Christianity and the Petri dish
By Murdo Macdonald - 06 May 12:48

The Church of Scotland stance on stem cell research has proved religious conviction and scientific d

By Victoria Brignell - 05 May 15:57

Victoria Brignell on Chelmsford, the power of radio and a particularly limiting aspect of her disabi

Pandemic’s progress: we saw it coming
By Michael Barrett - 30 April 13:21

Be in no doubt, people in Britain will die from Mexican swine flu and there will be several million

Counting malaria out
By Mike Barrett - 23 April 13:45

Observations on millennium development

Limping along on the left
By Peter Wilby - 23 April 13:45

. . . on teaching music, taxing drugs and taking on the right-wing bloggers

Now there’s a brainy idea
By Staff blogger - 23 April 13:45

It is with admiration that we greet the decision by Jeremy Paxman to donate his brain for research into Parkinson’s disease. He will join a distinguished club that includes Lenin, Einstein and the Nobel Prize-winning novelist Anatole France.

Time for an honest appraisal
By Stephen Twigg - 16 April 17:36

The former Labour MP and minister responds to a <a href="

Diary: Fiona Millar
By Fiona Millar - 16 April 10:15

What would Jane Austen make of it?

India's runaway boys
By Sreyashi Dastidar - 09 April 10:18

Hundreds of children live in a cycle of drugs, crime and deprivation in a railway station in Kolkata

Don't blame it on the nurses!
By Dave Prentis - 08 April 17:00

George Osborne's scapegoating public sector workers for the excesses of his friends in the City is o

Diary: Sarah Brown
By Sarah Brown - 19 March 11:48

Tell me, what was Michelle Obama like?

Editors’ choices on education and health care
By Staff blogger - 19 March 11:48

We asked Britain’s newspaper and news magazine editors, as well as some senior broadcasters, about t

Get me Sporty Spice
By Hilary Caprani - 19 March 11:48

Mental illness is a defining issues of our time and will affect one in four of us. But the media are reluctant to cover the subject without the obligatory celebrity endorsement.

Loosening Labour’s golden straitjacket
By Vernon Bogdanor - 19 March 11:48

Economic crisis presents opportunities as well as stark threats for social democracy, writes the Oxf

Diary: Lisa Jardine
By Lisa Jardine - 05 March 10:49

Deciphering the meaning of “down time”

"Who will love her when we're gone?”
By Cheryl Gillan - 24 February 10:33

Cheryl Gillan MP, on how winning the private members' ballot provided the opportunity to advance aut

Dying with dignity
By Michael Irwin - 20 February 12:10

"In the past three years, I have accompanied three terminally-ill individuals from the UK to Switzer

Assisted death 2
By Victoria Brignell - 20 February 10:17

Helping people who are suddenly physically disabled so they avoid despair and learn to adjust and en

Waiting for baby
By Annalisa Barbieri - 12 February 10:29

When you're nine months pregnant, everyone thinks they're the first to tell you that you're huge and

Too good for the workers
By Owen Hatherley - 12 February 10:29

Observations on architecture

Can we ever learn to love our bodies?
By Laura Tennant - 05 February 10:09

Thirty years ago Fat Is a Feminist Issue railed against dieting and the media's tormenting stream of

Age before beauty
By Ryan Gilbey - 05 February 10:09

A hyper-schmaltzy insight into our obsession with youthful looks

<strong>The Curious Case of Benj

The Future of the NHS podcast
By Staff blogger - 03 February 17:10

Representatives from the three main political parties discuss the next 60 years of the NHS in our sp

Tackle funding, organisation and priorities head on
By Charles Wolfe and Naomi Fulop - 02 February 12:00

Is there a case for a government-funded health service in the 21st century?

Future NHS is a service commitment, not an organisation
By Niall Dickson - 02 February 12:00

There are three timeless questions around which the debate on our healthcare system is likely to be conducted for the next 60 years, as it was for the past 60. How will we pay for it? On what will we spend the money? How do we achieve better value for that money?

A personal history of the NHS
By Kenneth Calman - 02 February 12:00

Kenneth Calman looks back over the past 60 years describing the impact that the NHS has had on him

The great survivor: another 60 years
By Liam Donaldson - 02 February 12:00

Liam Donaldson looks to the horizon and considers some of the issues that may arise for health servi

Old battle lines between public and private are now blurred
By Jennifer Dixon - 02 February 12:00

Last summer, for the 60th anniversary of the NHS, the Nuffield Trust published a book in which key former secretaries of state for health gave their views as to whether the NHS should "rejuvenate or retire". There was considerable consensus on four particular points.

Assisted death
By Victoria Brignell - 30 January 11:21

The tragic death by assisted suicide of a young rugby player who chose to die because he'd been rend

Britain off the couch
By Alyssa McDonald - 29 January 10:35

Observations on therapy