Gilbey on Film: meet the step-parents
By Ryan Gilbey - 07 September 14:58

"Cyrus" shows that fractured families are a rich source for movie makers.

Certified Copy (12A)
By Ryan Gilbey - 02 September 0:53

Juliette Binoche shines in a movie about authenticity in art.

Gilbey on Film: the young ones
By Ryan Gilbey - 31 August 12:36

Which movies sum up your youth?

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (12A)
By Ryan Gilbey - 26 August 8:21

The Hot Fuzz director’s latest is both fastidious and funny, writes Ryan Gilbey.

Gilbey on Film: “Vampires Suck”? It really sucks
By Ryan Gilbey - 24 August 12:25

Why movie spoofs aren’t as funny as they used to be.

The Illusionist (PG)
By Ryan Gilbey - 19 August 8:16

Ryan Gilbey admires a fitting animated tribute to Edinburgh.

Gilbey on Film: The role of the Gay Best Friend
By Ryan Gilbey - 17 August 11:13

Great GBFs from Sal Mineo to Wallace Wells.

The Film Interview: Chris Atkins
By Daniel Trilling - 16 August 13:44

The documentary-maker on his "urban fox hunting" hoax - and why he frightens TV executives.

The Refuge (15)
By Ryan Gilbey - 12 August 8:12

François Ozon’s films are drowning in self-reference, writes Ryan Gilbey.

Gilbey on Film: what’s in a voice?
By Ryan Gilbey - 10 August 13:06

From James Stewart to Toy Story 3, the way an actor speaks can trigger powerful emotions.

Knight and Day (12A)
By Ryan Gilbey - 05 August 0:36

Ryan Gilbey wonders if Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz will ever work again.

Gilbey on Film: Gregg Araki and the geeks
By Ryan Gilbey - 03 August 14:27

Why was Kaboom pulled from FrightFest?

Gainsbourg (15)
By Ryan Gilbey - 29 July 8:13

Gallic charm meets an imaginative twist on the biopic.

Gilbey on Film: can Russell Brand save British cinema?
By Ryan Gilbey - 27 July 12:37

The UK Film Council wasn't perfect, but we need a high-profile campaign to support home-grown movies

The government scraps the UK Film Council
By Daniel Trilling - 26 July 14:41

But amid the gloom, is there some good news for British film?

Untold story
By Stefan Simanowitz - 26 July 9:00

Stefan Simanowitz goes to the pictures with the people of Western Sahara.

The Film Interview: Andrew Kötting
By Daniel Trilling - 22 July 13:37

The British director on his new picture, Ivul - and on living in the treetops.

Ivul (15)
By Ryan Gilbey - 22 July 8:11

A dreamy Britishness survives translation into French.

Gilbey on Film: casting Kurt Cobain
By Ryan Gilbey - 20 July 13:19

Exclusive details of the forthcoming movie about the life of the Nirvana frontman.

Toy Story 3 (U) and Inception (12A)
By Ryan Gilbey - 15 July 1:14

The summer blockbuster season is tinged with sadness.

Mel Gibson: racism isn’t even the half of it
By Sarah Churchwell - 14 July 17:46

It’s disturbing how easily Hollywood overlooks violence against women.

Gilbey on Film: Mad Mel
By Ryan Gilbey - 13 July 13:20

Does a racist rant spell the end of Mel Gibson’s career?

Arnold Schwarzenegger hates socialism
By Daniel Trilling - 08 July 13:10

...but he loves Milton Friedman.

London River (12A)
By Ryan Gilbey - 08 July 1:11

Powerful acting recalls the aftermath of the 7/7 attacks.

Gilbey on Film: low-budget thrills
By Ryan Gilbey - 06 July 13:42

The star of Frownland breaks through the slickness of movie acting.

White Material
By Ryan Gilbey - 01 July 8:08

Isabelle Huppert adorns a subtle post-colonial drama.

The best of world cinema
By Staff blogger - 30 June 12:41

Would these films make your top ten?

Gilbey on Film: the greatest movie scores
By Ryan Gilbey - 29 June 11:54

And does "A Single Man" boast this year's finest music?

Steve McQueen: Living on the Edge
By Antonia Quirke - 28 June 9:12

Steve McQueen said scarcely a word on screen, and his unspoken power was enough to silence women co-

Tetro (15) and Whatever Works (12A)
By Ryan Gilbey - 24 June 7:30

Two directors prove they are well past their prime, writes Ryan Gilbey.