Unfit for the burdens of empire
By John Gray - 21 April 13:00

An extension of the war would suit Bush nicely because it would distract attention from economic pro

And now, the next American war
By Andrew Stephen - 14 April 13:00

Just when you thought the horizon was cloudless, a new conflict is coming to a head. The Pentagon ha

How war coverage blanks out the past
By David Edwards and David Cromwell - 14 April 13:00

How war coverage blanks out the past

John Pilger on Iraq: a crime against humanity
By John Pilger - 14 April 13:00

They have blown off the limbs of women and the scalps of children. Their victims overwhelm the morgue.

The strange case of the dangerous detergent
By Justin Webster - 14 April 13:00

Whatever happened to the 16 alleged terrorists that Spain seized in January? Justin Webster reports

The world watched in horror
By Staff blogger - 14 April 13:00

At last there is joy on the streets of Baghdad and, although it is impossible to know what proportion of the Iraqi population unreservedly welcome the invaders, nobody should for a moment regret the demise of Saddam Hussein.

''Our fate is bleak''

As they watch bombs fall upon their homeland, Britain's Iraqi exiles tell May Abdalla, Adrian Cornel

Why I can no longer write for the NS
By John Lloyd - 14 April 13:00

John Lloyd, a regular contributor for the past seven years, explains why this paper's anti-war stanc

The missiles that miss
By Paul Moorcraft - 07 April 13:00

Who is to blame when weapons rain down on shopping centres killing women and children? Paul Moorcraf

Tangled in the neoconservative web
By John Kampfner - 07 April 13:00

Talk about the axis of evil is back with a vengeance, hopes for the Middle East road map are recedin

We killed Iraqis? It's so normal, why even discuss it?
By David Edwards and David Cromwell - 07 April 13:00

We killed Iraqis? It's so normal, why even discuss it?

Strange bedfellows
By Nick Cohen - 07 April 13:00

How many of those who marched against the war realised that the protest organiser is an apologist fo

Among the sickly donkeys, another war brews
By Robin Pagnamenta - 07 April 13:00

Among the sickly donkeys, another war brews

When a mobile phone becomes "a terrorist article"
By Neil Clark - 31 March 13:00

When a mobile phone becomes "a terrorist article"

Panic in the White House
By Andrew Stephen - 31 March 13:00

Americans sat back to enjoy a giant firework display. Then to the dismay of Bush and the Pentagon ha

How we patronise the Iraqi people
By Staff blogger - 31 March 13:00

Iraq indeed turns out to be a faraway country of which we know little. Its people have failed to perform the role allotted to them by Washington and London.

Germ rights
By Michael Barrett - 31 March 13:00

Smallpox: the fight to eradicate a global scourge

David Koplow <em>University of California Press,

Cristina Odone waves goodbye to Mrs Miniver
By Cristina Odone - 31 March 13:00

What a shock to the men in the war rooms: women no longer cheer them on

The game of war
By Maurice Walsh - 24 March 12:00

War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning

Chris Hedges <em>Public Affairs, 212pp, £12.99</em>


Mark Thomas - Who really supports "our boys"?
By Mark Thomas - 24 March 12:00

Support "our boys"? I want UK troops back where they belong, away from the danger of being killed an

NS Essay - 'The white working class see newcomers leapfrogging over them to join the national elite'
By Geoff Dench - 24 March 12:00

New Labour despises old community values and puts meritocracy first. Recent migrants, as well as tho

Hail, the mini Bin Ladens
By Christina Lamb - 24 March 12:00

Among the silky black turbans of Quetta, otherwise known as Taliban Central, Christina Lamb hears gr

24 March 2003: The emotional gluttons against the war
By Nick Cohen - 24 March 12:00

No invasion can be worse for the Iraqis than what they now suffer.

The wrong blueprint for Baghdad
By Mark Almond - 24 March 12:00

The Balkans are hailed as proof that western intervention improves native lives. Wrong, reports Mark

Day of infamy
By Johann Hari - 24 March 12:00

Dreaming War: blood for oil and the Cheney-Bush junta

Gore Vidal <em>Clairview Books, 208pp, £9.95

Yet again, Yoko Ono fails to stop a war
By Dougal Stenson - 24 March 12:00

It was with dread that I arrived at the Shepherd's Bush Empire on 15 March for One Big No, a concert organised by Stop the War. The reason: Yoko Ono would be appearing at the gig via satellite link-up to offer her support.

Why left and right should unite and fight
By Neil Clark - 17 March 12:00

There is nothing to lose but the chains of political correctness. Neil Clark, unashamedly old Labour

Shock and awe, Hiroshima-style
By Lindsey Hilsum - 17 March 12:00

Lindsey Hilsum in Baghdad awaits 3,000 cruise missiles and the latest invention, microwave bombs

War: ain't nothing but a dick thing
By Bonnie Greer - 17 March 12:00

The debate on Iraq is being played out against a background of macho posturing

Life on Mars. Mark Leonard takes issue with the most talked-about book of the year
By Mark Leonard - 17 March 12:00

Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the new

world order

Robert Kagan <em>Atlantic Books,