Europe's first revolution
By Tom Holland - 09 October 10:29

The west faces increasing tension with the Muslim world. To plot a course through this turbulent age

The luck of the Aussies
By Mark Beeson - 06 October 17:08

Even as the world seems caught in a financial meltdown, has Australia managed to escape? Mark Beeson

Interview: Arundhati Roy
By Syed Hamad Ali - 06 October 12:42

The controversial author speaks to about India and Kashmir and her view that even i

The pay packet crunch
By Robert Reich - 02 October 10:48

Robert Reich, labour secretary in Clinton's administration and world-renowned economist, explains wh

The end of 'greed is good'?
By Duncan Green - 29 September 17:57

Far from Wall Street, Duncan Green from Oxfam looks at what the financial meltdown means for the poo

The great crash of 2008
By James Buchan - 25 September 11:22

The world's financial institutions are gripped by fear, yet policymakers can do nothing. They are ig

A lack of Solidarity
By Mark Seddon - 25 September 11:22

Lech Walesa has angrily dismissed claims he was a double agent - codename 'Bolek' - as "a bunch of c

Israel's illegal outpost
By Jonathan Cook - 25 September 11:22

The extremist children of the settlements who have turned their backs on what they regard as their p

Markets should not rule us
By Nick Dearden - 24 September 12:22

Bailing out the banks without progress on the world's problems such as poverty and climate change is

Racism feeds itself
By Tabish Khair - 22 September 11:55

Academic Tabish Khair ponders the simulataneous rise of antisemitism and Islamaphobia and the "struc

Preventing violent extremism
By Alexandra Stein - 08 September 18:26

There is no single, or simple, demographic or psychological profile of those likely to be recruited

Stamp Duty holiday – what’s the point?
By Jonathan Davis - 05 September 15:41

What’s the point of the chancellor's initiatives? To show they’re doing something but they're being

Hidden lives, public voices
By Staff blogger - 04 September 11:29

Broadcaster Esther Rantzen reads Morgan's story - part of our <em><a href="http://www.newstatesman.c

No place for children
By Sir Al Aynsley-Green - 04 September 11:11

The UK has one of the worst records in Europe for detaining children but accurate figures on how man

Wanted: substance and coherence
By Alex Brummer - 04 September 11:11

The trick for Brown and Darling would be to deliver an old-fashioned autumn statement to lift consum

Inequality kills
By Peter Wilby - 04 September 11:11

Politicians take heed: social injustice is, literally, deadly

Is Ukraine next?
By Andrey Kurkov - 04 September 11:11

With Georgia in pieces, Ukraine could be the next to fall to Russia's territorial ambition, separati

Time to end Just William politics
By Charles Clarke - 04 September 11:11

In a New Statesman exclusive Charles Clarke takes on critics who abuse the word Bla

“The detainees have got pain in their eyes”
By Meltem Avcil - 04 September 11:11

In my school report this summer, they said I was an excellent student. I am making a new start and o

Helene’s testimony
By Staff blogger - 04 September 10:59

'They put me and my baby in a kind of cage in the back of a van, like we were animals'

Katherine's testimony
By Staff blogger - 04 September 10:57

'I wanted to kill myself all the time I was there. And I think Joseph picked up on how I felt, becau

Juliet's testimony
By Staff blogger - 04 September 10:56

'I hated to see my baby being locked up. They put you in one tiny room and there is not even a bed

Danielle's testimony
By Staff blogger - 04 September 10:55

'Yarl’s Wood is a living hell, especially for children. They don’t have the right kind of milk for

Hard power in the Caucasus
By Alexandros Petersen - 03 September 13:06

Russia's willingness to break the so-called international rules of territorial integrity is less a c

No template for terrorists
By Raffaello Pantucci - 02 September 14:08

Extremist ideas have taken a much deeper hold in our broader society than we might like to admit, ar

Both sides are probably wrong
By John Vidal - 28 August 10:22

The latest evidence leaves the case for GM foods open

The truth about GM
By Colin Tudge - 28 August 10:22

Will GM technology feed the world - or destroy farming, and human health, in the name of corporate p

Talking to the Taliban
By Chris Sands - 28 August 10:22

For Afghan insurgents every death, no matter from which side, is a step closer to victory

Profile: Lawrence Anthony
By Lucy Knight - 26 August 15:00

With Hollywood planning a film of Lawrence Anthony's mission to save the animals of Baghdad Zoo, <em

How to survive the recession
By Iain Macwhirter - 21 August 10:28

The days of easy loans are over and people are having to live within their means. But it is not all