When the bombs start to fall . . .
By Toby Paton and Elvira Sklavenitis - 17 March 12:00

When the bombs start to fall how will pro- (and anti-) war organisations respond? A guide to who wil

Cristina Odone worries about the boys at the front
By Cristina Odone - 17 March 12:00

Out there in the Gulf, our boys can't phone either their lawyers or their therapists

The costs of war: democracy in danger
By Staff blogger - 17 March 12:00

The temptation for those who have always opposed war in Iraq is to hope that when the bombing starts - as it must very soon - it all goes badly wrong.

Why left and right should unite and fight
By Neil Clark - 17 March 12:00

There is nothing to lose but the chains of political correctness. Neil Clark, unashamedly old Labour

Shock and awe, Hiroshima-style
By Lindsey Hilsum - 17 March 12:00

Lindsey Hilsum in Baghdad awaits 3,000 cruise missiles and the latest invention, microwave bombs

War: ain't nothing but a dick thing
By Bonnie Greer - 17 March 12:00

The debate on Iraq is being played out against a background of macho posturing

Life on Mars. Mark Leonard takes issue with the most talked-about book of the year
By Mark Leonard - 17 March 12:00

Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the new

world order

Robert Kagan <em>Atlantic Books,

A strange kind of morality
By Peter Stanford - 10 March 12:00

At the UN, Angola's vote is courted by the west. But should it not belong in the axis of evil?

America - Andrew Stephen expects war in days
By Andrew Stephen - 10 March 12:00

The Bush administration has made up its mind: there will be a short, devastating war, after which Am

A terrible viciousness is born
By Nick Cohen - 24 February 12:00

Once, refugees were just scroungers. Now, they are also terrorists and plague carriers. As war appro

Clare Short helps out a tyrant
By Steve Crawshaw - 24 February 12:00

Observations on dictatorships

Mark Thomas asks why we are so pally with Turkey
By Mark Thomas - 24 February 12:00

Tony Blair sees himself as a leader of steely resolution, but he was so rattled by the anti-war marc

America - Andrew Stephen experiences total white-out
By Andrew Stephen - 24 February 12:00

After heavy snow and big anti-war protests, Bush has lost PR momentum. So expect him to demand a UN

Now what? - Lauren Booth freezes while breastfeeding
By Lauren Booth - 24 February 12:00

What did I do to stop World War III? Risked my posture and my nipples

How to bring down Saddam
By Peter Tatchell - 17 February 12:00

Observations on alternatives to war

War: the case has failed
By Staff blogger - 17 February 12:00

Could anybody have imagined, a year ago, that we would now be so close to war with Iraq?

What happens if Saddam fights back with chemical and biological warfare?
By Paul Moorcraft - 17 February 12:00

London and Washington insist the Iraqi dictator has weapons of mass destruction. If so, war planners

Doves fly high in the east
By Neil Clark - 17 February 12:00

Observations on protest in Europe

A Victorian idealist in the White House
By Niall Ferguson - 17 February 12:00

The left opposes the war for the wrong reasons. Bush is not a dumb hick who wants to fight the Iraqi

A nation split down the middle
By Peter Wilby - 17 February 12:00

The Britometer poll

Suede boots, pink ladies
By Lindsey Hilsum - 17 February 12:00

Lindsey Hilsum finds some curious visitors on the streets of Baghdad

Why a war against Iraq would be illegal
By Bianca Jagger - 17 February 12:00

The UN Charter does not justify an invasion

A Modest Proposal
By John Gray - 17 February 12:00

A Modest Proposal For Preventing Torturers in Liberal Democracies From Being Abused, and For Recogni

America - Andrew Stephen protests against Barbra Streisand
By Andrew Stephen - 17 February 12:00

With the protests limited to Hollywood bigmouths such as Barbra Streisand and Sean Penn, no wonder t

The left discredits itself by pursuing the wrong target
By John Lloyd - 17 February 12:00

The anti-war movement, argues John Lloyd, is guilty of the worst kind of moral equivalence, equating

Mark Thomas on an al-Qaeda recruiting campaign
By Mark Thomas - 10 February 12:00

It's not true that most Iraqi exiles want a war. Who would want 3,000 missiles raining down on their

The beginnings of a new prejudice
By Chris Byrne - 03 February 12:00

I am 29 years old, born and bred in Aldershot, Hampshire. I have lived in England all my life with no criminal record. I have qualifications as a mental health nurse and I have just finished a course on teaching English as a foreign language.

Perverse rage of the oppressed
By Claire Messud - 03 February 12:00

Claire Messud on the lessons of Algeria, home to many of those recently arrested as suspected terror

An unimaginably big tent
By Edward Miliband - 03 February 12:00

Observations on the World Social Forum

Adding a Liddle humour
By Andrew Billen - 03 February 12:00

Television - Andrew Billen on how the BBC's funny man made a better case for war than Blair