New Statesman
Bring back things in aspic and caviar Swiss rolls
By Felicity Cloake - 13 December 18:12

Here's a friendly piece of advice: a conscientious host should "exercise some ingenuity over the eats. It may not merely be a jaded appetite, but a connoisseur in food who comes to her informal party."

The White House is playing Hunger Games with its presidential turkeys
By Ian Steadman - 26 November 16:24

It's traditional for the US president to pardon a turkey every year before Christmas - and this year, the people are being given a vote on which one to save.

Woodland mushroom–picking has become a big business
Truffle trouble, forest conservation and the mushroom mafia
By Felicity Cloake - 20 November 5:54

Mycological mayhem in Epping Forest.

Will Self: state cops, FBI letter jackets and celebrity sandwiches
By Will Self - 14 November 16:17

"In Boston, I deliberate between the Fiscal Cliff with blue cheese and the Mark Zuckerburger."

New Statesman
Life in the Freezer Cabinet: The strange tale of Iceland food
By Rachel Cooke - 14 November 11:20

The cheap food store doesn't care for PR, and prides itself on transforming communities, one Bubble Bobble Prawn at a time.

New Statesman
How can we make aeroplane food worth eating?
By Felicity Cloake - 07 November 6:40

In 1958 the International Air Transport Organisation upheld a complaint by Pan Am that the sandwiches served by European competitors amounted to “a fancy meal”, ruling in future they must be “unadorned, self-contained and not include such fillings as cavi

Marijuana activists.
In contemporary Britain, to be stone-cold sober all the time is the real lunacy
By Will Self - 24 October 7:20

There's plenty of marijuana-smoking and khat-chewing on my doorstep - in the park it's all good fun.

New Statesman
Jesus was a beer drinker
By Nina Caplan - 17 October 15:29

Beer can feel like a club that doesn’t want me as a member and I’m no Groucho Marx.

Will Self: Itsu is the perfect food for keyboard rifflers terrified they're turning into sludge
By Will Self - 17 October 15:25

That food should be subject to the most ruthless commoditisation under late capitalism is only to be expected, but that we should for one second allow ourselves to enjoy it is a miserable and gut-wrenching experience.

What the duffin tells us about the power of the PR machine
By Rachel McCormack - 10 October 13:37

There are precious few options left to tiny fish left in a sea of trademarking sharks.

New Statesman
Putting bacteria back into our food, one pickle at a time
By Felicity Cloake - 10 October 10:36

For millennia, all pickles were living things, home to an invisible mass of microbes. Now they often only live in sterile vinegar - but we need to put the bacteria back, for the sake of our health.

New Statesman
Will Self on how to rescue our lives from marketers and margherita pizzas
By Will Self - 03 October 10:14

To examine the photographs in Little Frankie’s with attention would be to rescue all these lived lives from the great shingly erosions of late capitalism. But let’s just eat junk food at low prices instead.

A multi-layered bagel sandwich includes cream cheese, lox, lettuce, egg salad
Making 300 sandwiches in exchange for marriage is sinister and degrading, not romantic
By Sarah Ditum - 26 September 11:42

Marriage surely cannot be bought for the bargain price of 300 sandwiches, but a New York Post reporter is attempting to do just that. Sarah Ditum shares her recipe for true love (which oddly enough, isn't bread-based).

Cracking the codes on an Italian bottle
By Nina Caplan - 26 September 7:20

The Italians don't make it easy, but a sure bet is to choose a wine that grew up alongside the food you're eating.

New Statesman
The fine art of a thrifty kitchen
By Felicity Cloake - 19 September 8:53

Eating the last of the Sunday roast with fried rice on Thursday or freezing cheap berries as a winter treat feels, in a small way, like beating the system.

Steak and chips.
You need a beefy red when you have a cow, man!
By Nina Caplan - 05 September 10:40

What should one drink with a steak? The answer isn't always obvious.

True barbecue’s a game of smoke and dithers
By Felicity Cloake - 30 August 9:46

Britain has finally been bitten by the barbecue bug.

Dear Jamie Oliver, poverty isn't picturesque by the Mediterranean either
By Rachel McCormack - 27 August 16:18

The TV chef's remarks that "You go to Italy or Spain and they eat well on not much money" reveals a startling ignorance about what life is really like in Italy or Spain for those without much money.

Recline with wine.
We search in vain for a message on the bottle
By Nina Caplan - 15 August 6:30

The uselessness of wine labels.

"If you want flavour, stop at home": Will Self eats fish and chips at Harry Ramsdens
By Will Self - 04 August 9:32

There’s not a sole in this plaice who could prove old Harry made cod claims.

The Great British seaside reinvention
By Felicity Cloake - 16 July 8:18

It’s all very well getting misty-eyed about steamy-windowed seaside caffs serving up crab sandwiches and pots of tea but the reality is that the crab was always tinned and the teapot always leaked.

These days I always get the urge to herbal
By Nina Caplan - 04 July 8:43

I can’t remember the first time I enjoyed Campari but I’ve a clear recollection of the second. . .

Will Self visits the Slug & Lettuce
By Will Self - 04 July 8:31

A mollusc, a salad leaf and an unstoppable trail of mish-mash, bish-bosh nosh.

A jewel set in a samphire sea
By Felicity Cloake - 27 June 9:07

This succulent, almost absurdly green vegetable found in great clumps on Britain’s many salt marshes is well worth tracking down.