profile: Sam Harris
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 20 April 14:03

Sam Harris, one of the “Four Horsemen” of new atheism, believes that science can never be reconciled

"Observergate" and academic freedom
By Thom Brooks - 15 April 16:16

It's time for the AHRC to remove all reference to the "Big Society" from its documents.

A country for old men
By Jon Cruddas - 07 April 17:08

Labour needs to discover a politics of tradition and English virtue, says Jon Cruddas.

On being mixed-race
By Samira Shackle - 07 April 17:07

I grew up thinking of myself as equally English and Pakistani, writes Samira Shackle. Was I wrong?

Why Richard Dawkins is the best argument for the existence of God
By Russell Brand - 07 April 17:02

Russell Brand questions Richard Dawkins, explains Transcendental Meditation . . . and offers readers

How we rub along together: Mehdi Hasan on immigration
By Mehdi Hasan - 07 April 9:34

When my father arrived in England in the Sixties, he was welcomed with dog mess through his letter box.

Word Games: Meltdown
By Sophie Elmhirst - 31 March 13:01

Nuclear" is, to borrow a marketing phrase, a high-impact word. It implies power or destruction on a grand scale, which is strange, given its microscopic origins.

The Osborne ultimatum
By Robert Skidelsky - 31 March 12:52

The ideas of two dead economists, David Ricardo and J M Keynes, are shaping the cuts debate. The coa

Don't play politics with academic freedom
By James Ladyman - 30 March 17:00

By encouraging research on the "big society", the Arts and Humanities Research Council sets a danger

Ethical dimensions of an interventionist foreign policy
By Jason Cowley - 24 March 13:38

A fine essay by John Stuart Mill, first published in 1859, offers keen insight.

Notes in the Margin: Intelligent life
By Daniel Trilling - 24 March 13:34

A couple of hundred politically engaged and enthusiastic twentysomethings pack out a lecture hall in central London.