New Statesman
Sam Kariuki: "The bugs are very clever, much cleverer than man"
By Charlotte Simmonds - 12 November 14:06

An interview with the award-winning scientist who has fought salmonella for fifteen years.

Ben Goldacre v the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
By New Statesman - 19 October 20:00

The ABPI responds to Ben Goldacre's book Bad Pharma.

A doctor examines a patient
Why do doctors struggle to communicate with their patients?
By Neel Sharma - 11 October 15:07

Many doctors turn their nose up at the art of communication, viewing it as potentially soft medicine.

The pro-coalition bias in the BBC's coverage of the NHS reforms
By Jamie Mackay - 03 October 8:26

Research shows that the BBC failed to report the objections to the legislation found in other media outlets.

Great Ormond Street Hospital nurses perform during the Olympic opening ceremony.
The fall in nursing numbers is a complete disaster
By Neel Sharma - 24 September 15:40

Without swift work to rectify this problem, patient care will suffer.

Who can you trust on online health forums?
By Chris Lo - 21 September 10:12

The perils of "Münchausen by internet".

The A & E department at the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham
With hospital admissions increasing, why aren't medical staff numbers going up?
By Neel Sharma - 20 September 9:38

A case of "too many cooks spoil the broth".

NHS doesn't stand for "National High Street"
By Chris Hopson - 17 September 15:13

Providers in the new NHS must be free to integrate care in the patient interest, even if this has the effect of reducing competition argues Chris Hopson, the new chief executive of the Foundation Trust Network.

Dan Poulter appearing on BBC News
Dr Dan Poulter and the 100-hour weeks
By Pete Deveson - 07 September 11:34

Could the new health minister please clear up his statement about his hours as a junior doctor?

The NHS is not giving enough priority to diabetes
By Barbara Young - 14 August 12:10

Astonishingly, this isn't about a lack of money.

The ecosystem on your forearm
By Michael Brooks - 08 August 17:29

"The number of human beings who have ever lived on earth is dwarfed by the number of bacteria resident in your colon."

Amanda Feilding
Amanda Feilding: "Tobacco kills 100,000 a year - cannabis a handful throughout history"
By Helen Lewis - 08 August 12:25

The campaigner on what's wrong with our drug laws - and how magic mushrooms might help treat depression.

"Innovation" is an NHS buzzword. It shouldn't be.
By Martha Gill - 25 July 8:51

Martha Gill's Irrational Animals column.

A 13-year-old girl receives the HPV vaccination.
It's outrageous to deny girls the cervical cancer vaccine on spurious religious grounds
By Helen Lewis - 18 July 12:23

A textbook moral panic is unsupported by facts.

Richard Branson: "Create a European army - and privatise Radio 1"
By David Miliband - 11 July 12:11

The Virgin entrepreneur and adventurer talks to David Miliband about tax avoidance, Bob Diamond, why Europe needs a joint army and why he’ll never back any one political party.

The curious science of breasts
By Helen Lewis - 27 June 17:18

Florence Williams's excellent book shines light on a much-misunderstood part of the body.

Will Self
Will Self on the trouble with restaurant critics
By Will Self - 27 June 12:34

Even restaurant critics learn eventually that eating is a bodily function like any other.

The Dignitas clinic in Zurich, Switzerland
Tony Nicklinson and a doctor's take on assisted dying
By Alan White - 19 June 15:44

A GP lays out his reservations about the potential legalisation of euthanasia

Look into my eyes, you will see/ What you mean to me . . .
By Nicholas Lezard - 12 June 12:24

“A big day tomorrow,” I say to the Beloved as we stir our cocoa and retire to bed. As she well knows that I have to do a week’s work in two days in order to deliver a manuscript in time, she is somewhat surprised when I add, by way of explanation, “Eye test.”

Money and medicine
Race, money and medicine
By Michael Brooks - 16 May 14:46

Setting research priorities fairly is a complex task.

The value of the NHS and the BBC is immeasurable
The value of the NHS and the BBC is immeasurable
By George Chesterton - 16 May 10:55

Attempts to denigrate these public institutions must be resisted

The value of the NHS and the BBC is immeasurable
The value of the NHS and the BBC is immeasurable
By George Chesterton - 16 May 10:51

Without these organisations, Britain would be more divided, violent and parochial.

Info chief blasts Govt over veto on release of NHS report
Info chief blasts Govt over veto on release of NHS report
By Press Gazette - 16 May 10:24

Decision to veto the released of the NHS risk register draws criticism

The world's first sutureless heart valve.
When chaos can kill
By Michael Brooks - 03 May 10:39

What causes sudden cardiac arrest?

Chris Morris, mexxy, Brass Eye
Legal high "mexxy" banned
By Samira Shackle - 28 March 11:48

Let's remember Brass Eye.

Killing me sweetly
By Michael Brooks - 15 March 10:51

Jamaica would quite like an apology for the enslavement of the tens of thousands of Africans brought to the island to work on British-owned sugar plantations.