Hard times
By Sophie Elmhirst - 20 August 8:40

Suicide rates rose at shocking speed after the Wall Street Crash of 1929 – and have done with each r

Cocaine madness
By Jeremy Sare - 06 August 9:11

Why do our politicians always use the word "scourge" when they talk about drugs?

Open wide. Say “argh”
By Samira Shackle - 30 July 9:03

The trials and tribulations of an emergency swine flu appointment

Pandemic's progress
By Michael Barrett - 23 July 13:00

Our scientific knowledge will ensure that the swine flu pandemic is no apocalypse.

Put a little spice in your box
By Ziauddin Sardar - 02 July 12:18

Viagra can now be bought over the counter at Boots. But hold on – look east and you will find far be

A garden of smoking pollen
By Sigrid Rausing - 11 June 13:12

After falling from her horse, the author suffered concussion – and suddenly the world became a place

Mosquitoes bite back
By Mike Barrett - 11 June 13:12

Observations on malaria

You’re not the boss of me
By Nicholas Lezard - 14 May 11:02

At my local pub, I am reminded that Britain is becoming
a vast public urinal monitored by cameras

Mind bending
By Sophie Elmhirst - 07 May 12:22

Observations on networking

The masses smell blood
By Peter Wilby - 07 May 12:22

. . . on the Gurkhas, Gordon Brown’s tin ear, and penalty shoot-outs

Christianity and the Petri dish
By Murdo Macdonald - 06 May 12:48

The Church of Scotland stance on stem cell research has proved religious conviction and scientific d

By Victoria Brignell - 05 May 15:57

Victoria Brignell on Chelmsford, the power of radio and a particularly limiting aspect of her disabi

Pandemic’s progress: we saw it coming
By Michael Barrett - 30 April 13:21

Be in no doubt, people in Britain will die from Mexican swine flu and there will be several million

Limping along on the left
By Peter Wilby - 23 April 13:45

. . . on teaching music, taxing drugs and taking on the right-wing bloggers

Now there’s a brainy idea
By Staff blogger - 23 April 13:45

It is with admiration that we greet the decision by Jeremy Paxman to donate his brain for research into Parkinson’s disease. He will join a distinguished club that includes Lenin, Einstein and the Nobel Prize-winning novelist Anatole France.

Counting malaria out
By Mike Barrett - 23 April 13:45

Observations on millennium development

Time for an honest appraisal
By Stephen Twigg - 16 April 17:36

The former Labour MP and minister responds to a <a href="http://www.newstatesman.com/uk-politics/200

Diary: Fiona Millar
By Fiona Millar - 16 April 10:15

What would Jane Austen make of it?

India's runaway boys
By Sreyashi Dastidar - 09 April 10:18

Hundreds of children live in a cycle of drugs, crime and deprivation in a railway station in Kolkata

Don't blame it on the nurses!
By Dave Prentis - 08 April 17:00

George Osborne's scapegoating public sector workers for the excesses of his friends in the City is o

Loosening Labour’s golden straitjacket
By Vernon Bogdanor - 19 March 11:48

Economic crisis presents opportunities as well as stark threats for social democracy, writes the Oxf

Diary: Sarah Brown
By Sarah Brown - 19 March 11:48

Tell me, what was Michelle Obama like?

Editors’ choices on education and health care
By Staff blogger - 19 March 11:48

We asked Britain’s newspaper and news magazine editors, as well as some senior broadcasters, about t

Get me Sporty Spice
By Hilary Caprani - 19 March 11:48

Mental illness is a defining issues of our time and will affect one in four of us. But the media are reluctant to cover the subject without the obligatory celebrity endorsement.

Diary: Lisa Jardine
By Lisa Jardine - 05 March 10:49

Deciphering the meaning of “down time”

"Who will love her when we're gone?”
By Cheryl Gillan - 24 February 10:33

Cheryl Gillan MP, on how winning the private members' ballot provided the opportunity to advance aut

Dying with dignity
By Michael Irwin - 20 February 12:10

"In the past three years, I have accompanied three terminally-ill individuals from the UK to Switzer

Assisted death 2
By Victoria Brignell - 20 February 10:17

Helping people who are suddenly physically disabled so they avoid despair and learn to adjust and en

Too good for the workers
By Owen Hatherley - 12 February 10:29

Observations on architecture

Waiting for baby
By Annalisa Barbieri - 12 February 10:29

When you're nine months pregnant, everyone thinks they're the first to tell you that you're huge and