Dinner parties: from chocolate logs to kitchen suppers
By Felicity Cloake - 06 June 10:35

Feeding people is still the supreme symbol of hospitality.

In the beginning, supposedly, was the word
By Nina Caplan - 28 May 9:50

But surely the grape arrived first?

Our big fat fear
By Felicity Cloake - 23 May 8:37

As our waistlines have grown, so has our collective prejudice against the overweight. How should we handle the obesity epidemic?

Foraging wild garlic is the way forward this spring.
Never mind the pre-summer "hungry gap" – a little wild garlic will fill the void
By Felicity Cloake - 14 May 10:11

It's a tough life being a foodie, but fear not - a sumptuous delicacy awaits in our still damp woodlands between April and June.

Not for all the wine in China
By Nina Caplan - 02 May 9:50

On the Chinese wine market.

Living off the fat of the land
By Michael Brooks - 02 May 7:30

Get mothers overeating during pregnancy and you stand to gain customers as soon as they are born.

Why horse meat leaves a bad taste in the mouth
By Felicity Cloake - 25 April 7:49

Scoffing at neighbours who discovered that the value “beef burgers” they bought at the supermarket had horse in them won’t make life any better for those of us who are better off.

Know your Bastardo from your blistering barnacles
By Nina Caplan - 27 March 17:51

Wine is not simple; its pleasures are as various as some of its components’ names.

Isn’t it Byronic?
By Will Self - 26 March 15:04

An afternoon of overpriced burgers among the iPeople is not half bad.

New Statesman
Squeezed Middle: Getting caffeinated for cash
By Alice O'Keeffe - 21 March 9:20

Entering “babyccino” denial.

Some corking alternatives to the Irish stew’n’mash
By Felicity Cloake - 20 March 9:13

Some traditions are just too sacred to mess with, though.

The value of spending more time in the buff
By Nina Caplan - 07 March 11:53

Don't be afraid of the wine experts.

Losing Lorelei
By Yo Zushi - 07 March 5:10

Closing night at a Soho institution.

An Aberdeenshire piggery
Meat market: the risks of our corrupt global food chain
By Colin Tudge - 28 February 9:49

Colin Tudge says we may discover that horse-flavoured “beefburgers” were a scam — but far more dangerous are the big health threats posed by intensive farming. He urges us to take matters into our hands.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of finest, oak-aged kill-devill
By Nina Caplan - 14 February 8:01

Nina Caplan's drink column.

New Statesman
Maker’s Mark to dilute due to shortage crisis
By Charlotte Simmonds - 12 February 17:02

As the bourbon’s popularity rises abroad, it waters down at home.

A little girl licking a spoon after stirring the cake mixture.
You can’t teach your granny to use a sous-vide
By Felicity Cloake - 07 February 11:11

Sometimes the oldest kitchen inventions are the best.

The Spudulike experience had a refreshing honesty about it.
You say potato, I say spud, but the teenager sticks with pizza
By Will Self - 07 February 11:05

Will Self's "Real Meals" column.

The sun sets over a vineyard in Spata, in the Nemee valley west of Athens
Drink the grapes of Greece for a taste of summer
By Nina Caplan - 24 January 8:30

The promise of heat.

Will Self's Real Meals: Petrol station chicken at Pain Quotidien
By Will Self - 24 January 8:30

The shtick at LPQ is a cod-rustic vibe cultivated with cold-hearted commercialism.

A trip to the ballet is a battle with boredom for the boys
By Nicholas Lezard - 17 January 8:30

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out" column.