The master's faithful servants
By Mark Almond - 03 February 12:00

Observations on Eastern Europe

Teachers take to the barricades
By Bulent Yusuf - 27 January 12:00

Observations on Northern Cyprus

Is Russia closing in on itself again?
By John Lloyd - 27 January 12:00

Vladimir Putin wants to play a central role in international affairs. But he also shares his country

La sporca vita
By James Eve - 20 January 12:00

The Dark Heart of Italy: travels through time and space across Italy

Tobias Jones <em>Faber and Fa

NS Essay - 'If the US faced a Europe surrounded by trade barriers, the 21st century could again see armed violence between the great powers'
By Philip Bobbitt - 13 January 12:00

Everybody, from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Home Secretary, is talking about the market stat

Small nation, big spanner in works
By Mark Almond - 13 January 12:00

Observations on Lithuania

No Flemish, no rights
By Denis MacShane - 06 January 12:00

Preachers of Hate: the rise of the far right

Angus Roxburgh <em>Gibson Square Books, 320pp, £18.99

An oak planted in a flowerpot. Raymond Carr on the serendipitous rise of the Spanish empire
By Raymond Carr - 06 January 12:00

Spain's Road to Empire: the making of a world power (1492-1763)

Henry Kamen <em>Allen Lane, The Pe

Why the French will do a Thatcher
By Heather Grabbe - 16 December 12:00

Observations on Europe

Why Iceland is hot
By Jason Cowley - 16 December 12:00

Jason Cowley visits Europe's nearest approximation to a classless society, and asks what secrets lur

Is man too wicked to be free?
By John Lloyd - 16 December 12:00

In France, an intellectual has caused a furore by denouncing his fellow leftists for covertly reacti

NS Essay 2 - 'For Britain, joining Europe was associated with national decline and loss of great power status'
By Alexej Behnisch - 16 December 12:00

In all EU countries, the masses are sceptical about the union. Only in Britain is scepticism shared

Why the French call us Londonistan
By John Kampfner - 09 December 12:00

The pressure is on to dump civil liberties. Incredible as it may seem to us, Tony Blair is accused b

Cristina Odone won't vote for Greatest Italian
By Cristina Odone - 02 December 12:00

A competition to find the greatest Italian? Or greatest German? It wouldn't happen

NS Essay - 'Saddam, Arafat and the Saudis hate the Jews and want to see them destroyed'
By Richard Webster - 02 December 12:00

. . . or so says the right-wing writer Andrew Sullivan. And he has a point. Does the western left re

The Pope's political troops
By John Lloyd - 25 November 12:00

The left has less to fear from right-wing extremists than from the new centre-right which, with a st

Devil's advocate. Neil Clark challenges "one of the most effective demonisation campaigns of modern times"
By Neil Clark - 25 November 12:00

Milosevic: a biography

Adam LeBor <em>Bloomsbury, 386pp, £20</em>

ISBN 0747560900

Just like his pal Silvio
By Nick Cohen - 18 November 12:00

Tony Blair, assisted by a posse of unelected advisers, propaganda paid for by our taxes, and a subse

NS Profile - Denis MacShane
By Francis Beckett - 11 November 12:00

Charming, egocentric and clever, the new minister for Europe "can't bear to talk like a woodentop".

Under Ataturk's portrait
By Mihir Bose - 11 November 12:00

Mihir Bose finds more headscarves and less <em>raki</em> as Turkey's secular state faces creeping Is

How Spain can lead the world
By John Carlin - 11 November 12:00

Observations on Gibraltar

"Wonderful country France . . . pity about the French." From the "Queen of the world" to the "corpse of an old whore" - Andrew Hussey on changing views of Paris
By Andrew Hussey - 11 November 12:00

Seven Ages of Paris: portrait of a city

Alistair Horne <em>Macmillan, 520pp, £25</em>

ISBN 0333

Bruised, battered and out of power
By John Lloyd - 11 November 12:00

The European left is in retreat. It stole the right's economic clothes; now the right threatens to s

Cristina Odone implores the French to shape up
By Cristina Odone - 04 November 12:00

The French are satisfied with themselves; the British strive to become superior beings

Blame it on the archduke
By Adam Sage - 04 November 12:00

Adam Sage watches Slobodan Milosevic, on trial in The Hague, frustrate the judge and the prosecuting

After the theatre, the drama continues
By Pavel Felgenhauer - 04 November 12:00

Vladimir Putin may not be a communist, but he is a statist: he hates the Chechens as agents of Russi

Spain's man of law with cojones of steel
By John Carlin - 28 October 12:00

General Pinochet, Henry Kissinger and the Bali bombers are the big guys Judge Baltazar Garzon goes a

Blood and soil. Russia - Edward Skidelsky enjoys a contentious cultural history
By Edward Skidelsky - 28 October 12:00

Natasha's Dance

Orlando Figes <em>Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, 679pp, £25</em>

ISBN 0713995173

Entombed in poverty. Russia - John Gray on the market madness of the post-Soviet period
By John Gray - 28 October 12:00

Russia: experiment with a people

Robert Service <em>Macmillan, 408pp, £20</em>

ISBN 033372626X