Ten-year gay blood ban is unjustified
By Peter Tatchell - 12 April 18:00

A change of policy to include the HIV virus test alongside the antibody test would be safer, smarter

The shame is all theirs: Laurie Penny on a new anti-choice wave
By Laurie Penny - 03 April 10:51

Nadine Dorries and Frank Field's proposal for pre-abortion counselling is scientifically unsound and morally untenable.

A taxing question for the NHS
By Chris Smith - 17 March 15:41

There is serious trouble ahead if the Conservatives enact their planned reforms of Britain’s health

The NHS is Britain’s beating heart – don’t let it flatline
By Phil Whitaker - 03 March 8:33

After 30 years of meddling with the NHS, are we now at risk of destroying our most precious public s

The BMA should oppose the health reforms
By Victoria Mitchell - 01 March 13:06

It is time for a change in stance and a united medical profession.

The placebo effect could kill you
By Michael Brooks - 24 February 19:02

How's this for a dilemma: you are running a clinical trial and two of your patients have died in circumstances that suggest suicide.

Tinker at your peril: we love the NHS more than any government
By Alice Miles - 10 February 15:25

Many provisions in the English NHS reform plan will tilt the system in favour of private-sector prov

Good news and bad news in the flu furore
By Dominic Ponsford - 21 January 10:39

The worst of the outbreak may be over, but there are still no plans for a comprehensive vaccination

The anti-abortion lobby is back on the warpath
By Julie Bindel - 20 January 10:59

With Tory MPs in favour of reducing time limits on terminations, feminist campaigners have a fight o

Leader: The beginning of the end of the NHS
By Staff blogger - 20 January 7:20

The coalition's reforms pave the way for the full-scale privatisation of the health service.

Laurie Penny: our disgusting appetite for anorexia chic
By Laurie Penny - 11 January 16:51

The press might not admit it but anorexia is in fashion.

Saved by the cell
By Deborah MacKenzie - 02 December 9:22

Two recent cases show the progress being made by stem-cell researchers – but their work is still und

A double portion of American pie
By Alice Miles - 25 November 15:06

How a pact between the food lobby and the US government has made two-thirds of the country’s adults

TV dramas portraying mental illness as 'dangerous', says survey
By New Statesman - 22 November 11:19

The issue of mental health has been characterized as dangerous by various television dramas

Yes, we are all in this together
By Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett - 11 November 13:04

Since it was first published, <em>The Spirit Level</em> has won admirers including Ed Miliband and D

A bitter pill to swallow
By Edzard Ernst - 11 November 12:59

The sketchy evidence for the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine has no scientific basis, and pos

How porn blunts moral boundaries
By Sigrid Rausing - 11 November 7:32

The popular attitude to pornography is that it’s fine as long as the kids don’t see it. But this mis

An open letter to Vince Cable
By Peter Kellner - 21 October 8:17

Now is the time to choose between the smoking lobby and the British people.

Laurie Penny on Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The sexy way to die
By Laurie Penny - 15 October 13:16

The capitalist delusions of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In sickness and in health
By Victoria Brignell - 13 September 17:29

In the third part of her series on social care, Victoria Brignell reveals what can happen when your

Cutting off NHS Direct is a bad call
By Alice Miles - 06 September 9:18

It may have been a sop to the middle classes, but Andrew Lansley’s decision to scrap the popular dis

You have to be kind to be cruel
By Mark Vernon - 06 September 9:12

Empathy is held up as humanity’s moral salvation, but scientific study exposes its dark and dangerou

The NS Interview: Debbie Purdy, assisted suicide campaigner
By Sophie Elmhirst - 03 September 9:59

“In a way, I&#8200;am grateful I&#8200;have got MS”

The perils of recruitment
By Victoria Brignell - 17 August 15:39

In the second part of her series on social care, Victoria Brignell describes the challenge of recrui

Care one - overview
By Victoria Brignell - 09 August 14:14

In the first of a seven part series on social care, Victoria Brignell gives an insight into how one

Hitchens on cancer and God
By George Eaton - 06 August 13:57

Writer gives first television interview since being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer.

Out-of-body experiences
By Michael Brooks - 05 August 0:36

A couple of days before the government announced that the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) will be axed, the journal Human Reproduction published a report on why, nearly 40 years ago, the UK Medical Research

Keep it in your genes
By Michael Brooks - 29 July 8:13

You really do get by with a little help from your friends. Recent US research indicates that if you have lots of friends, you are likely to live much longer.

The Tories may endanger your health
By Alice Miles - 22 July 8:11

By the time Labour left office all patients were treated within 18 weeks. Plans for the health servi

Leader: Yet more top-down prescriptions for the NHS
By Staff blogger - 15 July 1:14

There is no evidence that GPs want this responsibility or have the skills to fulfil the task.