A subaltern or a general?
By John Lloyd - 22 July 13:00

European leaders are as uneasy as their citizens about their role vis-a-vis the US. Soon, they must

NS Essay - When the forests go, shall we be alone?
By John Gray - 22 July 13:00

Some scientists think that, as it destroys other species, humanity will leave the age of mammals for

Power - but not to the people
By Nick Paton Walsh - 15 July 13:00

Russians pray that their neighbours pay their electricity bills: thanks to Soviet wiring, if one get

John Pilger on a not-so-free press
By John Pilger - 15 July 13:00

"Freedom of the press" is a phrase that sounds well. But in the world of George W Bush and Enron, fr

The extinction of species and why it matters more than you think
By Mark Buchanan - 08 July 13:00

It's a small world: take anybody else on earth, and you are probably linked through six acquaintance

America - Andrew Stephen finds dishonesty everywhere
By Andrew Stephen - 08 July 13:00

From the builder who diddles his subcontractors to the chief executive who inflates his company's pr

Signs of imbalance
By John Madeley - 08 July 13:00

A New Democracy: alternatives to a bankrupt world order

Harry Shutt <em>Zed Books, 176pp, £9.99</e

NS Essay - Globalisation: now the good news
By Charles Leadbeater - 01 July 13:00

Pessimists of left and right agree: we are a degenerate society, betrayed by our lust for change and

America - Andrew Stephen feels the rising heat
By Andrew Stephen - 01 July 13:00

Arizona burns while, in Alaska, the roads sag and the forests die. Dramatic climate change is hittin

Darcus Howe applauds blacks in the World Cup
By Darcus Howe - 01 July 13:00

Blacks usually support Brazil because they look like us; this time, we were for England

Did the IMF cause a famine?
By Barbara Gunnell - 24 June 13:00

Malawi faces starvation - after, it seems, heeding western advice on managing food stocks

The Fan - Hunter Davies worries about his nervous system
By Hunter Davies - 24 June 13:00

Why do fair-haired footballers never dye their hair black? If Becks were really a trend-setter he'd

The royals' revenge
By John Lloyd - 24 June 13:00

John Lloyd reveals the full story of the funeral of the Queen's mother and how, to the fury of three

A bitter pill
By Stephen Howe - 24 June 13:00

The New Rulers of the World

John Pilger <em>Verso, 246pp, £10</em>

ISBN 185984393X

Fight against the clock
By Neil Clark - 24 June 13:00

Observations on slow movement

America - Andrew Stephen tracks America's overseas aid
By Andrew Stephen - 24 June 13:00

The US thinks it is fantastically generous with overseas aid. But even after Bush's big increase, it

A nation that hates its women
By Victoria Brittain - 24 June 13:00

Observations on the conflict in Africa

NS Essay - The unstoppable march of the clones
By John Gray - 24 June 13:00

We have failed to control the spread of nuclear weapons. So how can we hope to control the developme

Where informers are patriots
By Martin Bright - 24 June 13:00

Observations on the war against terrorism

The Fan - Hunter Davies risks deep vein thrombosis
By Hunter Davies - 17 June 13:00

I feared deep vein thrombosis during those first two weeks, sitting slumped in my chair for up to si

Euro referendum 2003 - Who's Who
By Matthew Redhead - 17 June 13:00

At the helm

NO Lord Owen

How to beat the adman at his own game
By Johann Hari - 17 June 13:00

Call up GWBush.com or www.gatt.com, and what you actually get is an activists' website. Johann Hari

Why dictators hate sport
By Salil Tripathi - 17 June 13:00

Observations on the World Cup

NS Essay - Fighting the spectre of the far right
By Godfrey Hodgson - 10 June 13:00

Populist politicians who hold government in contempt and raise the alarm about "outsiders" can be st

Thinking the unthinkable
By Philip Kerr - 10 June 13:00

Can we imagine a nuclear war? The novelist Philip Kerr returns to an invented scenario that now seem

The holy name of liberty
By Arundhati Roy - 10 June 13:00

With each battle cry against Pakistan, India inflicts a wound on herself. As nationalism becomes syn

Cristina Odone spots a sex tourist
By Cristina Odone - 10 June 13:00

In Goa, the loner among the hotel guests squats and talks to the boys on the beach reports Cristina

The case for the undecided
By Staff blogger - 10 June 13:00

The evidence that the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza live under intolerable conditions, which deserve some comparisons to the conditions suffered by people under colonial overlords or under the South African apartheid system, is overwhelming.

The end of multiculturalism
By John Lloyd - 27 May 13:00

The west is finding that there are limits to its tolerance of minorities where their beliefs clash v

The NS Essay - How my father spied for peace
By Natasha Walter - 20 May 13:00

Forty years ago, activists, among them Nicolas Walter, found secret government plans for the British