A boy lifts used cabling in Ghana.
Alexei Sayle on what makes us human: We need to realise that the best things in life are not things
By Alexei Sayle - 10 July 8:00

Continuing our What Makes Us Human series, Alexei Sayle reflects on the time Paul McKenna planted a suicidal post-hypnotic suggestion in his brain, and how our restlessness has been exploited to devastating effect.

What happened to India’s economic miracle?
By William Dalrymple - 05 July 12:01

The elephant untethered.

New Statesman
On Solid Ground: Photographing the displaced
By Charlotte Simmonds - 20 June 15:47

A new exhibition captures the trauma of those forced to flee to survive.

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Where did the colonial empires go to trade?

A stunning new infographic reveals the trade patterns of the great naval empires.

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Leader: No one wants to take charge in the “G-Zero” world
By New Statesman - 13 June 10:54

The need for global leadership has never been greater but ever fewer are prepared or in a position to provide it. After a decade of war, the United States is in retreat, preoccupied with domestic battles over debt, the economy and immigration.

From G8 to G20 to G-Zero: Why no one wants to take charge in the new global order
By Ian Bremmer - 11 June 8:00

There are three big unfolding geopolitical stories: China’s rise, Middle East turmoil and the redesign of Europe. The three countries with most to lose from these trends are Britain, Japan and Israel. This is not a G7, G8 or a G20 world. This is the era o

My mother didn’t have any say in her divorce - I did.
In a generation, everything has changed for British Muslim women
By Irna Qureshi - 15 May 17:33

My mother and I both married men from Pakistan. Both marriages ended in divorce, but their circumstances and our attitudes towards them could not have been more different: it is a sign of how much has changed.

Are black feminists too defensive about violence in our communities?
By Rahila Gupta - 01 April 11:00

The desire to avoid the racism that characterises some debates about rape and FGM abroad can lead us to make untenable comparisons with Britain, argues Rahila Gupta.

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Everything you wanted to know about One Billion Rising
By Lucy Provan - 04 February 16:43

Join this global movement on 14 February to end violence against women and girls.

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David Cameron in Liberia: All that glitters is not gold
By Anna Thomas - 01 February 14:49

The Prime Minister will advocate his "golden thread" approach to aid this week - but does he know what he is talking about?

We don’t make our country stronger by forcing refugees into desperation
By Natasha Walter - 30 January 17:54

When women come to our shores for help, we owe them a chance to rebuild their lives, writes Natasha Walter.

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Is the new IF campaign trying to ‘Make Poverty History’, again?
By Leni Wild and Sarah Mulley - 25 January 0:00

The development community must be brave enough to have an honest debate with the public and with politicians about the difficulties and challenges of aid, as well as its benefits.

2012 in review: The New Statesman . . . Abroad
By Helen Lewis - 22 December 10:49

From a portrait of Ai Weiwei to fascist rallies in Athens, the best foreign reporting, analysis and interviews of the year from the New Statesman.

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Picture Book of the Week: Magnun Revolution - 65 Years of Fighting for Freedom
By new-statesman - 19 November 15:35

A celebration of global revolutions by Magnum photographers.

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The assassin’s creed
By Michael Newton - 08 November 6:44

The killings of Abraham Lincoln, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and John F Kennedy all seemed world-changing events. But is assassination anything other than an act of petty vanity?

Students are leading the way on international development
By James Rollett - 22 October 14:50

The Warwick International Development Summit provides a platform for the spread of innovative new ideas.

Great Hall of the People
Deep internal divisions ahead of China’s leadership change
By Alex Ward - 18 October 16:10

A split between the "Red Princelings" and party technocrats threatens to derail the smooth leadership transition.

Sailors aboard the Chinese Navy destroyer Qingdao
Beware the Chinese Sea-Dragon
By Alex Ward - 15 October 17:46

Chinese bellicosity in the near seas could usher in a new era of instability.

Libyans wave their new national flag as they celebrate Gaddafi's cap
John Pilger on how liberalism’s old world order covers for violence today
By John Pilger - 06 September 6:34

What is the impeccable logic of the liberal way to run the world? “Improve” your form, the west tells the peoples of the world, or we’ll kill you.

Opium poppy buds in an Afghan field
The battle to tackle drug addiction is not lost
By Paul Hayes - 16 August 11:36

The debate about legalisation is a distraction.

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Chart of the day: Visit Britain
By Alex Hern - 01 August 15:30

The top ten countries visiting Britain last year.

Tony Blair
John Pilger on Blair, Olympic deals and why another world is possible
By John Pilger - 18 July 14:50

The criminality of Tony Blair, rehabilitated by Ed Miliband, remains umentionable; but there is another way.

Paramilitary policemen patrol Tianamen Square
Kevin Rudd: The west isn’t ready for the rise of China
By Kevin Rudd - 11 July 14:54

Distracted by economic crisis, social unrest and slipping influence, the west is completely unprepared for China’s imminent global dominance. Australia’s ex-prime minister says we must act to build new bridges.

A Philippine health worker lectures pregnant women
Family planning is a matter of social justice
By Helen Clark - 11 July 9:14

Leaders have the opportunity to unleash women's full potential.

Islamist demonstrators protest outside the US embassy in London
Age of extremes: Mehdi Hasan and Maajid Nawaz debate
By Maajid Nawaz and Mehdi Hasan - 04 July 17:23

What's to blame for persistent Muslim extremism - the violent appeal of political Islam, or botched western foreign policy? Mehdi Hasan goes head to head with Maajid Nawaz of Quilliam.

BBC's Arab Spring coverage was "sporadic"
By Press Gazette - 26 June 11:08

Kofi Annan's former Director of Communications criticises reporting.

A refugee looks out across the English Channel from Calais
Refugees are being driven to despair in Calais
By Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi - 22 June 8:57

With so many still suffering on our doorstep, what's the point of World Refugee Day?

Does aid work?
By New Statesman - 20 June 17:21

Dambisa Moyo says "No", Paddy Ashdown says "Yes".