Blair calls for directly-elected EU president
By George Eaton - 29 October 15:37

Who could he possibly have in mind?

Members of the Greek extreme-right party Golden Dawn.
Desperate to keep the police on side, is the Greek government overlooking violent abuses?
By Yiannis Baboulias - 23 October 16:09

Golden Dawn is having a field day while MPs from other parties are assaulted.

BP reaches $26bn deal with Russian oil titan Rosneft
By Alex Ward - 22 October 15:54

State-owned champion becomes world’s largest oil producer.

New Statesman
Meet Leonid Fainberg, the ultimate Ukrainian mobster
By Graham Phillips - 13 October 11:24

The man who tried to buy a Soviet submarine to transport drugs is fast becoming an internet celebrity from his prison cell in Panama.

Nina was brutalised by her rapists, and then French justice assaulted her again
By Rose George - 12 October 16:16

For six months, a pack of boys told Nina to turn up at certain times to be raped. Yesterday, the harshest sentence given to her attackers was a year in jail, and several defendants were acquitted. How is this justice?

The Nobel decision was a brave defence of the European project
By William Brett - 12 October 14:59

The Peace Prize was a reminder that the EU has been a force for good and remains a bulwark against further suffering.

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the EU
By Alex Hern - 12 October 10:12

Not quite as weird as it seems. But still pretty weird.

These labourers provide a cheap supply of ready manpower
Cheap, and far from free: The migrant army building Britain
By Sorana Stanescu - 11 October 12:29

Revealed: how job restrictions have left Romanian and Bulgarian construction workers underpaid and vulnerable to exploitation.

A view of Sarajevo through a former sniper position
International rescue and the "responsibility to protect"
By Douglas Hurd - 11 October 9:19

Governing the World: the History of an Idea - review.

Angela Merkel in Athens: The bitter after-taste
By Yiannis Baboulias - 10 October 9:04

As protestors chanted anti-austerity slogans and clashed with riot police, the German Chancellor did nothing but look after her own electoral interests.

Some red herring.
EU renegotiation: chasing windmills in Birmingham
By Petros Fassoulas - 09 October 10:45

There is no hope that a renegotiation would be anything but a step towards exit from the EU.

A Spanish flag and a one euro coin. Stock images rule.
Spain's bank balance starts heading in the right direction
By Alex Hern - 09 October 9:58

Some good news from Europe.

New Statesman
"Hungary is being held hostage by an outdated tyrant"
By Jacob Diggle - 01 October 17:58

Viktor Orban’s government is returning the country to totalitarianism.

Children from the Roma community in Villeneuve d'Ascq, northern France
The Roma in France: "Is Hollande going to expel us all?"
By Valeria Costa-Kostritsky - 01 October 16:45

Like their classmates, Roma children in one Paris suburb are getting to grips with a new school year - but French ministers continue to play politics with their future.

New Statesman
In pictures: Two Spanish crises in one - anti-austerity protests and separatist strife
By Alex Hern - 26 September 10:46

As protestors surround Madrid, Catalonia ponders independence.

Farewell to Hindenburgplatz
By James Dawson - 24 September 10:51

A referendum in a German town over a street name sparks a debate over whether ambiguous historical figures should be honoured.

An honour killing with a difference
By Julian Sayarer - 14 September 11:59

A Turkish woman takes the law into her own hands and kills the man who raped her.

Violence isn’t secret here – it parades through the village streets
By Tim King - 12 September 15:46

Saturday morning, 8.30am, driving to my local market town in France profonde, listening to the weekend press review on French radio.

Opposition activists protest against the alleged mass electoral fraud
Is Vladimir Putin's adolescent Russia ever going to grow up?
By James Rodgers - 11 September 12:32

It's now 21 years since the end of the Soviet Union, but Russia's politics are still strikingly teenage in nature.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn speaks to reporters
The very existence of "Dominique Strauss-Kahn: The Movie" reveals a darker side to Hollywood
By Samira Shackle - 31 August 16:51

Will his alleged victim, Nafissatou Diallo, get to tell her side of the story?

What can Iceland teach us about a wealth tax?
By Margarida Madaleno - 29 August 15:59

The country instituted an emergency tax for three years to sort out its problems. Should we?

Inside Chechnya: Putin's reign of terror
By Oliver Bullough - 29 August 13:53

A population that lives in fear of state violence, and a 99 per cent election tally that could have come from the Soviet era - welcome to Putin's Russia.

Time-banking offers hope to the dispossessed youth of Europe
By Margarida Madaleno - 29 August 10:38

Everyone has something to offer if you treat their time as the precious commodity.

New Statesman
European impasse
By Margarida Madaleno - 24 August 17:38

The EU should channel its funds towards more productive ends

Anders Breivik arriving in the courtroom in May
The grotesque manipulations of Anders Breivik
By sne Seierstad - 23 August 8:25

Åsne Seierstad questions a system that gives Anders Breivik publicity.

What Pussy Riot taught the world
By E V Crowe - 23 August 7:32

The Royal Court's EV Crowe on the Russian punk band.

Greek government pushed into deeper cuts
By Margarida Madaleno - 22 August 12:19

The country is attempting to get a further loan of €30bn.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko with his young son
Soon, ignoring tyranny in Belarus won’t be an option
By Jack Barton - 21 August 17:12

The diplomatic row between Belarus and Sweden means the UK won't be able to remain detached for long.

Vladimir Putin
What is Vladimir Putin up to?
By Denis MacShane - 20 August 9:23

What Russia wants it gets if it can.

Thirty years since Mexico’s default, Greece must break this sadistic debt spiral
By Nick Dearden - 18 August 18:39

We must retake control of our economies from the banks.