New Statesman
Patois and patties at Twice as Nice
By Will Self - 26 September 1:00

Y'know, me don' see dat David Starkey much down 'ere on me manor, seen, tho' wevver it am because he be chi-chi man or foo-foo racist man me don't know.

The modern speakeasy
By Felicity Cloake - 19 September 1:00

Felicity Cloake celebrates a new and sophisticated golden age of the cocktail

Hustling up to the hatch of happiness
By Will Self - 12 September 1:00

There is a deep, almost primordial satisfaction to be gained from eating at a hatch.

Gondola ride of greed and exploitation
By Will Self - 29 August 1:00

After the unprecedented disorders of early August - a rending of the fabric of civility on a par with the sacking of Rome by the Visigoths - it behoves even this column, concerned as it is with the plebeians' daily bread, to n

Northern exposure
By Felicity Cloake - 29 August 1:00

Felicity Cloake explains why Scandinavian cuisine is giving the French a fright.

Getting stuffed in the Tardis of obesity
By Will Self - 15 August 1:00

"Mac-Dooonald's, Mac-Dooonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken anna Pizza Hut!

The day I went to scoff amid the highchairs bedizened with peas
By Will Self - 01 August 1:00

Here's a dinner for two with 1970s sophistication but modern-day products and prices: to start, a couple of prawn cocktails at £2.09 each; to follow, a brace of 8oz fillet steaks weighing in at £12.47.

The NS Interview: Ruth Rogers, chef
By Helen Lewis - 01 August 1:00

“None of my staff would work for a chef who bullied and shouted”

Can you stomach the all-you-can-eat buffet?
By Will Self - 21 July 10:50

I was meeting up with someone I worked with, ooh, getting on for 20 years ago and whom I hadn't seen for pushing 15. I was coming from Manchester; she from Soho, London.

Nathan Myhrvold interview: “If music can be art, why can’t food?”
By Helen Lewis - 05 July 8:23

Nathan Myhrvold was Stephen Hawking's researcher and Bill Gates's right-hand man at Microsoft. Now, he aims to reinvent the cookbook. 

Why Captain Birdseye is my slightly fishy culinary hero
By Will Self - 04 July 1:00

Birds Eye sold £7.5m worth of its Traditional Chicken Dinners last accounting year - and as these meals are made in the Republic of Ireland with imported chicken breast, "homestyle" gravy, potatoes and garden vegetables, I can

The NS Interview: Alex James
By Helen Lewis - 30 June 16:52

“Keeping a pig is great but Monster Munch are nice as well”

Britain need not be nine meals away from anarchy
By Edward Platt - 27 June 1:00

As oil prices peak and we approach the end of the age of cheap food, now is the time for city-dwelle

By Sophie Elmhirst - 27 June 1:00

When did eating become so complicated? I have only to flick through a Sunday supplement to feel the inexorable rise of recipe-induced panic.

Pretty dishes, fit for supper
By Felicity Cloake - 27 June 1:00

How British social history is written through our cookbooks.

Fast food, the sustainable way
By Henry Dimbleby - 27 June 1:00

It is thanks to a childhood passion for the Whopper that I came to be interested in the sustainability of food.

Is there a Welsh national cuisine?
By Gilli Davies - 25 June 11:47

From seafood to stews, the country has a distinct culinary identity.

To eat food off a conveyor belt is some kind of crazy bliss
By Will Self - 23 June 12:52

There are 55 branches of Yo! Sushi in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, so this is clearly a threat worth paying attention to. Naturally, when Scotland secedes, it may take its Yo!

Top 15 food blogs
By Elizabeth Bonner - 23 June 12:49

The Staggers presents its list of the top 15 food blogs from around the world.

The attack of the killer cucumbers (or not)
By Steven Baxter - 03 June 12:04

When everyone actually <em>is</em> going to die, no one will believe the tabloids.

Making heavy weather of airline food
By Will Self - 26 May 13:07

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all airline food aspires to the condition of potato dauphinoise - or, possibly, Irish stew.

The NS Interview: Heston Blumenthal, chef
By Helen Lewis - 16 May 16:10

“Sucking the heads off prawns is one of life’s great pleasures”

Welcome to Labour’s big-boned society
By Will Self - 12 May 13:31

I quite like that Channel 4 show The Secret Millionaire (Tuesdays, 9pm), in which a self-made Richie goes undercover among the unfortunate Dicks, his aim being to disburse himself of some of his well-gotten gains on worthy cau

Dining at the divine Browns
By Will Self - 27 April 12:34

I've been trekking round the country with No 1 daughter in order to vet universities.

Taste of a nation
By Helen Lewis - 07 April 17:11

Is there such a thing as English cuisine?

Merry England
By Felicity Cloake - 07 April 17:07

English winemakers are making great strides.

Why caterers are in the black
By Will Self - 31 March 15:30

Only one kind of meal comes with an erratum slip: the catered formal dinner.

Taking on Pig Business
By Helen Lewis - 09 February 13:30

Tracy Worcester's fight against the excesses of industrial pig farming reaches Brussels.

The Philosophy of Wine: a Case of Truth, Beauty and Intoxication
By Barry Smith - 15 December 9:49

Drinking good wine provides an occasion for pleasure, but it also provides an opportunity for thought.

Fresh baking and the flour of our youth
By Will Self - 15 December 9:41

Within a Budding Grove, with its hint at the similitude of erectile clitoral tissue and burgeoning plant life, is the somewhat suggestive translation of Proust's À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs given by C K Scott Moncrie