NS Special Report - The conflict the west always ignores
By Lindsey Hilsum - 26 January 12:00

Russian policy in Chechnya is breeding terrorists

NS Special Report - The killing fields
By Robert Skidelsky - 26 January 12:00

Changes in the character of war partially account for the mass murders of the past century. But the

A talking shop with a difference
By Paul Kingsnorth - 19 January 12:00

If you are looking for creative ideas on our future, tune in to the World Social Forum

Mark Thomas thanks Hilary Benn for his interest
By Mark Thomas - 19 January 12:00

The first thing that Hilary Benn has done at International Development is to support a democracy-cru

The public is right on GM crops
By Staff blogger - 19 January 12:00

Why do we need GM crops? Nobody suggests that food will taste better as a result. They will not provide Nigella or Jamie with opportunities to dazzle us with exciting new recipes ("try my GM soya souffle"). GM is not supposed to make us fitter and younger.

When it's right to be fearful
By Staff blogger - 15 December 12:00

At some point in 2004, a major British target - parliament, perhaps, or the London Tube, or a big shopping centre, or a sports stadium - will suffer a terrorist outrage. It is not a question of if, but when. So we are told. We were told the same at the end of 2001, and at the end of 2002.

Christmas Carol: the green version
By Paul Kingsnorth - 15 December 12:00

Would Scrooge have been so keen to buy presents for everybody if Marley had taken him on one more jo

Why does Bush fear Venezuela?
By Leigh Phillips - 15 December 12:00

It has a democratic president, a moderate social reform programme . . . and rather a lot of oil

The story of Anna and Rashid
By Jeremy Seabrook - 15 December 12:00

By Jeremy Seabrook

Blessed are the peacemakers (and probably Norwegians)
By Anton La Guardia - 15 December 12:00

As blood continues to be spilt in the Middle East, peace on earth has never seemed so unachievable.

Santa is green, really
By Mark Lynas - 15 December 12:00

Buried deep beneath the schmaltz and tinsel of this season of excess is a message for us about our p

Global warming: make the guilty pay
By Andrew Simms - 08 December 12:00

Countries and corporations that belch out carbon emissions and shun Kyoto might think again if they

Sugar daddies and revolutions
By Leigh Phillips - 08 December 12:00

Georgia's revolt was something to celebrate. Does it matter that it was funded by a billionaire?

Way out
By Mary Kaldor - 08 December 12:00

The occupation is turning Iraq into a weak, violent state, but we shouldn't just call for a handover

Double standards on human rights?
By Carina Tertsakian - 08 December 12:00

Observations on the Commonwealth summit

Why we don't give a damn
By George Marshall and Mark Lynas - 01 December 12:00

Once again, world leaders meet to hear of new threats posed by global warming. Once again, they appear unable to act. George Marshall and Mark Lynas explain why.

Prize Essay - Can developing nations be independent?
By Anthony Painter - 17 November 12:00

Today's globalised economy is dominated by a single ideology, but the frontiers which imprison poor

Mark Thomas has a letter for Hilary Benn
By Mark Thomas - 17 November 12:00

The Secretary of State for International Development has decided to back a World Bank loan for a BP

Profits won't feed the world
By Colin Tudge - 10 November 12:00

We will all have enough to eat if we stick to the good, old-fashioned craft of farming. We don't nee

The president wins the midfield battle
By Alex Bellos - 03 November 12:00

Watch out Washington! Lula, Brazil's new leader, bent on social and economic reform in defiance of t

NS Essay - Are poor countries really getting richer?
By Partha Dasgupta - 03 November 12:00

Are developing countries really doing better, as orthodox economists say? No, argues Partha Dasgupta

Mark Thomas advises indebted Iraq to do a runner
By Mark Thomas - 20 October 13:00

Iraq has debts of at least $200bn. Its best bet is to promise to pay up and then do a runner, taking

The mystery of our man in Tashkent
By Nick Cohen - 13 October 13:00

A UK ambassador spoke out against tyranny and infuriated the US. Now he faces disciplinary charges a

America - Andrew Stephen unravels the CIA-gate saga
By Andrew Stephen - 13 October 13:00

CIA-gate is a complicated saga, but most Americans understand enough to want the appointment of a sp

The awakening of liberal England is a threat to Blairite windbags
By John Pilger - 13 October 13:00

Ye are many, they are few. Millions have broken their customary silence to rescue the noble ideas of democracy and freedom.

I was spied on. What a thrill!
By Gideon Burrows - 06 October 13:00

Observations on the anti-arms trade campaign

Just another way to bully the weakest
By Nick Cohen - 29 September 13:00

ID cards will be unpopular and hard to administer. They won't even prevent serious crime. But they w

Mark Thomas imagines a terrorist in a tutu
By Mark Thomas - 22 September 13:00

Had any violence kicked off outside the arms fair, the dealers would have been straight in there, ha

Dead in the water
By Mark Lynas - 22 September 13:00

Mark Lynas listens to the Icelanders' arguments, economic and even ecological, in favour of whaling

Pro-capitalists hate the arms trade, too
By Samuel Brittan - 22 September 13:00

Samuel Brittan, a defender of competitive markets, supports the protests against selling weapons. Th