A dangerous paranoia
By Sigrid Rausing - 26 March 10:11

The Home Office is attempting to sell the concept of ID cards to the public by claiming they are an

We are staring into the abyss
By Staff blogger - 26 March 10:11

Not so long ago, it was being said by some of those close to the Prime Minister that the gathering of world leaders at the G20 summit in London on 2 April would offer Gordon Brown a chance to lead – and be seen to lead – the international community as it grapples with the worst economic crisis i

'Don't ignore Africa'
By Donald Kaberuka - 25 March 9:53

The president of the African Development Bank warns the G20 not to ignore the way the world's poores

Diary: Sarah Brown
By Sarah Brown - 19 March 11:48

Tell me, what was Michelle Obama like?

Why we must all do God
By Tony Blair - 19 March 11:48

Religion has never mattered more to the world than it does now, says the former prime minister, laun

The latest offerings on the credit crunch . . .
By John Ridpath - 12 March 9:28

Katrina vanden Heuvel, Meltdown: How Greed and Corruption Shattered Our Financial System and How We Can Recover (Nation Books, £8.99)

1989 The year of the crowd
By Jason Cowley - 12 March 9:28

New Statesman editor Jason Cowley introduces a special issue on the year that saw the Berlin Wall co

Who's really destroying the earth?
By Julio Cesar Centeno - 10 March 10:45

The perception of population growth in developing countries as the culprit of worldwide environmenta

The world of women
By Joni Seager - 07 March 12:07

"The good news is that feminist organising is stronger, more diverse, more skilled and more global t

Planet Overload
By David Nicholson-Lord - 05 March 10:49

The world’s population is 6.8 billion. That figure will rise to 9.2 billion by 2050. Meanwhile, clim

Green agendas and grey dawns
By Alastair Bonnett - 05 March 10:49

It’s not so much about how many of us there are on the planet, but how we consume, and how we cope w

After the big squeeze
By Irwin Stelzer - 19 February 12:02

This is not the New Depression, but we are on the way to discovering how the New Capitalism will ope

Time to rethink realpolitik
By Sholto Byrnes - 12 February 10:29

Henry Kissinger, once accused of war crimes, is back and working for the Obama adminstration. Is thi

The New Depression
By Martin Jacques - 12 February 10:29

The business and political elite are flying blind. This is the mother of all economic crises. It has

China's final frontier
By Sophie Elmhirst - 05 February 10:09

The Chinese are latecomers to space, and desperate to catch up. Two years after shooting down a sate

Sense on drugs?
By Jeremy Sare - 02 February 15:25

In the same week the government performed its inelegant U-turn on cannabis drugs research body, the

Macho, macho men
By Rachel Cooke - 29 January 10:35

It's too soon for the gleeful realism of this drama about the invasion of Iraq


Interview: Alistair Darling
By James Macintyre - 29 January 10:35

The UK Chancellor has emerged from a year of upheaval with his reputation intact. He tells New State

The people's spirit survives
By Sami Abdel-Shafi - 29 January 10:35

Into the second week of the ceasefire, Gaza is almost exactly as it was before the war.

Our only hope is to talk
By David Grossman - 29 January 10:35

Israel must speak to the Palestinians: it is the sole strategy by which Israelis themselves will fin

The book that changed my life
By Peter Tatchell - 29 January 10:35

Peter Tatchell chooses <em>Animal Liberation</em> by Peter Singer

Obama's nuclear test
By Kate Hudson - 27 January 10:49

Will the new administration in Washington DC usher in a new era when it comes to nuclear weapons? CN

The dilemma on the t­ip of a needle
By John Cornwell - 22 January 9:58

Stem cell research may hold the key to future wonder cures. It is predicted that the market for stem

The puffing president
By Neil Clark - 22 January 9:58

Observations on lighting up

CSR and the credit crunch
By Sean Carey - 20 January 16:09

Sean Carey talks to Daniel Litvin - author of <em>Empires of Profit: Commerce, Conquest and Social R

The heat is on
By Roger Scruton - 15 January 9:31

Winemakers have discovered an upside to global warming

Squaring the circle
By Charles Glass - 15 January 9:31

"The war between George W Bush and Osama Bin Laden defeated both of its protagonists," says Gilles K

Gaza under fire
By John Pilger - 08 January 9:51

Every war Israel has waged since 1948 has had the same objective: expulsion of the native people and

An inevitable crisis
By James Buchan - 18 December 9:44

Viewed from a distance, the events of 2008 will be seen as a particularly dramatic example of the ag

Rise of the new Anglo-world order
By Jonathan Derbyshire - 18 December 9:44

It's an old controversy that was reignited this autumn by the remarks of a Nobel Prize judge: is Ame