Left with the dregs
By Nicholas Blincoe - 16 July 13:00

England Calling

Edited by Julia Bell and Jackie Gay <em>Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 318pp, £12.99</em>

The inner lumberjack
By Adam Newey - 16 July 13:00

Landscape With Chainsaw

James Lasdun <em>Cape Poetry, 52pp, £8</em>

ISBN 0224061070

Novel of the week
By Matthew Jennings - 16 July 13:00

Rescue Me

Christopher Hart <em>Faber, 232pp, £9.99</em>

ISBN 0571206255

She never said it
By Michele Roberts - 16 July 13:00

Marie Antoinette: the journey

Antonia Fraser <em>Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 448pp, £25</em>

ISBN 029

The Tour must go on
By Henry Sheen - 16 July 13:00

Breaking the Chain: drugs and cycling - the true story

Willy Voet, translated by William Fothering

The return of Essex Man
By Hugo Barnacle - 16 July 13:00

One For My Baby

Tony Parsons <em>HarperCollins, 330pp, £15.99</em>

ISBN 0002261820

Paperback reader
By James Hopkin - 02 July 13:00

Bad Blood

Lorna Sage <em>Fourth Estate, 281pp, £6.99</em>

ISBN 1841150436

Novel of the week
By Francis Gilbert - 02 July 13:00

A Son of War

Melvyn Bragg <em>Sceptre, 426pp, £16.99</em>

ISBN 0340734159

Blame the penis
By Henry Hitchings - 02 July 13:00

John Donne: man of flesh and spirit
David Edwards
Continuum, 368pp, £20

When the world was flat
By Kathryn Hughes - 02 July 13:00

The Map that Changed the World: the tale of William Smith and the birth of a science

Simon Winches

The master
By Stephen Pollard - 02 July 13:00

Sviatoslav Richter: notebooks and conversations

Bruno Monsaingeon (translated by Stewart Spencer)<

Southern soul
By Jan Morris - 02 July 13:00

Don Quixote's Delusions: travels in Castilian Spain

Miranda France <em>Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 243p

Dangerous men
By Bernard McGinley - 02 July 13:00

Patriot Traitors: Roger Casement, John Amery and the real meaning of treason

Adrian Weale <em>Viki

Shock troops of sprawl
By Hugo Miller - 02 July 13:00

Fast Food Nation: what the all-American meal is doing to the world

Eric Schlosser <em>Allen Lane,

The new locomotives
By Ian Hargreaves - 11 June 13:00

Open Scotland? Journalists, spin doctors and lobbyists

Philip Schlesinger, David Miller and Willia

Grace under pressure. Why must Africa be caricatured as the hopeless continent? Anthony Sampson is inspired by the daring and insight of a master reporter
By Anthony Sampson - 11 June 13:00

The Shadow of the Sun: my African life

Ryszard Kapuscinski <em>Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, 325p

Walking on air
By Adam Newey - 11 June 13:00

Poems 1968-1998

Paul Muldoon <em>Faber and Faber, 479pp, £12.99</em>

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Novel of the week
By Nicholas Clee - 11 June 13:00

Translated Accounts

James Kelman <em>Secker & Warburg, 322pp, £15.99</em>

ISBN 0436274647

Paperback reader
By Jason Cowley - 11 June 13:00

Under the Frangipani

Mia Couto <em>Serpent's Tail, 160pp, £10</em>

ISBN 1852427299

Commentary - A master of miniaturism
By Rebecca Abrams - 11 June 13:00

Rebecca Abrams on Elizabeth Taylor, one of the great neglected voices of English fiction

We can't, we won't
By Jennifer Szalai - 11 June 13:00

The Silent Takeover: global capitalism and the death of democracy

Noreena Hertz <em>Heinemann, 242

Drink, drugs and dentistry
By Graham Bendel - 11 June 13:00

A Drink with Shane MacGowan

Victoria Mary Clarke and Shane MacGowan <em>Sidgwick & Jackson, 360pp,

The revolution continued
By Suzi Feay - 11 June 13:00

Her Own Woman: the life of Mary Wollstonecraft

Diane Jacobs <em>Abacus, 333pp, £9.99</em>


Novel of the week
By Vicky Hutchings - 04 June 13:00

Broken Bodies

Sally Emerson <em>Little, Brown, 293pp, £15.99</em>

ISBN 0316854832

Commentary - Sex, power and corruption
By Sebastian Shakespeare - 04 June 13:00

Sebastian Shakespeare selects the best satire on journalism ever written

The whole secret
By Allan Massie - 04 June 13:00

Louis: the life of Robert Louis Stevenson

Philip Callow <em>Constable Robinson, 336pp, £20</em>

United in loathing
By Stephen Pollard - 04 June 13:00

The Progressive Century: the future of the centre-left in Britain

Edited by Neal Lawson and Neil S

Too many parties
By Lisa Allardice - 04 June 13:00

Back When We Were Grownups

Anne Tyler <em>Chatto & Windus, 274pp, £15.99</em>

ISBN 070117286X