Eruptions of sugar-encrusted delight: English bakers conjure up endless variations on a traditional treat. Photo: Getty
All hail the common bun, the grace of our nation
By Felicity Cloake - 28 May 15:21

A few years ago, the Great British Bun was in danger of extinction. Then, like a well-proofed dough, it rose again.

A man (not Will Self) surveys an array of spoons. Illustration: Jackson Rees
The changing fortunes of my family can be measured in our use of the humble spoon
By Will Self - 28 May 13:00

When it to comes to putting stuff in your mouth, only the spoon will do.

The Breakfast in Bed Café is a desperate cry for help – Ikea should stick to meatballs and sofas
By Eleanor Margolis - 20 May 17:00

Why I hate the pathetic prescribed quirkiness of Ikea's new bed-based coffee house.

Why women are becoming the key ingredient in making and marketing wine
By Frances Robinson - 18 May 13:21

What does the success of the Féminalise Wine Competition tell us about wine and women?

Deconstructing the tomato: elBulli mastermind Ferran Adrià’s academic fixation with food
By Ian Steadman - 11 May 16:45

elBulli's new project will "shift the paradigm" in molecular gastronomy.

Soaking up the sun: another distinctive vintage rises through scrubland in a valley Down Under. Photo: Mehdi Chebil/Polaris/Eyevine
The freedom of Australian vineyards leaves tasters spoilt for choice
By Nina Caplan - 23 April 17:50

Before I even got near the reds, I found myself thinking of a short story by Tolstoy, “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”.

Green bananas. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images
Jack Monroe on Ed's two kitchens, leaving Labour – and why it's time to go bananas
By Jack Monroe - 27 March 11:56

Labour’s last straw was the “immigrants and benefits” scaremongering in one of its national leaflets. That’s not the party I joined. But it’s the party I left.

Wine being poured. Photo: FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Image
Wine with vindaloo: a tale of two settlers
By Nina Caplan - 26 March 10:24

Despite all its associations, vinha d’alhos is a mongrel dish - and the fraught question of what we ought to drink needs an international answer.

Illustration by Jackson Rees.
In which I suspend belief in Branson while contemplating the Virgin snack box
By Will Self - 19 March 12:19

In this week's Real Meals, Will Self resists the parliamentarian-endorsed temptations of a mainline skeuomorph.

Bread and wine. Photo: David Silverman/Getty Images
This week, I get thrown out of the oldest restaurant in London on account of my naughty language
By Nicholas Lezard - 19 March 12:01

There's some joy to be taken in the long lunch - as long as someone else is paying.

Peppers for sale at a market in Italy. Photo: Andreas Solara/AFP/Getty Images
So hot right now: the peppers that prove there's a perv in all of us
By Felicity Cloake - 19 March 11:54

My eyes and my nose streamed, it felt like someone had stuck a red hot poker through both of my ears and my heart was dancing a fast polka in my chest, but I also felt weirdly euphoric.

Do it for the vine. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Nip across the border to sample the ancient vines
By Nina Caplan - 05 March 9:31

Spain and Portugal may have settled their differences, but when it comes to grapes, it's not so simple.

Kelly Gissendaner chose junk food for her last meal. Photo: Paul J Richards/AFP/Getty Images
Why are we so fascinated by the macabre ritual of the death row last meal?
By Eleanor Margolis - 04 March 16:25

Kelly Gissendaner, due to be the first woman executed by the US state of Georgia in 70 years, chose a feast of junk food for her last meal. Her selection has been pored over by the media – why?

Bundles of rare delight: the flavours of dim sum in Shanghai are unlike anything you’ll discover at your local. Photo: ROB HOWARD/CORBIS
Snow fungus and braised frog: in search of real Chinese food
By Felicity Cloake - 26 February 10:22

If you know where to look, you can get a long way from virulent orange sauce and “chips, not rice”.

More pancake is better pancake. Photo: Getty Images
Using bad science to create the perfect Pancake Day recipe
By Ian Steadman - 17 February 10:41

Lots of places claim to have the “perfect” pancake recipe – but here’s how to guarantee the best results. Maybe.

A glass of wine in Savoie. Photo: William Craig Moyes
The grapes of sloth: Nina Caplan relaxes in Savoie's vineyards
By Nina Caplan - 12 February 10:52

Buckets, bobsleds and a battery-powered bike.

Marmalade on toast. Photo: Rex features
Why marmalade endures: the tale of a bear and his favourite preserve
By Felicity Cloake - 05 February 10:10

It's a food Felicity Cloake has enjoyed since childhood. Now Paddington is helping to revive flagging marmalade sales.

Ramekin disaster. Illustration: Jackson Rees
Will Self: Why I hate ramekins
By Will Self - 05 February 10:08

I may be late to the party, but I am tough on ramekin – and on the causes of ramekin.

Turner's Field of Waterloo. Photo: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge/Bridgeman Images
What Turner drank after a day sketching carnage
By Nina Caplan - 21 January 11:08

Nina Caplan drinks German wine and contemplates J M W Turner’s work on war.

A culinary clean slate. Photo: Gallery Stock.
Felicity Cloake: let’s face it, detox diets are making fools of us
By Felicity Cloake - 15 January 10:26

In many ways, January diets are as self-indulgent as the Christmas binge.

Christmas cheer: champagne by the tree. Photo: Annie Roi/Flickr
Nina Caplan: Raise a glass to peace in the Champagne empire
By Nina Caplan - 23 December 10:00

Even I willingly acknowledge that the damage to the vineyards of Champagne was one of the lesser tragedies of the First World War.

Tuck in: a 1955 Christmas dinner. Photo: Getty
Why festive indulgence is good for you
By Michael Brooks - 22 December 15:11

What should you do to stay happy and healthy this Christmas? You’ll like the first piece of advice: if you want to relax, you could try eating a big meal.

Not everyone’s Christmas looks like this. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty
Suzanne Moore: I never learned exactly what my mother put in the buckets brewing under the bed
By Suzanne Moore - 19 December 17:39

Jay the lesbian gannet made our Christmas much less tense than normal. The home-made Baileys flowed.

Will Self and Nick Lezard by Jackson Rees.
Will Self: I couldn’t believe the Hovel was as bad as Nick Lezard makes out, so I went to see it
By Will Self - 19 December 11:27

From without in the chilly night, the Hovel – which is a maisonette above a shop – looked cosy; I could see lamplight and books ranged on shelves.

Bacon, the answer to hangovers. Photo: Getty Images
Felicity Cloake: Hangover cures shouldn’t involve further suffering
By Felicity Cloake - 11 December 9:12

In the spirit of festive generosity I would like to offer a helping hand when it comes to surviving the onslaught of hot plonk. Here, food, as in so many situations, is your friend.

Image from Venice by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi (Hardie Grant, £25). Photography: Helen Cathcart
The eastern ghosts that haunt Venetian cuisine
By Felicity Cloake - 20 November 15:48

Once upon a time, the food of Venice was considered the finest in Europe, “specialising in wild boar, peacock, venison, elaborate salads and architectural pastries”.

Deck the aisles: Christmas chocolates already discounted at Tesco in September. Photo: Flickr/George Redgrave
Welcome to Britain’s new chocolate calendar
By Melanie McDonagh - 06 November 10:01

We are now in the thick of what you might call “the bonfire season”, which runs from mid-October to the weekend after Guy Fawkes Night.