Lisbon, chaos theory and poppies
By Peter Wilby - 12 November 5:43

The Tories have deluded themselves that Britain can enjoy trading advantages without the drawbacks o

The lost country
By Nicky Gardner - 12 November 5:43

Two decades after the fall of the wall in 1989, life in the German capital’s hinterland continues re

The crying policeman
By Sophie Elmhirst - 12 November 5:43

Major Alexei Dymovsky sits in his police uniform in front of a bright blue wall. He speaks to a video camera in heavy tones, sighing frequently, his eyes clouded with fatigue.

Brussels is back with a vengeance
By James Macintyre - 05 November 5:55

The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty creates new dilemmas for David Cameron-and for David Miliband

What if... Britain had stayed out of the EEC
By Dominic Sandbrook - 29 October 7:51

The referendum on Britain's membership of the EEC is often forgotten today.

Superwife on the warpath
By Sophie Elmhirst - 15 October 8:38

Sylvie Brunel launches a counter-attack

Privatisation on parole
By Neil Clark - 15 October 8:38

Hungary is fighting the neoliberal model imposed after 1989

Leader: The Tories’ peculiar bedfellows in Europe
By Staff blogger - 15 October 8:38

This Eurosceptic alliance is a product of moral and intellectual laziness

Why Obama? Deconstructing the Nobel Peace Prize nomination
By Simon Reid-Henry - 09 October 16:59

The choice of the US President completes the counter-Bush trilogy: Carter, Gore and now Obama

The Democratic Party turns draconian
By Neil Clark - 24 September 6:50

Imagine a country where the self-styled democrats threaten press freedom and where “anti-democratic" forces try to defend it.

Sympathy for the de Villepin?
By Sophie Elmhirst - 24 September 6:50

France can hardly believe its luck. The silver fox, the poet-politician, is in the dock.

Diary: Alexander Lebedev
By Alexander Lebedev - 17 September 6:48

Sun, sea and excess on the Côte de Crime

Q&A: George Friedman
By George Eaton - 27 August 16:42

The author of the new book The Next 100 Years explains why China poses little threat to US supremacy

The next 100 years
By George Friedman - 27 August 8:07

Japan and Turkey form an alliance to attack the US. Poland becomes America’s closest ally. Mexico ma

The NS Profile: Daniel Hannan
By George Eaton - 20 August 8:40

David Cameron may have dismissed his ‘‘eccentric views’’, but this Atlanticist could emerge as a lig

Dictating the future
By Caroline Palmer - 20 August 8:40

Belarus does not get many tourists, at least not the conventional sort.

Stories from a former country
By Dave Rimmer - 20 August 8:40

A striking series of photographs from the GDR captures
a world that began to fade 20 years ago – a

Lost and found
By Phil Cain - 06 August 9:11

If a friend or family member goes missing in the former Yugoslavia, a region plagued by crime and people-smuggling, the authorities are not likely to be of much help.

Tories in disarray as US questions Cameron's links to "respectable fascism"
By Denis MacShane - 03 August 16:10

Furore builds over Conservative alliance with European anti-Jewish far right

A new era, lost in the landslide
By Nicky Gardner - 30 July 9:03

Early in July, people gathered in the village of Nachterstedt in eastern Germany to cut a ribbon to inaugurate the brand new town of Seeland, formed by merging Nachterstedt with other villages around Lake Concordia.

Jewish leaders turn on Tories
By James Macintyre - 30 July 9:03

Europe's Jewish leaders express concern over the Tories' links with Polish MEP Michal Kaminski

Who do you think you are kidding...?
By Daniel Trilling - 23 July 13:00

On the trail of the BNP as it makes its first, shambolic appearance at the European Parliament in St

A royal soap opera
By Samira Shackle - 09 July 11:29

The antics of the Grimaldis disfigure Monaco

Sweden’s princesses next door
By Andrew Brown - 09 July 11:29

Observations on bicycling monarchies

Nothing is as it seems
By William Cook - 02 July 12:18

The new Magritte Museum gives William Cook a fresh perspective on Brussels, the capital of surrealis

What lies beneath
By Nina Caplan - 02 July 12:18

If Sarkozy banned the burqa, he himself would be oppressing the women who wear it. Making something

The future of the Swedish model
By Anonymous - 25 June 11:37

‘‘Filippa, where are you?” The question is asked every Thursday at public meetings in Tensta, a poor suburb north-west of central Stockholm.

The death of a dream
By Sigrid Rausing - 25 June 11:37

Andrew Brown has won the Orwell Prize for Fishing in Utopia, a memoir of life in Sweden. Here he tal

Losing your marbles
By Helena Smith - 18 June 10:53

Observations on the Parthenon Marbles

After the revolution
By Dominic Sandbrook - 16 June 10:58

30 years on from the Islamic revolution, can sensible, sober diplomacy win out?