The Mughals' influence on Indian food has travelled far
Emperors’ new cloves, cumin and cardamom
By Felicity Cloake - 22 November 8:39

The Mughals secured a culinary legacy that lives on today - you just can’t beat a biryani.

An array of bottles wait to show us what they can do
Bold wines make great party guests
By Nina Caplan - 15 November 9:18

Rich food deserves exciting partners.

An engrossing read leaves me with egg on my face and fears about senility
By Nicholas Lezard - 01 November 6:06

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out in London" column.

Competitive eating is big in America
The rise of eating competitions
By Felicity Cloake - 01 November 6:00

Felicity Cloake tries to devour 2.5kg of ice cream . . . and discovers that a hearty appetite isn't enough to succeed.

A glass of Bordeaux being poured
I hear the chimes of noon in Soho and prepare to drown myself in drink and dim sum
By Nicholas Lezard - 25 October 13:15

Nicholas Lezard's "Down and Out in London" column.

Workers harvesting grapes
No sour grapes as the empire strikes back
By Nina Caplan - 25 October 12:59

It's worth giving South African wines another go, says Nina Caplan.

New Statesman
A hearty dish to set before the king
By Stephanie Yuen - 18 October 7:33

The large clay pot of chicken congee is simmering on the stove, emitting a warm and ravishing aroma. In another ten minutes, the family will be sitting around the table, sharing, laughing and reminiscing. This is a regular weekend scene in my household: a congee feast.

New Statesman
Tangled up in green
By John Burnside - 11 October 7:37

We seem resigned to losing our green world.

Season of mists and curried fruitiness
By Felicity Cloake - 04 October 10:50

Felicity Cloake's food column.

None of these wines goes with hot dogs.
Champagne’s really gone to the dogs
By Nina Caplan - 27 September 11:55

Nina Caplan's drink column.

Green salad.
Tender is the sight of beige-clad greenies eating ethically
By Will Self - 20 September 9:11

Will Self's "Real Meal" column.

Oysters, fresh from the sea
Six of the best, fresh from the sea
By Felicity Cloake - 12 September 16:19

An oyster's gnarly shell holds many wonderful secrets.

Branding is more fundamental to the US psyche than the Bible
By Will Self - 05 September 11:50

Will Self's "Real Meals" column.

A case of wine
You’ve got to bring a bottle or two
By Nina Caplan - 05 September 11:07

Nina Caplan's drink column.

A flute of rosé champagne.
Nina Caplan: Much more than a pretty pink face
By Nina Caplan - 15 August 11:55

Just because a wine looks alluring doesn’t mean it won’t taste good.

Will Self: Forget the Fat Duck, here’s the place for tourists’ hottest forking action
By Will Self - 15 August 11:38

Will Self explores the places people actually eat.

Chilli peppers on sale in one of London's markets
Tale of a city: From hell to hipsville
By Bim Adewunmi - 07 August 12:13

Bim Adewunmi contemplates Hackney's inevitable gentrification.

New Statesman
Take a pinch of salt with your fish and chips
By Will Self - 25 July 17:05

And make sure it’s all soaked in pea wet.

The world on a plate, all in one city
By Felicity Cloake - 25 July 16:41

What takes your fancy? If you’ve got the time and hunger, you can sample every style of cooking known to man in the Big Smoke. From Jamaican jerk and Southern ribs to Turkish kebab, London is the place to be.

New Statesman
It helps when you've got a lot of bottle
By Nina Caplan - 19 July 9:31

Don't judge a book by its cover, but maybe judge a champagne by its bottle.

Cooking is the root of all evil
By Michael Brooks - 13 July 14:03

If we hadn’t learned to roast meat, many of society's ills would never have happened.

The staff of Colmans fish-and-chip restaurant
You’ll never find a better bit of batter
By Richard Ord - 11 July 16:21

It's a golden era for Colmans of South Shields, a century-old fish-and-chip restaurant.

Will Self: Authentic, schmauthentic at Mishkin’s
By Will Self - 11 July 15:08

The odour when I walked in the door was insufficiently schmaltzy and old-mannish – and the decor was way too studied in its dishabille.

A chocolate milkshake
Race to the finish, via a chocolate shake
By Felicity Cloake - 04 July 13:49

The London Olympics will boast the biggest McDonald’s in the world.

Will Self
Will Self on the trouble with restaurant critics
By Will Self - 27 June 12:34

Even restaurant critics learn eventually that eating is a bodily function like any other.