Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 22 July 8:11

Rwanda: elections

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 15 July 1:14

France: veil ban

The NS Interview: Jane Goodall, primatologist
By Alyssa McDonald - 09 July 8:57

“My mother never laughed at my dream of Africa”

The high cost of sporting glory
By Stefan Szymanski - 05 July 9:33

Events such as the World Cup and the Olympics are not the economic juggernauts that their promoters

Liam Fox insists we cannot abandon Afghanistan
By New Statesman - 01 July 9:58

The defence secretary says that to leave early would be to betray the sacrifices of our fallen soldi

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 01 July 8:08

Russia: espionage

The high cost of neoliberalism
By Noam Chomsky - 28 June 9:08

Financial liberalisation undermines democracy, handing power to a “virtual senate” that acts on beha

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 24 June 7:30

Washington: slip-ups

The NS Interview: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
By Mehdi Hasan - 18 June 9:03

“Cameron is extraordinary. He’s the only thing we have left”

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 17 June 8:12

Kyrgyzstan: riot starter

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 10 June 2:17

Libya: UN banned

Why I’ll be cheering on England this year
By Gary Younge - 08 June 9:09

For Gary Younge, as a young black boy in 1970s Hertfordshire, English patriotism was inextricably bo

North Korea shows the CIA is willing to lie about another war
By John Pilger - 03 June 8:07

The CIA set a precedent with the Tonkin “incident”, sparking off the Vietnam war. Today, we see the lie repeated.

Climate change denial: a history
By Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway - 01 June 9:10

“Climategate” was the latest in a long line of baseless, right-wing attacks on scientists.

Beyond the door marked “Austerity”
By Paul Mason - 21 May 9:08

Europe has become the weak link in the global economy. In the next phase of the world economic crisi

Lean, green killing machines
By John Naish - 13 May 11:54

The race is on between China and the US to equip their forces with eco technologies – and China is w

Warmongers of the world, unite: John Berger on the global push for conflict
By John Pilger - 04 May 7:37

Is there any difference between Australia’s leaders and the three front-runners in Britain’s election?

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 29 April 8:12

Syria: Scud missiles

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 22 April 8:06

Sudan: election row

John Pilger on why we should give sport back to the fans
By John Pilger - 22 April 8:06

Rapacious business interests have made profit the new first principle of top-class sport. But all over, fans are kicking back.

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 01 April 8:11

Russia: bombings
On 29 March, two suicide bombings on the Moscow Metro killed 39 and injured 70. The attacks are the first in the city since a bomb exploded at Paveletskaya Station in 2004.

World at war over water
By Alexander Bell - 28 March 10:16

The most bitter conflicts of the next 50 years won’t be over oil. The prize commodity of the future

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 25 March 7:06

Israel: fake passports

John Pilger on the constant warmongering of the Obama administration
By John Pilger - 25 March 7:06

America has emerged from the era of outright aggression, and entered the age of permanent war.

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 18 March 7:11

Weekly Briefing

A weapon against half the world
By Julie Bindel - 05 March 9:20

To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, Julie Bindel calls for a global movement against sexua

The NS Interview: Dambisa Moyo, economist
By Sophie Elmhirst - 05 March 9:19

“People need jobs and investment. There is no magic trick”

Good Idea: Hot data
By Alyssa McDonald - 01 March 7:57

The Millennium Development Goals have always had a looming menace, even when the deadline was comfortably far away.

Weekly Briefing
By Staff blogger - 18 February 7:09

Kenya: rifts

Doing it for ourselves
By Salma Yaqoob - 15 February 8:15

Muslim women are talked about by others in the west as if they are powerless victims, in need of res