Greek bailout sets Europe on collision course with Tories
By Rafael Behr - 22 July 18:31

There's an aspect of the eurozone crisis that has yet to register with the British public.

Norwegian chaos
By Tess Riley - 22 July 17:58

Seven confirmed dead in a massive explosion in Norway’s capital. Shootings just outside Oslo also re

Oligarch, reinvented
By Sophie Elmhirst - 01 July 11:48

Evgeny Lebedev, son of a billionaire, owns newspapers, restaurants and a mansion near London. He bel

The feeling on the street is that Greek society is crumbling at the edges
By Paul Mason - 27 June 1:00

Paul Mason, economics editor of BBC2’s <em>Newsnight</em>, presents an eyewitness report from Athens

The Week So Far
By Staff blogger - 23 June 13:28

1. Europe

A U-turn on "U-turn"
By Duncan Robinson - 22 June 13:36

The Foreign Office's own website accidentally labels World Service move a "massive U-turn".

Greeks bearing debts
By Graeme Archer - 21 June 13:01

The euro was a bad idea in 1999, and it's a disaster now.

Exclusive — Rowan Williams in conversation with William Hague
By Rowan Williams - 17 June 8:25

The Foreign Secretary believes Britain abroad must temper idealism with pragmatism. The Archbishop o

The political tide turns in Italy
By Emanuelle Degli Esposti - 13 June 19:52

Silvio Berlusconi's fragile grip on power seems to be slipping as Italians vote against his policies

Leader: For the sake of the planet we cannot follow Germany’s lead
By Staff blogger - 02 June 8:29

Germany's decision to reject nuclear power will lead to an increase in carbon emissions.

The under-reported Italian revolution
By Emanuelle Degli Esposti - 01 June 11:53

In Bologna, the student city in the ideological heartland of the Italian left, the youth are rising

The NS Profile: Mikhail Gorbachev
By Rachel Halliburton - 01 June 11:22

The architect of perestroika was reluctant to pursue a life in politics, and still blames it for the

What we can learn from Norway’s feminist success
By Mark Lewis - 28 May 12:34

Why professional mothers can have it all.

Will Serbia use Mladic detention to end Kosovo impasse and join EU?
By Denis MacShane - 26 May 17:31

The capture of Ratko Mladic is not just an opportunity for justice, but also a chance for diplomacy.

Inside the Spanish revolution
By Ryan Gallagher - 26 May 14:27

“We want a new society. This one doesn’t work any more.”

Play it again, Salmond
By Alan Taylor - 26 May 13:15

Time and again, Scotland’s First Minister has taken on the naysayers and won. He is a keen gambler b

Until now, Strauss-Kahn’s libido wasn’t a problem for the French
By Agnes Poirier - 26 May 13:14

The IMF chief’s downfall has shaken a nation and halted the progress of its centre left.

Dangerous holiday liaisons
By Alice Miles - 26 May 13:13

The beheading of a British woman in Tenerife was shocking, but we Brits are too preoccupied with biz

Leader: The fall of Strauss-Kahn shows the left needs more than a leader
By Staff blogger - 19 May 9:15

An effective leader is no substitute for genuine intellectual renewal.

European solutions and progressive problems
By Simon Reid-Henry - 16 May 13:20

The left has the answers to Europe’s problems, but it is failing to persuade.

IMF: Euro countries must act now to save banks
By Alice Gribbin - 12 May 13:40

New report warns that to overcome crisis, the efforts to strengthen banks must accelerate.

How the uncrowned king of Scotland lost his way
By Rob Brown - 03 May 18:51

The Scottish National Party, under the clever leadership of Alex Salmond, is likely to retain power

Behind the Irish crisis
By Maurice Walsh - 27 April 12:45

The new coalition government portrays the crushing defeat of Fianna Fail as a cathartic, revolutiona

Europe is Cameron’s Achilles heel
By Irwin Stelzer - 27 April 8:22

Ed Miliband could pull a trick by following Gordon Brown’s firm line on the EU’s attempts to central

The Week So Far
By Staff blogger - 20 April 13:48

1. North America

The WikiLeaks conundrum — one size cannot fit all
By Helena Kennedy - 14 April 13:35

The European Arrest Warrant can be a useful tool in fighting international organised crime, but in t

Minsk underground bomb: two suspects arrested
By Francisco Perez - 13 April 17:11

Belarus security services have arrested two men allegedly involved in the bombing of a busy undergro

Banning things and liberal values
By David Allen Green - 11 April 12:16

Why the French are wrong about face veils.

“It was about the potential slaughter of citizens”
By Ryan Gallagher - 08 April 15:32

Katharine Gun discusses her arrest in 2003 for leaking US plans to illegally bug countries opposed t

The Week So Far
By Staff blogger - 31 March 12:47

1. Europe