The banality of the good
By Timothy Garton Ash - 16 June 13:00

Ignore the sceptics: the real Europe is foreign-language schools in Oxford and flights to Rome for £

The euro made simple
By Andrew Billen - 16 June 13:00

Television - Andrew Billen would rather be governed by Evan Davis than Tony Blair

Much more than a straight banana
By Celia Brayfield - 16 June 13:00

Dumb Britain, where debate is dominated by a wilfully idiotic press, just doesn't get it about Europ

Roll up that map of the eurozone
By Staff blogger - 16 June 13:00

The probability now is that Britain will not join the European single currency even in the next parliament, never mind in this one.

Hollywood versus the New Vague
By Philip Kerr - 16 June 13:00

Film - Philip Kerr considers the work of the well-known movie moguls Bush, Blair and Chirac

To war over a bald patch
By Hilary Clarke - 09 June 13:00

In Berlusconi's Italy, prudent journalists cover up the premier's deficiencies, reports Hilary Clark

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 02 June 13:00

Don't believe it - "Hain wins battle over EU treaty"

Power to the people, not to Brussels
By Staff blogger - 02 June 13:00

The momentum of the European Union, even when it was a mere community dedicated to free trade, was always towards greater centralisation. This was not just because of the political ideals and ambitions of its founders.

Vote, vote, vote to keep your job
By Mark Almond - 26 May 13:00

Observations on European referendums

NS Essay - 'The main Continental European powers will no longer jump to attention and salute when Washington blows the trumpet'
By David Marquand - 26 May 13:00

The world cannot tolerate a lawless hegemon. It needs an alternative pole of power. But thanks to To

A question of late delivery
By Dennis Sewell - 19 May 13:00

Dennis Sewell finds that, without more doctors and nurses, we shall wait 12 or 15 years before the N

Don't say yes, don't say no
By David Boyle - 19 May 13:00

Do we really need to make up our minds between the pound and the euro? Not according to David Boyle,

NS Essay - For Europe's sake, keep Britain out
By John Gray - 19 May 13:00

John Gray argues that the world needs an assertive power as a counterweight to the US, and that this

Mafia don or martyr?
By Mark Almond - 12 May 13:00

Was Serbia's prime minister murdered because of his politics or his underworld activities?

How to solve the euro dilemma
By Ed Crooks - 12 May 13:00

As the deadline for the decision on the single currency looms, Ed Crooks offers a way to keep everyo

How America helped the Mafia
By Hilary Clarke - 12 May 13:00

This summer marks the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Sicily. Nobody wants a party. Why?

The imperial meaning. Jan Morris on a fine new book about a heroic wartime defence of an outpost of empire
By Jan Morris - 05 May 13:00

Fortress Malta: an island under siege (1940-1943)

James Holland <em>Orion, 440pp, £20</em>


The workers of Europe unite
By Robert Taylor - 05 May 13:00

Blair, Schroder and Chirac may be at odds on Iraq, but all three want to keep unions down. Can John

Papa's girl sings a new kind of music
By David Lawday - 05 May 13:00

David Lawday meets Marine Le Pen, daughter of Jean-Marie, and hears of her sympathy for France's imm

Death of a dream. Neil Clark on an elegy for Yugoslavia
By Neil Clark - 28 April 13:00

Yugoslavism: histories of a failed idea (1918-1992)

Dejan Djokic (editor) <em>C Hurst & Co, 369pp,

NS Profile - Switzerland
By Frances Stonor Saunders - 28 April 13:00

T S Eliot wept here, while Thomas Mann wrote a novel about a man with a hacking cough. A good place

Where nurses can hardly carry on
By Justin Webster - 28 April 13:00

Observations on Blackpool: the Spanish view

Cristina Odone thinks Brits give Tuscany the blues
By Cristina Odone - 21 April 13:00

No wonder the Tuscans are depressed; they are overrun by the British

Marooned in mid-Atlantic
By Robin Cook - 21 April 13:00

Robin Cook argues that the PM must restore Britain's place in Europe by keeping his distance from Bu

The strange case of the dangerous detergent
By Justin Webster - 14 April 13:00

Whatever happened to the 16 alleged terrorists that Spain seized in January? Justin Webster reports

Among the sickly donkeys, another war brews
By Robin Pagnamenta - 07 April 13:00

Among the sickly donkeys, another war brews

The wrong blueprint for Baghdad
By Mark Almond - 24 March 12:00

The Balkans are hailed as proof that western intervention improves native lives. Wrong, reports Mark

Will they ever work together again?
By Lawrence Freedman - 24 March 12:00

Britain and France have a common interest in containing US power. The tragedy of recent weeks is tha

Charlie Whelan says . . .
By Charlie Whelan - 24 March 12:00

Don't believe it - "It's all the fault of the French"

Why Tuscany hates Blair
By Hilary Clarke - 24 March 12:00

The PM needs to find a new holiday destination. He is no longer welcome in Chiantishire