Making over the militia
By Abigail Fielding-Smith - 28 May 14:10

Observations on Hezbollah

A bleak future for Baha'is
By Moojan Momen - 13 May 18:45

International pressure may have set Roxana Saberi free, but the plight of seven Iranian Baha'is, imp

The black lake’s secret
By Charlie Connelly - 07 May 12:22

Once a year, a ritualised walk marks the Irish potato famine

Cycle of violence
By Raymond Whitaker - 07 May 12:22

Tricycle Theatre's series of plays about the history of foreign intervention in Afghanistan conveys

How to mend a broken Britain
By Irwin Stelzer - 07 May 12:22

Neither of the major parties has a credible plan for limiting the damage caused by borrow-spend-and-

The right to survive
By Barbara Stocking - 24 April 18:12

The world's major cities are increasingly under threat from climate-related disasters. A greater awa

It’s a super mark-up
By Jody Clarke - 23 April 13:45

Observations on fairtrade

Face to face with history
By Martin Jacques - 23 April 13:45

The UN conference on racism confronted western countries with difficult truths – but that’s no reaso

Counting malaria out
By Mike Barrett - 23 April 13:45

Observations on millennium development

Mixed emotions
By Staff blogger - 22 April 17:54

Leading charities and campaign groups tell the <em>New Statesman</em> what they think of the Chancel

Budget 2009 blog
By James Macintyre - 22 April 11:06

This year's Budget is the first since the full scale of the global economic crisis has become clear.

Taking a stand on racism
By Juliette Rivero - 20 April 19:24

The Geneva Review Conference is an important chance to ensure that the fight against racism gets its

Budget wishlist
By Staff blogger - 20 April 16:32

We asked leading charities and campaign groups to tell us what they wanted from this year's Budget p

Time for an honest appraisal
By Stephen Twigg - 16 April 17:36

The former Labour MP and minister responds to a <a href="

Why we must keep on spending
By Peter Hain - 16 April 10:15

The government must resist the pressure to cut borrowing.
What is needed at the Budget is another

Boutique banking
By Stephen Armstrong - 16 April 10:15

Observations on millionaires

John Pilger on keeping the red (wine) flag flying
By John Pilger - 16 April 10:15

My affair with the red wines of Australia lasted long after I left its shores, until our love was ruined by a water shortage.

The hunger for renewal
By Martin Jacques - 09 April 10:18

The Labour Party that capitulated so completely to neoliberalism is exhausted. If it is to be reinvi

How global influence has shifted
By Vincent Bevins - 06 April 16:31

By inviting more of the world into the global decision-making processes, the US and its close allies

G20 a bitter pill
By Julian Oram - 03 April 15:29

The World Development Movement's head of policy reflects on a G20 he believes has achieved a little

Black humour in Scotland Yard?
By Paul Evans - 03 April 12:13

The gathering of the clans

People's protest clogs city
By Anisha Ahmed - 02 April 16:39

Life in London slowed down as hotspots of protests sprang up in different parts of the city

Banned from the G20
By Benedict Southworth - 02 April 13:17

I was supposed to be writing from inside the G20 summit exclusively for the New Statesman but last n

Please, let’s not do God
By Christopher Hitchens - 02 April 12:47

The Vanity Fair columnist and author of <em>God is not great</em> on Tony Blair's new faith foundati

Tom Holland on Islam and the west: Kingdoms not of this world
By Tom Holland - 02 April 12:47

To insist that Muslims can have as unproblematic a relationship with secular democracy as can, say, their Anglican fellow citizens is unrealistic – not to mention unfair on Muslims themselves.

The Tony Blair Foundation
By Richard Dawkins - 02 April 12:47

The author of the <em>God Delusion</em> responds to Tony Blair's article on <a href="

Marching out of the crisis
By Kate Blagojevic - 30 March 17:39

World Development Movement's Kate Blagojevic
shares her experience of marching with thousands to pr

What G20 countries want
By George Eaton - 30 March 15:48

As the leaders of the world's biggest economies gather in London we look at some of the competing de

Put the people first
By Benedict Southworth - 27 March 13:11

G20 leaders must decide to turn this crisis into an opportunity. We want to see radical change that

Art to conserve
By Richard Dawkins - 26 March 15:42

Richard Dawkins on how actress Lalla Ward's art is being used to help conserve endangered species -