All change
By Charles Glass - 12 June 13:00

Observations on Turkey

The last refuge of Old Europe
By Pankaj Mishra - 12 June 13:00

Fleeing modernity, Nietzsche fell for Turin's old-fashioned charm. There lies the city's salvation,

Time to show some initiative
By Denis MacShane - 22 May 13:00

Observations on Europe

Ziauddin Sardar wants to rename the Balkans
By Ziauddin Sardar - 22 May 13:00

It would help free "the Balkans" from their orientalist baggage if we replaced the name with "south-

New Labour is still cool - in Hungary
By Adam LeBor - 15 May 13:00

Observations on the left

An Orwellian aftermath to slaughter
By Steve Crawshaw - 15 May 13:00

Observations on Andijan

Moscow toasts all things Brit
By Viv Groskop - 08 May 13:00

Observations on Anglomania

By Alev Adil - 08 May 13:00

Turkey’s writers are among its most articulate ambassadors. Yet instead of being lauded, many are pr

Trouble in France's bear country
By Sohani Crockett - 08 May 13:00

Observations on wildlife

Mark Thomas refuses to ignore the problem of Turkey
By Mark Thomas - 24 April 13:00

There is one EU problem that is resolutely not going away and will only get worse: that is, Turkey's

Where muslims pray underground
By Helena Smith - 24 April 13:00

Observations on Athens

A victory that felt like defeat
By John Foot - 17 April 13:00

Observations on Italy

NS Special Report - The eternal winter
By Andrey Kurkov - 17 April 13:00

The fate of thousands was decided by a Soviet official with a pair of compasses. The renowned Ukrain

Lindsey Hilsum observes les manifs
By Lindsey Hilsum - 10 April 13:00

Americans, having trumpeted globalisation, are suddenly bleating about what it means for jobs and so

Special Report - Sin and be happy
By Tim Parks - 03 April 13:00

As Italians prepare to go to the polls, the author Tim Parks identifies a ritualistic sparring that

A nation at war with itself
By David Lawday - 27 March 13:00

Observations on Paris

Vive la Terreur de la justice!<br />
By David Lawday - 20 March 12:00

Thirteen people jailed for child abuse were cleared by a French court in 2004. Now, a parliamentary

Just what the Balkans didn't need
By Misha Glenny - 20 March 12:00

Observations on Milosevic

Spain's moment for reflection
By Julian Purcell - 20 March 12:00

Observations on democracy

Brokeback Olympus
By Helena Smith - 13 March 12:00

Observations on Greece

The wary probing of the lawyers
By Martin Bright - 13 March 12:00

How the David Mills drama is dividing Britain's top legal institution

New order
By Tony White - 13 March 12:00

European arts - Tony White on the sharp-edged culture emerging from the young Balkan republics

Witness to a grave slice of history
By Mary Riddell - 13 March 12:00

The outgoing German ambassador describes the animosity between Blair and Schroder. Mary Riddell inte

Fiction - Lost and found
By Ruth Scurr - 06 March 12:00

Suite Francaise

Irene Nemirovsky; translated by Sandra Smith <em>Chatto & Windus, 404pp, £16.99</e

Does any country get ten out of ten?
By Staff blogger - 06 March 12:00

Education - Britain could learn a few lessons by watching what works abroad. By <strong>Andrew Steph

NS Essay - 'If we did anything questionable in the war, we should have the maturity to admit it and learn from it'
By A C Grayling - 27 February 12:00

The area bombing of civilians by the Allies in the lead-up to 1945 went beyond the limits of a just

Michele Roberts finds fulfilment in Munich's food markets
By Michele Roberts - 27 February 12:00

True fulfilment is found not in heaven, but in Munich's food markets

Welcome to weird politics
By Denis MacShane - 20 February 12:00

Observations on Poland

Send this man straight to jail
By Roger Boyes - 20 February 12:00

David Irving, facing trial in Austria, has been tolerated for far too long. He is not the sad oddbal

Danish butter? No thanks
By James Montague - 13 February 12:00

You have to feel sorry for Thomas Bay. The affable Danish consul and trade commissioner to Dubai has arguably one of the hardest jobs in the world at the moment: trying to persuade Muslim consumers in the emirate to start buying Danish again.