The Tree of Life
By Ryan Gilbey - 07 July 19:16

Sean Penn’s dazed look fits this long view of 1950s America.

Gilbey on Film: The projectionist's power
By Ryan Gilbey - 01 July 15:28

The relationship between directors and cinema technicians.

A Separation (PG)
By Ryan Gilbey - 30 June 12:29

Ryan Gilbey admires a perfectly choreographed story of suspense.

Potiche (15)
By Ryan Gilbey - 28 June 15:20

An unglamorous Catherine Deneuve makes for sharp comedy.

Bridesmaids (15); Putty Hill (PG)
By Ryan Gilbey - 23 June 12:42

An exquisite display of panic and paranoia.

Gilbey on Film: Fassbinder's unrequited Lamborghinis
By Ryan Gilbey - 22 June 12:03

How rejection fuelled the director's vision.

Tom Hollander: "Famous people don't hear the word 'no' enough"
By Helen Lewis - 20 June 16:48

The Rev actor talks about playing a vicar, believing in God and attending university with Nick Clegg

The Beaver (12A)
By Ryan Gilbey - 16 June 9:00

Mel Gibson is an asset to this tale of redemption.

Gilbey on Film: Jan Svankmajer's Pop-eyed Genius
By Ryan Gilbey - 14 June 15:20

Celebrating the re-release of Alice, the director's 1988 masterpiece.

Gilbey on Film: Saturday night livewire
By Ryan Gilbey - 07 June 11:45

The comedian Maya Rudolph talks about working with Robert Altman and her new film, Bridesmaids.

Senna (12A)
By Ryan Gilbey - 02 June 8:29

The career of a folk hero is reconstructed from archive footage.

Gilbey on Film: drama out of a crisis
By Ryan Gilbey - 31 May 16:52

Why have movies - documentaries aside - been so slow to respond to the credit crunch?

Le Quattro volte (U)
By Ryan Gilbey - 26 May 10:47

Ryan Gilbey is charmed by a whimsical picture about life, death and goats.

Gilbey on Film: a quiet revolution
By Ryan Gilbey - 25 May 15:44

Win Win gently subverts the conventions of Hollywood story-telling.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (12A)
By Ryan Gilbey - 19 May 9:15

Ryan Gilbey reflects on a movie franchise that is way past its sell-by date.

Reclaiming the right to privacy
By Sean Gittins - 18 May 19:44

Two studies into the nature of privacy form part of the London International Documentary Festival's

Gilbey on Film: horror at the box office
By Ryan Gilbey - 17 May 12:38

Is Zombie Undead the lowest-grossing film on record?

Cannes can
By Daniel Trilling - 12 May 13:31

Ryan Gilbey has said all there is to say for the moment about Terrence Malick (page 40), whose long-awaited Tree of Life is the main attraction at this year's Cannes Film Festival, which runs from 11 to 22 May.

This is England
By Neil Hunter - 12 May 13:31

The acclaimed director on a new breed of British film-makers.

Seeing red
By Nina Caplan - 12 May 13:31

Soviet cinema had a brief but remarkable flowering in the 1920s.

A place for reflection
By Phil Collins - 12 May 13:31

Political, questioning art film is a vital but threatened form.

Love Like Poison (15)
By Ryan Gilbey - 12 May 13:28

Music does the talking in this tale of a Breton family.

The NS Interview: James Corden
By Sophie Elmhirst - 12 May 13:28

“I’m an attention-seeker. I’m useless at everything else”

Preview: London International Documentary Festival 2011
By Sean Gittins - 11 May 16:36

Seven highlights, as recommended by us.

Gilbey on Film: why we're still obsessed with Travis Bickle
By Ryan Gilbey - 10 May 12:29

An interview with Paul Schrader, writer of <em>Taxi Driver</em>.

I Saw the Devil (18)
By Ryan Gilbey - 05 May 12:10

Two and a half hours of sadism fails to impress.

Gilbey on Film: laugh till you drop
By Ryan Gilbey - 04 May 13:51

Joe Wright's <em>Hanna</em> draws on a rich vein of assassin comedies.

Gilbey on Film: Chronicle of Protest, previewed
By Ryan Gilbey - 27 April 12:43

Activist video is providing a corrective to the mainstream media - but nothing beats the power of a

How I Ended This Summer (15)
By Ryan Gilbey - 20 April 9:32

A minimalist Russian thriller annoys and amazes Ryan Gilbey.

Gilbey on Film: Genre capers
By Ryan Gilbey - 19 April 11:28

Five films that play with the private eye movie.