Profile: Lawrence Anthony
By Lucy Knight - 26 August 15:00

With Hollywood planning a film of Lawrence Anthony's mission to save the animals of Baghdad Zoo, <em

How to survive the recession
By Iain Macwhirter - 21 August 10:28

The days of easy loans are over and people are having to live within their means. But it is not all

“We screamed from the horror of it all”
By Svetlana Graudt - 21 August 10:28

Eyewitness accounts of the conflict in Georgia

Georgia: the aftermath
By Matt Siegel - 21 August 10:28

As Russian forces begin to withdraw, we are learning more about the events of the short but brutal w

Bright's Blog Top Ten
By Martin Bright - 15 August 17:19

Here they are: the best read articles on the blog. Feel free to read them again

Drawing a blank on Georgia
By Iain Simons - 15 August 10:31

The controversy over the missing maps of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Was it deliberate? Google

Vivisection's missing millions
By Wendy Higgins - 14 August 12:15

As many as 150 million animals could be used in laboratory experiments each year around the globe, a

Brown and Miliband Left Standing
By Martin Bright - 12 August 17:10

As Nicolas Sarkozy races to Tbilisi with his foreign minister Bernard Kouchner, Britain is stuck in

Profile: Elizabeth Pisani
By Lucy Knight - 11 August 10:34

Elizabeth Pisani is an epidemiologist, who has spent a decade specialising in HIV/Aids. Lucy Knight

China's forgotten people
By Amy Reger - 08 August 12:34

This week's terror attack in China has brought an intense barrage of publicity to the Uighurs. Amy R

Provocative policing
By Caroline Lucas - 07 August 15:04

It's hard to see the police approach to this year's climate camp as anything other than a bid to pro

Many happy returns, credit crunch
By Alex Brummer - 07 August 10:21

Only about half of the £250bn of toxic debt at the heart of the crunch has been fully recognised. Th

Looking back on Doha
By Gareth Thomas - 06 August 19:04

UK minister Gareth Thomas looks back on the failure of world trade talks in Geneva that he believes

More popular than Enver Hoxha
By kenzieeliase410 - 05 August 13:57

The worldwide prices of cocaine have not fluctuated much, nor, I am told, has product quality varied

Who are the Alevis?
By Becer Gul - 04 August 15:27

Becer Gul is an Alevi Kurd who grew up in the Turkish town of Tunceli. According to some estimates,

Britain is failing women
By Sheila Coates and Lee Eggleston - 01 August 14:50

How the UK was criticised for being in breach of key elements of a UN convention relating to tacklin

Karadzic and Srebrenica
By Martin Bright - 22 July 14:37

Teach British school children the lessons of the July 1995 massacre of Bosnian Muslims in a UN "safe

By Iain Simons - 22 July 14:08

iPhone is set to transform the handheld gaming market, but not just as a platform in itself. It’s al

Whose islands are they?
By Barak Kushner - 21 July 12:19

If a politician yells in the middle of the ocean, does anyone hear? Barak Kushner on how a Japanese

Hazel Blears and IslamExpo
By Martin Bright - 18 July 14:05

Hazel Blears explains her opposition to IslamExpo and the politics of the Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas

Fair trade through Doha
By Gareth Thomas - 18 July 12:05

It's make or break on a Doha deal worth 120 billion euros per year, argues Trade and Development Min

The hell of Bolzaneto
By Monica Frassoni - 17 July 13:49

Leading Italian Green politician Monica Frassoni on the brutality of Italian police at the Genoa G8

A Green New Deal
By Mark Lynas - 17 July 10:22

A "war economy" social mobilisation harnessed, this time not towards fighting fascism, but towards h

Berry last blog
By Sian Berry - 14 July 12:18

Since relaunched on 30 November 2006 Sian Berry has been a regular contributor on h

Drunk driving at G8
By Kate Raworth - 11 July 13:10

Oxfam's Kate Raworth gives her take on the achievements of the G8 summit and compares the outcome to

A sea change on immigration?
By Martin Bright - 10 July 10:18

On public service reform, the government is at last beginning to listen to front-line staff, rather

Ending women free zones
By Giles Fraser - 08 July 14:17

Priest and academic Giles Fraser hails the progress towards consecrating women as bishops in the Chu

Chávez in danger
By Stephanie Blankenburg - 07 July 12:59

Chávez has little more than four months - perhaps even less - to come up with a solution to a very d

Catholicism and Mugabe
By Steve Kibble - 04 July 15:49

<a href="">Progressio's</a> Steve Kibble on the complex relationship be

How a continent missed its moment
By Michela Wrong - 03 July 10:29

Mbeki's grand project has been sabotaged by his inability to view events on the continent outside a